Google_C2DM wakelock

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Jan 29, 2020

I'm on a stock Samsung Note 10+ 5G. I normally disable unused apps with Tasker and only load them as I need them, my primary aim to reduce battery drain. I wanted to see how good Android 12 was at controlling apps battery usage so I've enable all my apps, and put them into the following states:

  • Mobile Data - I've turned "Allow background data usage" to OFF
  • Under the battery section, each app is Restricted
  • I've removed from "Optimise battery usage" section, so they are being battery optimised
  • Under Developer Options, Standby Apps, I have put each app into Restricted mode

Most apps are behaving fine, but I'm getting quite a few apps over time using battery. When I check under GSAM, all of them have the same wakelock which is Google_C2DM. The apps typically are not active (i.e. when I check in the app manager, "Force Stop" is greyed out) and they are listed as "Manually Disabled". I've tried killing the apps, clearing cache on the apps and the phone, restarting etc but cannot get them to entirely stop battery usage. Is there a solution for this and any idea why its the same Google_C2DM wakelock?