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Mar 25, 2011
Hello, I am with Lineage OS (19-20230130-NIGHTLY-gauguin) and for about a week Google Play has stopped working.

It opens normally but when trying to install or update it gets stuck in downloading and then goes to failed. I have enough memory space and haven't made any changes to the device other than updating Lineage OS from time to time via the built-in updater.

I have installed Aurora market and connect it to my google account but the same thing happens when I try to install or update an app: it stays downloading and then fails.

Things I've tried, without success:
- Clear cache and data from Google Play, Google Play Services and download manager.
- Uninstall updates in the Google Play app.
- Uninstall the app from Google Play by fastboot and reinstall it.
- Remove my Google account from the phone and put it back in and sync it.

Any ideas?


Mar 25, 2011
Could you figure out where it fails? Perhaps it's "just" the network:

I have an adblocker on my router and lately I couldn't login into several sites properly until I switched from WLAN to mobile.

Alternatively you could try

It's like Google Play Store without the need for an account.
Thanks for your response. It shouldn't be the network because I'm able to navigate properly. Anyway, I tried both wifi and phone data with the same result. Also, it started happening just a week ago and I have been using the same connection all the time so I would discard it be network related.

Aurora I tried already and gave the same problem as Google Play.
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Sep 25, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S5
Still updating...

Someone in that reddit link mentioned mindthegapps... I vaguely remembered that I was slightly annoyed/confused with the directions given in the LOS wiki:

OpenGApps vs MindTheGapps

Finally decided to go with MindTheGapps... do you recall your choice?

Ah, it finally finished updating: Aurora is up and working (at google translate installed like a charm and works).

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