Question Google reminders not showing up on new device! Switch s20 to s23 +

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Oct 20, 2010
Hey all! I smartswitched from my s20 to my new s23 plus. Everything was fine, but I noticed that none of my "hey google" reminders notified me. However, they do show up on my old s20 which I use as a secondary device at home.

On the s23, I've quadruple checked every single notification setting ensuring I should see the notification. If I look in the reminders section of Google on my s23, I see all the reminders that were set, and how dare they say I missed it! The nerve!

So what gives? Why am I only getting my new reminders on my old device instead of my new one? Must I sign out of Google services on my old device? (I don't recall having to do this when i had my s20 and s7 edge working together). If I set an appointment for my Google calendar, that does in fact notify me on my new Samsung, just not reminders. Frustrating!

Help! I need real google reminders, and not the crappy samsung reminders.