Are there other people who are wanting to male this happen for their devices as well?

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Aug 16, 2016
If this is the wrong place for this post notify me which thread to go to and I will move it my self no worries.

So is there anyone out there who knows how to reverse engineer closed source android files? Example; Bootloader? I want to remove knox from bootloader and open up the bootloader completely. I want to be able to play pokemon go no matter what kind of block they send out. Current update they block all root users. Not everyone is a cheater which is ridiculous to block us all.

I need to make a custom rom and would love to start by learning how to hack the bootloader and remove Knox completely. This is for lollipop 5.1.1 on the Grand Prime SM-G530T1 if I had my own pc at the time id try to look it up and learn it. Would really appreciate any given help. There is a handful of us who want a working rooted rom for this device and options arent supported so if I can get access to all the source files and make them all open then I can look into making a custom rom that wont be corrupted. Goal here is to use the stock files. Build from stock keep it simple. Remove some thing add others.

Make it strictly a rom for playing games with root access hidden. Once I learn how to hack all the files I will start doing it for other phones and help others as well.

So can anyone help or give me and answer as to how to do this.