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google now: next appointment card doesn't show up???

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Dec 26, 2007
sorry for the million questions today...

my google now doesn't show the next appointment card even though i have events in my gCal... one thing i've noticed is that the google now video has events with addresses whereas mine doesnt. do appointment cards need to have addresses? or can someone help me make htese show up? thanks.

big samm

Senior Member
Mar 31, 2007
I had the same problem, then I changed the title from dentist to dentist appointment since then, the card shows up with other info like traffic etc.

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New member
Jun 3, 2012
next appointment only works on default calendar

With my business we have multiple calendars. The calendar for this a calendar for that calendar for the other. But they are all synced onto my android so I can see every different type of calendar. The problem is Google now only shows the next calendar event for the calendar events that I created on my default calendar not the other ones that i sync. That means I miss a lot of meetings. It wouldn't be that bad if I could copy an event that I'm synced to to my main default calendar. But there's no way to do that an android.


New member
Jun 5, 2013
Can anyone verify this works? I've been having this issue as well. Now just won't show any calendar events eve if they are on my main calendar.

This is clearly a bug in the Android version of Google Now. Using the same google account next appointment cards show up fine on my ipad but the android version never shows them no matter what I do. Bit weird that it doesn't work properly on google's own OS.


Sep 26, 2012
I was also having problems with this. I saw it suggested somewhere that you actually use the word "Appointment" in the event name. I set up a dummy calendar entry for "Dentist" and it wouldn't pop up. I switched it to "Dentist Appointment" and Google now instantly sent me a notification that "it's time to leave for dentist appointment!" Then you can hit the menu button in the top right corner of the appointment card and choose "Yes keep receiving appointment info" voila. Since then, I've always gotten my next appointment, whether it had "Appointment" in the title or not. I also found it wasn't necessary to add the location, it would show up anyways.