General Google Pixel 6 January 2022 Update - Finally!

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Jan 25, 2022
I also use android auto a lot. And if i connect the cable to the car before the Bluetooth connection is made , It will remove the Bluetooth pair, It has done this from day one so not part of the Jan update.


Sep 24, 2016
Before the January update, my Pixel 6 Pro would randomly connect at widely scattered intervals and only for seconds at a time to my cell provider. After the update, I can connect to cell service, but soon after it drops out. It will only return with a phone restart, starting the cycle again. Am I unique? Is this just a bad phone? Note that my Pixel 3 connected normally in same location.
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    Have 2 carriers on my P6 - "FREE MOBILE" works 4/5g with hard SIM card & "SFR France" works 4/5g and VoWifi with eSIM.

    Before Jan. updt, had almost generic issues with FREE Mobile on receipt and sometime on call, no issues noticed on SFR on both ways.
    After Jan. updt looks OK !!!! So far so good :)

    @derausgewanderte I have also disabled 2G but didn't noticed effect
    Glad this update smoothed things out, coming from the s20 it definitely felt a lot less smooth but 90hz on the pixel 4 felt very close to s20 in terms of smoothness.

    Now with January we're back to on par with pixel 4 in smoothness.

    I never had any signal issues so can't speak on that.
    All signal issues fixed for me! USA on Verizon.
    All signal issues fixed for me! USA on Verizon.
    For me too, T-Mobile in Germany.
    Fingerprint reader works better after update.