[GPL][ROM] VillainROM Presents... FroydVillain 1.6.1 (See second post for update)

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Nov 27, 2009
FroydVillain 1.6.0

This bit’s the introduction. If you’re not interested in who we are, or how we got here, or are of the TL;DR mentality, then skip this entire section. :)

Well folks... For those of you still with a Hero (like me), then you might remember the name VillainROM vaguely. It's been a while. The last time I posted a ROM was back in the days of VillainROM 6. That seems like ages ago. And I spent 16 hours solid working on it, and vowed never to touch another ROM ever again.

As many of you have noticed, I’ve just posted a ROM... So what went wrong? Well, I was playing about, finding out how fast I could compile the latest CyanogenMod on a quad core i7 box... Then I decided it might be an idea to try and build for Hero, as it might not be fruitless wasting of the world's trees and energy supplies. So off I went, and compiled a ROM. I downloaded it, and to my surprise, it actually booted! Albeit, this was without Apps2SD, or many other things. The kernel wasn't as fast as I was used to, and had a few old bugs that we had fixed before.

I decided to tweak some things and rebuild it. And over time, FroydVillain 1.6.0 was born. After about a month of working on this, I think it's finally time to release it. I've built, rebuilt, tweaked, reverted, changed, footered, kicked, punched and hammered this ROM into shape, and it should be the best of what's been available over the last month on Cyanogen's sources.

Before I go onto the ROM, I would like to thank a fair load of people. First of all, all the Cyanogenmod developers. Without them, this ROM would not exist. Big props out to them for their excellent work. Next, the VillainROM developers, including Ninpo for his ARM optimisations in CM6.1, Kendon for his usual behind the scenes scripts and time in setting things up, DMzda for his dedication in helping me test this ROM in the latter stages, MikeBeecham for his artwork and designs used throughout the ROM, HomerSp for his help taking Mike's bootscreen to life, and everyone else who has been there helping... Shen, Lenny, NPRussell, Mike, RaiderX, RichardTrip, Acolwill, Alankila and sorry if I forgot anyone. But this ain't an Oscar speech, so I must stop now.

Finally big props go to Erasmux, whose FlyKernel 11c has been tweaked slightly for performance. Details of the tweaks below...

So here we go...

FroydVillain 1.6.0


That linpack is after a day's heavy use, no reboots, on 576 MHz stock, interactive governor. No taskillers or other cheating took place


Nothing much, but let's proclaim the glory of CyanogenMod again :) Thanks guys.


1. Boot into recovery
2. Nandroid backup
4. Flash the ROM
5. Reboot. At setup screen, give it time to complete optimisation after boot... Should settle down in about 5 minutes, more if you didn't wipe EXT.

Your download link:


2799be21d3a5ae24d1e92b25edf8464d FroydVillain-1.6.0-signed.zip

Join us on irc for banter (chat.freenode.net : 6667 - #villainrom) for support!

We hope you enjoy the ROM!

Finally, kernel tweaks. This is not important to anybody except developers. There's nothing to flash or look at here, it's all "geeky" stuff :D

Base kernel (cheers, Erasmux, and big props) https://github.com/erasmux/hero-2.6.29-flykernel/tree/flykernel-11c

Modified CPU table:

static struct cpufreq_frequency_table msm72xx_freq_table[] = {
#if defined(CONFIG_TURBO_MODE)
	{ 0, 19200 },
	{ 1, 176000 },
	{ 2, 352000 },
	{ 3, 576000 },
	{ 4, 652800 },
	{ 5, 691200 },
	{ 6, 710400 },
	{ 7, 748800 },

Touchscreen driver fix from https://github.com/Ninpo/kernel-hero/blob/master-oc/drivers/input/touchscreen/synaptics_i2c_rmi.c added

To repeat myself, this table and touchscreen fix is not important to anybody except developers. There's nothing to flash or look at here, it's all "geeky" stuff for GPL code sharing with any other dev (Erasmux might want to look at changes we made to his work, or anyone else for that matter)
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Nov 27, 2009
FroydVillain 1.6.1 Beta Patch

OK. Got a little update folks. It's beta, as I've not tested it for the usual number of hours, but it's been tested by sadape and a few other folk on IRC :)

http://www.villainrom.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?3515-FroydVillain-1.6.1-Beta-Patch-Released is the update, flash over the top of the current install.

