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General Got free buds for non-preorder... Anyone else?

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Jan 17, 2011
Pretty random event but I got an email today from Google saying "here have some free buds." I would have just trashed it as phishing/malware but I had read that Google was offering everyong who _pre-ordered_ free buds even if they hadn't gotten them into their carts. But I check the metadata and it came from google servers so I follow it upstream and sure enough I was able to add the buds to my cart with a $99 credit and check out.

So I did not pre-order. I tried, many times but no luck. After release I eventually nailed one down and made it to the submit button without it getting sniped out from under me.

I don't know if it was intentional, glitch or I hit a threshold for page refreshes during the pre-order cycle that tripped a breaker somewhere. ;)

Anyone else who ordered but not pre-ordered get the same offer? I'd love to feel like I was singled out for special attention but I somehow doubt that is the case.


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