Got my lollipop in Sweden. It's ****.

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Mar 11, 2010
So after spamming the update button, I eventually got an ota.

Sadly, the modem got upgraded to essentially alpha software.

I lost LTE on 800/900mhz. No more internet on the road. 3G reception went down the drain, often disconnecting and not reconnecting, so I can't receive calls.
Won't switch to 2g unless forced.

WiFi has issues reconnecting if you allow it to sleep when screen off. The name is there as if connected, but there's an exclamation mark. Need to toggle it on and off.

The stock launcher has gigantic icons now. Default text size is set to "are you blind"-size.
And minimum size is a notch larger than before.

Everything is white with no option to use a dark theme. My screen uses a lot more percent in the battery stats now.
With the low reception quality I halved the battery life, no more 60-70% left after work. More like 10..

In short, don't update yet.
I'm gonna have to root now and find an old modem...

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