Google Nexus 6 - What do you think?

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    If the N6 is going to be the first Nexus with 64 processor and OS, then Google please call it N64, that would be awesome :D

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    Honestly, if the new nexus doesnt have atleast have a 780ti equivalent gpu, it will fail, it better have atleast 12gbs of ram with a 32 inch screen. and if it doesnt make me smoothies, ill pass
    Will it be called Nexus 6 ? The number represent the screen.

    Not sure that google will make a 6" phone. Maybe it'll be like the Nexus 7 ? A 2014 version of Nexus 5 ?

    I would reply to this..but typing is a **** on my Nexus One.
    Spec wise, not on the OS end.
    Oh you mean fancy names that generally don't mean anything?
    Dual core
    Same 8mp camera
    Now a bigger phone which Apple mockingly talked about Samsung in their last keynote, said they would never upsize but now offer a 5.5 inch phone with the same specs as the 4.7 phone??

    Or did you mean the same 16-32 storage with that ridiculous price tag for a 2 year lockdown?

    Nah Google is fine. Believe me.


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    Honestly if this size crying does not stop I might be tempted to make another N6 thread for actual discussion on the technology and the software. Not an bloody echo chamber about how its too big for them.

    Hell with the amount of complaining about size you would think this would be something that was going to be forced into everyone's anal cavity, Not a mobile device. Its absolutely absurd the amount of *****ing is taking place here.

    Can we just have a goddamn civil discussion on the Nexus 6 without having to ***** on the size? Please?!?