Question Google store not re-installing my apps.

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Apr 5, 2009
Just got my Mi fold 2 and I like it.

But the problem I have is that Google store won't re-install my last backup from my Fold 3.
Which was today. I have waiting a an hour and nothing.

Also. I got a version of chrome to install.
But the phone won't let it update. I did install webview to see if that would help, but no.

Any tips?



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Feb 13, 2007
Speakers and camera ?
Compared to the Fold 4 - the speakers are about the same quality. I would say maximum volume on the Xiaomi is weaker (so much so that I'm using an equaliser profile to boost the volume). Compared to any other flagship smartphone - the speakers on these foldables is laughable in terms of quality (but that's what you get when trying to fit speakers in such a small space.

Camerawise, again compared to Fold 4 I would say its on par, maybe a slight advantage to Fold 4. Compared to a normal flagship, lowlight and stabilisation definitely suffers; however I would say its on par in decent/ well lit areas.