google map location history is off in Vivo Iqoo Pro

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Nov 27, 2010
Just bought the vivo iqoo pro from China, and using it in Canada.

initally your timeline was good in google map after the installation of the google play service and google map from vivo app market. For some reasons, the your timeline stopped working, and found the location hitsory is off, and not available in Canada. After checking the google play service version that had been upgraded to the latest version.

the only solution is to uninstall the latest version of the google service play, and reinstall the original vivo version of the google play service, then the google map returned back to work. however, the google play service upgrading cannot be stopped intentionally, it looks like automatically upgraded by the system evenif stop the app update in the google play store...

So far i have to uninstall and reinstall the google play service every other day for keeping the google map running... any good solution or the alternative app that similar as your timeline in the google map and share the location with others?

I guess this is not only happened in vivo, also on other devices the ROM from China, anyone has the similar issue and what is the workaround...?



Jun 8, 2012
Baile Atha I
I also have an Iqoo Pro and its telling me that location history for Ireland is "not available in this country", is that what you are talking about? I've looked over my "your timeline" and I have no Entries since i got this phone back in September, Its not something that I'd use to look back over where I've been and the routes taken. My maps works well and I use Waze also, However I went into Goog maps on my laptop here and my timeline history is on so its definitely the phone, but to answer your earlier question, no I don't have a workaround to an issue i didn't know i had, Did you contact Vivo to ask them ?