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May 26, 2012
Please do press the thanks button too :D


I know it isnt dazzeling as it should,but it is decent.
I tried to copy the Sandys font as much as i could,so i ended up with this xD

Thank you very much! I think it's awesome! I like it like that, it's decent and pretty nice. Thanks for your work, really enjoying it ;) :D
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The Marionette

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Jun 27, 2011
I am sorry everyone,I won't be making signatures for 2 weeks.
My grandfather died,and I am going away for around 1 or more weeks.

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Ghostfreak NB

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Aug 11, 2012
Because XDA is also about a special community, all my condolences for you and your family.
A grand father is someone who will be missed forever ! ( I lost them few years ago )

Hey yorzua,
Nice to see you around buddy
Hope you're doin good on the job front
Still craving for some artwork from you whenever you've some time!!:eek:

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Mar 6, 2013
Valley of the Death!
Heys guys, Could you make me one new sig??
Make something related to my name "Slayer" (see my current sig). I want a badass character. Also dont make it too much big(like the current one :D).

Just do your stuff! Should be Good! ;)


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Bishal Pranto Roy

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Feb 13, 2013
City of Rangpur
This thread is a continuation of the thread made by Yorzua


The work i do is only to be thanked to Yorzua only.

Yorzua shared his amazing xda template photoshop package.

My goal is to make signatures for people who dont have/dont want/dont know how to get Photoshop on their PC

I will only use parts from the psd document provided by Yorzua.

I am not a professional at Photoshop,But i am highly capable of making signatures for normal requests.

When requesting a signature banner,please try to keep the request at this form-makes my and your life easier :silly:

Favorite Colors :
If Theme wanted ( yours or mine ) :
Color background :
With/Without member type :
( if your status is about to change, please think of it before )
Body Text :
Device (Your EXACT Model / Color) :

Yorzua-XDA templates.psd-psd file im using only

PMs requesting signatures will be ignored,only requests on this thread will be fulfilled.

make one for me please

Color : Black on Blue Background. No member type . Device SONY LIVE. Theme of ur choice. thanks in advance . U can include my name too.
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The Marionette

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Jun 27, 2011
For everyone who visits or replies to this thread:
I am currently at my grandmother,she cant be alone,and I wont be back until August,then I am going to the seaside,and probably will be back by the end of August(20.8 or maybe earlier or later because I cant control what will happen in 2/3 months)

I will do the signatures then,i will make them one by one,i will look at every post on this thread,so dont even think that you have been left out.


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Senior Member
Jun 12, 2012
Charleston, SC
Favorite Colors : black, silver, blood red
If Theme wanted ( yours or mine ) : venom
Color background : black / dark
With/Without member type : senior member
Body Text : Deadly Venom ROM via Safestrap
Device (Your EXACT Model / Color) : black att s4 (i337)

Thanks for reopening! Much appreciated!

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    First of all, glad you took my advices for a positive help :)
    I can see you are doing a wise use of my "requests template" .. it will save you a lot of time and it will serve better those members who asked for :good:

    I wish you all the happiness, motivation and growing within this new thread around XDA
    I hope you will enjoy as i did with this great community !

    Thank you for the credits, buddy

    p.s : for new devices and new textures, just pick up as high res as possible your desired ones in the web and add it as a new layer on the correct group i organized ( PSD )
    nothing difficult, really ☺
    layers effect in PS


    i made it simmilar as possible because i didnt have some parts of your original signature :)

    Just a quick help, buddy
    If you look better on the diferent groups,
    you will see that you got all the "parts" already in there to achieve the exact same result.

    The blue left glossy bubble + the transparent foreground android + the outline glow on the device + the 4 diferent layers merged to achieve the dark blue background.
    the only thing you may dont know, is the way how i interact all layers into one with each having its own blending effect.
    in PS, it s an essential point to learn that as with 2 or 3 layers, you would be able to pimp a neverending combination of diferent possibilities.

    You will learn that by practising and see you are doing your best,
    since you were the first to ask to take the lead, i will keep an eye on your thread and see where i can help and support you.

    Keep it up ! :)

    Please be more specific and with a little more of patience with OP
    he is doing his best and if you really want something, just dont wait for it,
    ask gently and you may have it :eek:

    Avatar and signature as per your old request i couldnt honored from the closed factory... consider it done



    p.s > a little note for all the hipocrits who write bad stuff about my work out there, dont come and ask me for a graphic as if i never read your words in the other threads... respect this community or leave it...

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