Should fix

- lack of swipe to remove notification (for some people)
- issue a couple of folk reported with CPUSpeed not actually setting anything
- maybe other things that I've forgotten about :D

Not too major an update, no wipe required.

FroydVillain 1.6.2 Beta Patch

Thanks go to MATTYYEY for this little update to the Youtube app, talkback service, and terminal app.

Get it here: Clicky


Recommended Settings:

Disable google backup AND restore from privacy menu
Use interactive governor in normal mode, conservative in sleep.
Don't massively overclock, it's fast at 576 Higher is EVEN faster :)

More to be added later
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Oct 26, 2010
Welcome back! excited on re-flashing my hero after few months of waiting... i think this will be the one :D Mad props to you pulser!


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Mar 9, 2010
Thats to bad, I was hoping the next release would be a froyo Sense rom.
I guess I have to wait a bit longer.

You still did a great job on this one!
You guy reincarnated my Hero, thanks for that!


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Jul 30, 2008
great rom but the dialer ruins it
there isnt any dialer nearly as fast and as smooth as the htc dialer
too bad
ray dialer is the fastest but doesnt come near to the htc ialer


Aug 11, 2010
downloading and flashing, hopefully there are no more problem with display percentage and bad battery life as in FV1.5.0

good work for Team Villain.


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Apr 13, 2010
is this bettert than standard cmod? im running 6.1 rc1 or whatever the newest rc1 is, which runs very smooth! most the time :p

also can i use themes from that rom? or do they not work on here?

i hate the theme youve used but like flashing things so would like to give it ago until (fingers crossed) a 2.2 sense appears :D

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    just wanted to chime in with the defence of battery life. it's great for me! :) in fact it's better than on CM nightlies with flykernel 11c. i have no idea why, still checking. the only explanation i have so far is due to added 19Mhz.

    current battery stats:
    2d 17h since unplugged
    battery level 43%

    32% cell standby
    29% phone idle
    26% wifi 1d 17h (was mostly at home last three days)
    14% display 42min
    2% calls 1m 37s

    as you can see my usage was pretty light for the last three days, but i still have 43% of my battery left. basically my phone just idles with wifi and sync on(i turn off wifi only for the night). i was on 2g most of the time.

    my setup, maybe this will help you guys save some battery:

    two points - lower automatic brightness and use a sleep profile. those are things that eat your battery the most. not sync(usually). not wifi. not processor. seriously, that's it :)

    1) Lower brightness levels:

    Go to settings - villain settings - user interface - automatic backlight.

    Scroll down to ight levels:

    - check "use custom"
    - select "5" in "screen dim level"
    - check "allow light decrease"

    now go into "edit other levels", here are the brightness at different light sensor levels. you can be fancy, i just use four, seem to work fine. tune to you regular lighting conditions:

    "set number of levels" - 4

    now "lower", "upper" and "screen" are set like this for me:

    0 - 99 - 15
    100 - 299 - 30
    300 - 899 - 60
    900 - infinity - 250

    "save and apply" and enjoy your lowered brightness. enable "automatic brightness" in "settings" - "display" of course :)

    2) Use sleep profile. I use SetCPU, you can easily find it on the xda forum with search.

    Go to "profiles" - tick "enable", then add profile:

    "condition" - "screen off"
    "min frequency" - "19 MHz"
    "max frequency" - "352 MHz"
    "governor" - "conservative"

    leave "priority" and "save"

    warning: i've read that there are phones that have problems waking up at lower frequencies. not my case, but just make sure you find the lowest one, working for you. don't tick "set on boot" untill then.

    That's it! this is what i always do first when i flash a rom with a wipe, never had problems with battery life since :)

    for the record - i run 748MHz "performance" when the screen is on.

    p.s. thanks pulser for a great rom!