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GPS dual-band, splash, etc: Use for logging running?

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Senior Member
Aug 23, 2013
Sony Xperia 5 II
One use case I have is to use the phone when running, some questions around that.

How good is the GPS with dual band and L5/E5a support?
The firmware reported accuracy seem to be around 3 m but that is like letting the manufacturers run the performance tests themselves.
Any real life comparisons?
(Many phones still have bad dual band support, Samsung s20FE is not supporting it all dor instance.)

How good is the splash protection?
No official IP rating, but there are few affordable IP58 phones out there.
Is it reliable to use in heavy rain for instance?
(No commitments from Xiaomi though.)
Splash protection is also for biking, the backpack is not waterproof in heavy rain.

Many sites lists the phone as having a barometer, but not all.
Is there any variant with barometer at all or is the baro just a typo somewhere?
Any user that has one?

How sturdy is the phone with an case like Nilkin Nature?
The ground is harder than the phone. Some phones are more fraglile than others.

The phone is a little too heavy really, but there are not much alternatives for size.
Slightly lighter phones like the upcoming Redmi Note 10 at 20g less is sure an alternative, but you can get the 10T Pro at good prices now and Redmi Note 10 is not yet available.