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Question Google Pixel

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Senior Member
Apr 1, 2016
Is anyone here thinking of replacing their OP9P with a Pixel 6?
Yup, already ordered a 6 Pro. I have the regular OP9 and it's been underwhelming.

No full update zips for international
Bad battery life
Poor RAM management
Poor mobile data signal/reception
No working VoWiFi (carrier won't support OP phones)
And this last one isn't a huge deal for me but the whole throttling stuff

I'm pretty sure the 6 Pro will alleviate all above issues I'm having with my OP9.


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Oct 1, 2013
I would like Pixel 6 Pro..., but i Hate google BS, so NO !!!

Users of Pixel 6 complain about overheating doing simple things on the phone..
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Apr 21, 2011
just sold my P9Pro and preordered the P6Pro.
i really wanted to love the OP9Pro. The hardware was amazing and the camera was much better than what the reviews suggested.
But the software experience was mediocre. OOS11 felt like a cheap chinese aosp rom, no special must have features except of the camera software. therefore it felt laggy, cause many apps were only running in 60 fps.
ColorOS was not as bad as what everybody said, but the camera was horrible.
i didn't trust oppo in delivering timely updates once the OP9pro isn't the latest and greatest anymore so i thought it wasn't worth the money and sold it.


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Apr 10, 2013
OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9 Pro
I am waiting for October 25th and the tests and if the P6 Pro is as good as it seems to be I will resell my 9Pro.

OnePlus is lost.
This I would do too. Im not gonna preorder till the public can test it haha. Considering first inhouse chip is pretty huge deal. Could be a make or break for pixel users. If everything is good as what google says it is, then yes i will go back to pixel. They literally are the new flagship killer considering price and specs. Its gonna be a challenge for samsung to bring their stupid prices down too and apple.
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I will keep my 9Pro.

The phone looks amazing but the charge is to long. That's a no for me :

Testing with multiple third-party PD chargers, the closest to Google's estimated charge time came from a 45W laptop charger, which surpassed 50% charge (enough for a day's use) after approximately 40 minutes, with a full charge still taking 2.25 hours total.

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