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General Google play services battery drain

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Jun 23, 2020
On my s21 ultra its running well. But on my 7t pro (ori kernel cause of beta 11) its running like ****... Slow, battery isnt as good as 10.... Dont know why the system the device ships is running good and the newwr ones are always bad / not as good...

I'm not impressed with Q and definitely not with 11. If I wanted scoped storage I have a bloody Apple. That doesn't account for all your issues though. Conflicts are common on the Pie variants so no reason to think there not on devices running on 10 and above.

Try disabling all power management then track down any drains and deal with them individually.
I fould that using any power management other than just the basic screen resolution/cpu setting causes conflicts that help drain the battery on my 10+. Using PD MDM package disabler, Karma Firewall* and settings I was finally able to optimize the 10+.

Goggle and Samsung cloud apps are serial offenders.
Playstore, Google Play Services/Framework/Backup Transport were all causing unneeded battery drain. Disabled all autosync except texting.

*it's logging feature doesn't work in 10 and up I think. You know Google protecting you🤣
That's a very useful feature that was lost with Pie.

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