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Question Google Pixel buds (not A-Series) sound quality.

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Jul 8, 2020
The Capital above the Lower one...
Check your isp aint lowered your audio bitrate to skimp on what you pay for, when you upgraded, it could be they cant provide everyone top quality, audio is first to take the hit in skimping on service... put sim back in old fone to test. Poor signal drops audio bitrate first followed by streaming visuals, see, you'd notice it less in visual than audio. If you notice it in audio, plug in a ps3 using wifi hotspot, check the graphics, if they are lower quality than your used to, then you'll know.... now that the ps5 is out, watch the same happen to the ps4, lowered graphic quality.


I live in a common stair with 6 houses. If all six opt to buy 150mb service, we'd only get around 50mb actual speed, because they cannot provide full 150 to all through the very thin fibre optics, they are currently rewiring my street from inch thick fibre to 3 inch thick fibre...

This is the case thoughout the uk.
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