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Senior Member
Oct 28, 2010
Repost :) just contact me...

As it is very difficult to get, who is already invited and who is not, please drop me a line via PM with your e-mail address... I will invite at least the first ten (as long as possible) and update this post as soon as I am done with it...

Kind regards,

P.S. thanks are welcome as alwas ;)

P.S.: maybe it is a good idea the user request an invitation with at least 25 posts as it is meant as some sort of XDA circle :D


Senior Member
Nov 22, 2010
New York
this thing has taken off really well :)

Guys please do not forget to add "XDA DEVELOPERS" to your circles when you sign up for G+. It is good for two good reasons:

a) If you are a true XDAer and not just here for a G+ invite, it is nice to share with us all on G+ , so please add "XDA DEVELOPERS" to your circles!

b) We want to know how many of us joined using the invites received here at "XDA DEVELOPERS", so please add that entity to your circles!

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