[grus][recovery] TWRP-3.4.0-2-Mi9SE

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Apr 18, 2013
The twrp recovery on this thread is not updated and not supported anymore. I suggest using official or alternative solutions. You are free to use this version if it works for you, but you are on your own.

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    Team Win Recovery Project [TWRP]

    Latest version : 3.4.0-2-Mi9SE

    Credits to https://github.com/kudProject for initial version device tree of this recovery.
    Original kernel source: https://github.com/pengus77/kowalski-grus Thanks @pengus77
    Source of modified kernel(included in TWRP): https://github.com/redispade/kowalski-grus

    Remember to join the telegram group for support:

    Q: Does this recovery work with <INSERT ROM NAME HERE>?
    A: I use Xiaomi.eu latest stable rom, the recovery is tested with that rom by me, and when released, everything should be working, unless stated otherwise. I don't support weekly roms(beta) and I can't test with other roms as Grus is my daily driver. For every other rom, use the Telegram group for support. You are welcome to report bugs, but expect no ETA.

    Ensure to read all the instructions. The download link is at the end for those who already know them.
    You've been warned :)

    Changelog :
    * twrp-3.4.0-2-Mi9SE:
    Update kernel to Kowalski Kernel r2.2.14

    - Include latest twrp code changes from 02 Aug to 10 Nov 2020 https://gerrit.twrp.me/q/status:merged

    Older changelogs on github

    Flash using existing twrp or in fastboot using command:
     fastboot flash recovery twrp-PUTVERSIONHERE-Mi9SE.img
    Install vbmeta.img (only if it reboots to fastboot)
    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

    Download Link :
    Just some Info:
    Android has chandeg from FDE (full disc encryption) to FBE (file based encrytion) with the upgrade to Android 10.
    (src: https://source.android.com/security/encryption/file-based.html)

    That gave me headache in the earlier HTC M7/M9 and Mi MIX times years ago - maybe there is a quickwin possible by changing the recovery.fstab or twrp.fstab to a compatible FBE mode.

    Thanks for the help. The recovery was FBE compatible since the beginning, but it was missing the correct encryption flags in recovery.fstab
    Posted updated version in first page
    It's working with MIUI, though. TWRP doesn't ask for password, but we can access data.
    Posted update with official internal storage backup
    I think all you have to do is flash twrp. You only flash vbmeta if you're stuck on fastboot. As you're on stock MIUI I don't think that'll happen.

    So, flash stock rom with mi flash tools, go to fastboot and flash this twrp, reboot to recovery (using power and vol up), install magisk and reboot to system.

    PS. If you use this recovery, you don't have to download magisk. Just go to advanced and there's an option to install magisk.