Great deal on TF700 tablet and dock

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Dec 5, 2011

I find this tablet to be pretty sub par with just about any other on the market. It doesn't really seem fast/speedy either like it is supposed to be. I'm not an Apple person at all, but when I see my Asus 700 sitting there and my wife's Ipad, I'll grab the ipad because I know it will just work. No fussing around with a speaker I can barely hear, slow speeds and lock ups. Too bad I have this tablet, as I should have sold it a long time ago.


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Dec 14, 2011

You don't have to be an apple fanboy to criticize this thing. I'm not, I'm long time Windows fanboy until recently I bought a Macbook Pro (they are cheap now due to iPads becoming the new craze), so now I'm trying to become more diverse and versatile in my opinions, using both systems side by side, but anyways back to this TF700, it can be slow as molasses, where by comparison I've seen folks with iPads doing the same things I sometimes do on my tablet, i.e. clicking links to view a NBC TV stream, and their iPads are pretty much zippy in responding.

My TF700 can do that on a cold boot, but if I let it run for a few days without rebooting it tends to slow to a crawl, and sometimes it slows to a crawl faster depending on which app I'm using.


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Jan 5, 2012

I honestly have to say is the lag we are speaking of that big of a deal? For me looking at other tablets (ipads included) IF i have seen a delay and more than often there is none, with the TF700 its like a 3 second load versus a 5 second load for web pages or email, but lets just say for the sake of keeping my point where I would like it to be it was a 10 second difference... you are really that pushed for time that you are willing to spend 200-300 more and limit the microSD/dock and freedom to root/hack for waiting 10 seconds when you load a webpage? Are you using this thing to do complex projects or are you checking Facebook? Running scripts in R or watching cats fart on Youtube? these devices are for light work and entertainment.

Now IO issues are obviously present in the Asus line but seeing as I have a removable microSD I just do big file transfers to the card when its in my laptop. then I pop it back in my tablet and off we go, same video quality as the IPAD and if I want I can plug it into my 50 inch TV and watch it there. Browser2Ram fixes the issues with the web stuff.

Sorry for the thread hijack, but to be fair I was not the 1st one to do it :)