Got my OP5T 128GB. Any questions, ask. ^_^

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May 31, 2010
Dover, DE
where to find Privacy settings in device ? Annoying facebook, Instagram, other apps notification and background running ! @[email protected]@Jonnyn93

App Permissions should help you out I would think. Or you can try Notification settings.


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May 8, 2012
where to find Privacy settings in device ? Annoying facebook, Instagram, other apps notification and background running ! @adamo86 @Baldilocks @Jonnyn93

Try this app: jOnePlus Tools [adb/root]
In the top right corner, there is a drop down menu with the option "Apps auto-launch"
I think it can work without root if you follow the setup instructions and grant the permission through adb instead.


Apr 23, 2018
ant+ working?

hi OP,
did you test OP5T for ANT+ feature? Did you try with any fitness gadget such as ANT+ Heart Rate monitor ? I want to know if it is working out of box without any intervention or experimentation?
Please share your experience with details
Thanks in advance.

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    As the title implies, I have a 5T in my hands.

    If anyone wants to know anything specific post it here and I'll reply.

    What is the difference of the face unlock with the op5t than what we have now with the op3/3t

    The face unlock is a proprietary solution from OP, its ridiculously fast. I don't even know how they've done it but it makes apple's solution obsolete. I don't care how insecure it is. :)
    How is the sound quality out of the headphone jack? Oneplus has always been recommended highly for its audio output, hopefully it's still good.

    I'm just testing this right now. Seems really good. I'm using the new IMR - R1 earphone. Sound is extremely lush and they don't seem under powered or anything.

    Long live 3.5, am I right? :p
    One last question (from me at least lol) could you talk about th speaker?

    Sent from my LG-M153 using Tapatalk

    Speaker is loud. Don't miss a dual front speaker tbh. It's sufficient here enough for my netflix binge watching and oh yeh, Netflix does utilize the full aspect ratio.
    Honestly mate, Oneplus have nailed it. I love how the company is progressing. I just wish there was a little more transparency regarding a few internal issues with security.
    hows the screen, I had the pixel 2 xl and returned it because the washed out colors and stuff, the screen simply sucked. I know they improved it now with software update but how is the op5t screen.

    I love the screen. Its fantastic. Nothing beats it currently. My next wish from OP would be HDR10 support. But 1080p is fine for a phone. I'd rather have better battery than a super sharp display that I don't miss from my S8
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