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GPS Fixer (GPS + Glonass) (download mirror added)

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Oct 31, 2012
how do You think: is it possible to flash it in kitkat and gt-i9305?
I think I've lost ability of fixing via glonass sats.

I don't know if it's problem of 4.4 ver. and/or kernel.


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Aug 23, 2009
Washington DC
dear dr ketan i am having Korean note shv-e250s.i was on 4.1.2 and GPS was working excellent no issues at all.

after upgrading it to 4.3 sammy custom rom and also running CM 11 on it.... (i can install N7105 roms on SHV-e250x both being LTE)

i have lost GPS signals rather its not functional at all. i dont see any satellite normal or GLONAS...went back to factory rom , tried your gps fix,did other changes in GPS.conf but no result....

i read some where on the net that getting into service mode byrunning *#197328640# and going into UMTS main menu and selectiog COMMON
and then selectiong NV REBUILD solved the problem...

but on STOCK ROM this command is not running and on CUSTOM rom it says no support in custom binary

what should i do ???
plz help


Dec 16, 2011
You dont have to flash it if you dont want to.
You can extract from the zip the file you need for your country
and push with a root explorer.I did it this way and it works like a charm.
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Jun 20, 2009
can this help to fix glonass on samsung kitkat s4 (B8 rom?) ? the gps.conf there is different than this one (i know NE5 firmware fixed it but it has reboots)

tried but doesnt work
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Sep 2, 2011
To save power, the GLONASS receiver is only activated in problematic locations, such as in an urban environment with high rise buildings. Therefore, if you are in an open sky environment where there are enough GPS satellites available to calculate a good accuracy position, GLONASS will automatically be switched off temporarily to enhance the battery lifetime.

I have a Galaxy Nexus (ie. Google phone Third edition) whose GPS barely works when used in foreign countries, ie. without a data connection: Even when riding a bike the whole day in open skies, it is rarely able to locate me, and even when it does, it fails following while I move around.

I only use my phone for phone + reading the web + geolocalizing.

Before I buy a new phone, I was wondering if getting a GPS + Glonass smartphone such as the Nexus 5 will solve that problem, or are smartphones just not very good tools for geolocalizing?
Thank you.
Sep 11, 2014
I have Re Tested again and result is same as i have stated in OP.
I have installed faster fix and 4 time tested and not single time it get fixed with glonass. I have used same europe setting like you. Also it took long time to fix.


And after using Europe setting with tool. you can see glonass satellite here.


So may be data have not been cleared (also needs reboot after deleteing gps folder contents) Can you check again what files you have deleted to clear contents.
Please tell us the manual installation process.
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Sep 6, 2016
Using GPS fixer with phonegap.

Can we use GPS fixer with phonegap framework application(android) to get correct latitude,longitude through GPS?.
If it is possible than how can we achieve this in phonegap.


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Aug 19, 2012
This solved my problem of not getting a gps fix when using my gps navigation app on my old korean note 2 lte phone E250S.
I had to temporarily use my old note 2 because my latest phone was damaged.
Combined with dr.ketan's bloatware remover and selected Xposed modules, my old phone became very snappy.
Thanks to the Developers.
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    GPS Fixer - GPS + Glonass

    First of all i never found issue in GPS fixing, but y'day was just free and surfing XDA for some good stuff. I have seen many threads regarding GPS fix on various device. so I have downloaded them and checked for curiosity. Also I have plenty of ROMS there on my PC so I have explored SGS1/SGS2 (Non Glonass) device and look for GPS config. Surprisingly all I have found in flashable zip OR aroma installer was all having old configuration which was used in Non Glonass device.
    Samsung using only one conf that is for north america.(this what i have seen on many ROMs I have explored). But still samsung stock conf are different on glonass devie and are better.
    Who are not knowing about Glonass, just to add in note series we have GPS + Glonass system for better and speedy position tracking. Glonass (Global navigation satellite system) is differenet from GPS )Global positioning system) and launched by Russia. So if you use older configuration there won't have benefit of glonass on your device.

    So really I do need to use GPS fix?
    No, Really I never have any issue with stock settings. But if you have any issue with fixing you can try this. Also if you have fixed with other tool that may have old configuration then you can try this.

    What is difference from other GPS fix
    As earlier I have said many i have downloaded from different forum on XDA have old non glonass config. Which really won't get any benefit but worsen fixing time. Also someone have asked me about known tool on market Faster Fix, So I have downloaded and tried that but surprisingly that also having non glonass settings. I have took some screenshot and will post here at end of post.

