General GrapheneOS is available for the Pixel6/6Pro

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    The private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility. Developed as a non-profit open source project.

    website :
    WebUSB-based Installation :
    CMD Line Installation :
    Releases :

    This is listed as "Experimental"...
    Most likely not. All of the usual sync features are stripped. Likely because uploading all your data to someone else's computer (the cloud) is the opposite of privacy

    From my playing with it (with Play Services installed):
    - The built in camera is meh - Install the Google Camera from the Play Store and it works just fine
    - For editing, install the Google Photos app alongside the camera
    - I spent forever trying to get Google Contact sync to work and failed. Was ready to just import a CSV
    - The Play store is given the permissions of any other third party app store. You need to click Install on the usual pop-up for each app. It is not able to complete installs without user interaction (Huge plus side IMO)
    You can get contacts syncing with some small steps.
    Contacts sync needs the Google Contacts app and sync adapter. Give permission to Contacts app, sync adapter (find it in All Apps), Google Play services, Google Services Framework.

    Add your Google account in phone settings, enable sync for stuff you want, and reboot. Contacts app should populate in a few minutes.
    I basically bought my P6P for this, so I'm extremely happy development is moving forward! Really hoping that, when a stable version is out, it will be possible to use the phone "normally" with it. Keep it up, Graphene team!
    Not to sound like a broken record but with no play services do Google Photos and app updates work with that "sandboxed Play services compatibility layer" mentioned on they site?
    yes. works very well (as long as you install all 3 parts of sandboxed play services). I would maybe wait a few days before installing it on the Pixel 6. but using A12 on my 3xl and everything works, photos, gboard, official gcam (all running with network access disabled).

    Also, GrapheneOS for Pixel 6 still says Experimental on their download page (it might just need to be updated). But if you're okay with maybe experiencing some bugs, it should work fine (but as stated above, most should wait a few days, they're very good on updating - especially the first few weeks after release)