    How I can know My setting using Glonass setting
    Just install GPS test from market and check satellite number you are getting (I will add image at end of post). If you are not getting/rarely getting view of satellite number >65 then your setting are using non glonass conf.. Also when you select satellite position view in GPS Test app, Glonass satellite you can see in symbol of Triangle while GPS are round.

    How do I test new Settings
    -If you applying new setting with other tool/Application then you should clean data of GPS (data/gps - remove all files from here), bcoz your old data may help new setting to fix bit faster depending on location history but it won't catch new when you move to different place and give you false result. first apply new settings then clear data from data/GPS and reboot device. After Rebooting open GPS test application and look for time taken to fix (satellite postion view will show you time)/Number and type of satellite as well accuracy.
    So best way to test
    -In case you want to test this tool, simply flash it with aroma, this tool auto erase old data. After rebooting check with GPS test as said above.

    Some results

    Ok so here screenshots with Non Glonass configuration 1.With Non glonass continental setting 2. Non Glonass country setting


    So what we can interpret here is with this setting none of glonass satellite used to FIX GPS. First image showing satellite number is between 02-25 and second image between 03 -32 but none of it having number more than 65 which indicates Glonass. Also you can see accuracy is also not good. select country setting it was bit approved but time was same on both.

    Using This tool with 1.Continental setting 2.Country settings3.stellite position view


    You can see here in first image there are 5 glnass satellite there (representing between 65-87) while second image have 3 glonass satellite (72-86)
    Also you can see accuracy are much better than non glonass setting. third image is satellite position view with continental setting, you can see there are many triangle symbols which represents Glonass satellite. Also note time took to fix was just 8sec. Again to remind you i was in side Room not under sky directly throughout all tests.

    Faster Fix result
    Here satellite position view with using faster fix with country settings


    Here you can see there is no glonass satellite used to fix position and time took to fix also longer.

    Conclusion :

    - If you don't have any issue on stock default setting then no need to do anything.
    - If you are using custom setting, then clean data from data/GPS folder (remove all files under it) reboot device and carry out test. If it doesn't use glonass satellite to fix, you should update your settings with attached tool.
    - I don't find much improvement in continental and country setting, Best result I got is with my continent. so no meaning to make different settings for every country, remember samsung using only one continental setting for all (north-america). But if you are not happy with your continent settings you can try others, it may depends on pool server.

    Hope this may help to understand GPS fixing better way !

    No need to post lots of screenshot unless you unable to interpret it bcoz I don't wish this thread to be screenshot repository like on battery/score statistic. I have attached here for just better undertandings. Though your result sharing will be highly appreciated and will help to others.

    PS : Not disrespect for tools i have tested but I like to credit them for their great work, just issue is database used was old and for non glonass device and samsung also no more using it on glonass device.



    Mirror http://d-h.st/5gG
    Some useful information about GPS and Glonass

    GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite based positioning system owned and maintained by the US Air Force. The GPS system currently contains 31 active satellites transmitting signals. GPS is used by millions of civil devices to calculate the position.

    GLONASS stands for Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema and is also a satellite based positioning system but is owned and maintained by the Russian Space Forces. GLONASS development started in 1976 but it was not until October 2011 that full global coverage with modern satellites was achieved with 24 active satellites. Hence the number of GLONASS-only devices is very limited.

    How GLONASS improves positioning

    It’s simple math – by supporting both systems in a receiver, the number of available global satellites increases from 31 to 55. Therefore, more geographic locations are able to receive four or more signals from satellites, which in turn means more successful position calculations and also better accuracy of the calculated positions in challenging environments.

    To save power, the GLONASS receiver is only activated in problematic locations, such as in an urban environment with high rise buildings. Therefore, if you are in an open sky environment where there are enough GPS satellites available to calculate a good accuracy position, GLONASS will automatically be switched off temporarily to enhance the battery lifetime.

    the region of coverage of GLONASS is at upper northen hemisphere & lower southern but not good near equator due to inclination of satellites.

    I have just installed faster fix and checked, i can't believe this also using same pool like I said above. Yes it does have also old pool settings and may worsen than stock.
    I have captured screenshot of faster fix test too. It took 46sec while this tool with my continent setting took just 14sec.

    Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda premium
    OP Updated now.
    I have check on N7100 conf file and it's bit different than on N7100.
    So before using better make backup. Path of files is same but settings are different, so in case it doesn't work then you can restore it.