GS3 GT-I9305 LTE European version; Exynos 4412 Quad, 2 GB RAM, Mali GPU.

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Nov 30, 2011
Guys, this is what I've been waiting for. :good:

Samsung just released it’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean kernel source code for the LTE Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9305). Don’t confuse this device with the dual-core snapdragon S4 US Variant as this is the European LTE variant. GT-I9305 has the same Quad-Core Exynos 4412 CPU and the same ARM’s Mali-400MP GPU as the international Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300).The only differences are that the European LTE variant uses 2GB RAM instead of 1GB and has LTE Radios.
This means that 3rd party Android developers, like the CyanogenMod team, can use European LTE Galaxy S III’s (GT-I9305) Android 4.1 Jelly Bean kernel source code to fix major bugs like the Memory Leak, HW Composer and Mali GPU related issues they were having with the International Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) as these both devices are very much identical. This source code can vastly improve and improve their Custom ROMs.


What do you think, best phone ever? If they would only pack it with a non-pentile-screen also, but at this point I can't say no any more, coming from my Arc S.

It will be interesting to see benchmark results and what difference the RAM might do.
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Oct 18, 2010
The i9300 isn't the best phone now i9305 is...I don't under stand Samsung it been 4 month and release a better phone

My thoughts exactly. Seriously, what company releases a new model to replace their top of the line phone within 4 months of release. I love my Samsung phones but this is really bad form on Samsungs part.

Imagine if Apple releases the iPhone 6 in 4 months time. There will be riots. It won't happen. So much for resale value on the S3 i9300. Once stock runs out here in Oz it will no longer be sold. Replaced by the i9305.

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Nov 30, 2011
Frankly, this is what I expected the initial GS3 to be like. This and a non-pentile screen. Maybe old Sammy didn't finish LTE-integration in time for the GT-I9300, and maybe they packed it with only 1 gig RAM to save a few bucks. Idunno. Sorry to say, I think we're gonna have to live with 720-pen-tile 'til spring next year.

But this version is going to be... blistering! Especially after the buzz with launcher redraws due to lack of RAM, I'm looking forward to the comparisons. It comes in all-black as well.

I wonder what the coming Nexus will be based on. Do we dare to hope? I don't think Sammy will allow a copy of GT-I9305 as a Nexus, but man would it be nice.

Let's sit and wait for a release date.


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Nov 1, 2010
Didn't the iphone 4s come out like 5 or 6 months after the iphone 4? I know a few people swapped the 4 for the 4s.

I for one will be selling my s3 as soon as the s3 lte version comes out.

I was hoping it was out next week or thereabouts but it's looking doubtful.
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Nov 3, 2010
This version will work on 3g network? I mean, o have a 9300 and i wanna change for 9305 but im not shure if will work on brasilian network.

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Aug 8, 2012
No it doesnt use that much ram it would use as much as the korean version and I have a screenshot showing 1.1gb Free Ram and thats with alot of tasks running. I have been waiting for this phone for over 1 month now its pretty old news, It was released in australia yesterday but its 16gb version so I am waiting for the 32gb which I will snap up straight away shouldnt be that much longer now.

And this will the the final release of the flagship phone before the S4 who cares why is everyone crying they releasing a better phone. Better for us we have more options now. I actually cant wait to get my hands on this one in my opinion this is how the original specs should look like finally they actually thought abit and released it
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Aug 21, 2012
No it doesnt use that much ram it would use as much as the korean version and I have a screenshot showing 1.1gb Free Ram and thats with alot of tasks running. I have been waiting for this phone for over 1 month now its pretty old news, It was released in australia yesterday but its 16gb version so I am waiting for the 32gb which I will snap up straight away shouldnt be that much longer now.

And this will the the final release of the flagship phone before the S4 who cares why is everyone crying they releasing a better phone. Better for us we have more options now. I actually cant wait to get my hands on this one in my opinion this is how the original specs should look like finally they actually thought abit and released it

Its a nice phone and if I was in the market today I would get one instead of the i9300... 1.1g of free ram is nice, but frankly if you have that much "free" at any point in time its just wasted. Had zero multitasking issues with the i9300..
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Mar 22, 2011
Don't worry guys.... after all releases of any Samsung models you will still go for whatever phone you want to will always be disappointed, that's how they control consumers... just think!!!
I thought we already know how this works!This people at Samsung sales are just laughing.... So why don't we just stay with what phone we have and maybe change it after 2 years, that's how it's suppose to be.
Except if you have a lot of money to spend with buying top of the line phones. Then go for it!


Sep 14, 2012
It was when there was a problem of getting a quad-core to work with a 4G LTE Chipset (Reason why all the American S3 's have dual-cores). They only were able to find a solution when they were testing the Galaxy Note 2. Since then, they can now get the new Quad-core into the Galaxy S3 with 4G. 4G also will use more RAM than its predecessor.

Even Apple tried to fix it, until recently they were able to fit the quad-core A6 chip into their iPhone5 with LTE. They could have put in a quad-core into their iPad 3, but didn't at the time cuz of the 4G / Quad-core incompatibility, instead they used the A5X (The original dual-core A5 processor hyper-threaded to a logical 4 cores) not a quad-core.

Well, now we're all gonna be getting more powerful quad-core powered phones with 4G!!!


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Aug 8, 2012
wel I will let you know if its wasted ram or not when I get it I will report back. I also bought the l9300 But I didnt pay 800, Few hundred dollars less. And I will sell it after I buy the I9305, I will be out of pocket maximum $100 so I think that's a good deal.

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    LTE modems require a lot of memory to operate and of course increase power consumption .
    The inclusion of 2GB of RAM in some new LTE enabled Android phones is done primarily to cover the needs of the LTE subsystem when you use it to browse content on the device itself using Chrome , the stock browser etc .
    Of course , 1GB of RAM is more than what LTE needs , however it is much simpler to create a 2GB module on top of Exynos in Samsung's case , than just add a seperate RAM module for the LTE radio like Apple did in the iPhone 5 .

    Exynos can "speak" LTE just fine , like almost all SoC's can . The problem was artificially created from Qualcomm itself by two different moves they made .

    The first one was releasing an MDM module ( MSM's have both radio and Application proccesors , APQ's have only the AP's and MDM's have only the radio part ) capable of only LTE data transfer modes , without even the fallback option to UMTS / GSM for voice calls .
    They also released the MSM8960 , the SoC used in many LTE enabled phones (and some European devices that lack LTE too ) which had LTE integration and supported Voice fallback along of course with support for UMTS and GSM for both data and voice .
    A manufacturer wanting to use another SoC instead of the MSM8960 would have to integrate both an MDM module for Qualcomm for the LTE data part and another solution from another maker (like Samsung uses X-Gold's ) to provide both LTE and Voice / Data in UMTS / GSM networks .
    The obvious downside is the increased complexity , increased testing , requirement for more space inside the handset and of course vastly increased power consumption since both radio parts have to be initiated at boot and be active all the time .
    The only practical advantage would be the ability to transfer data through LTE and make a voice call at the same time which is not possible in most if not all implementations using the MSM8960 as their solution of choice .

    The other problem was the fact that Qualcomm holds most of the patents used in LTE as a standard and they use them as a way to hold back manufacturers from creating solutions that work on the LTE bands used in North America , mostly to ensure higher proffits from makers choosing their solutions .
    They do however realize that outside north America where networks require in most cases the ability to work in both LTE and UMTS / GSM networks at the same time , they have to either provide a solution capable of doing that or just do nothing .
    Since LTE is wide spread in North America for the time being and this is were most revenue comes from , they just want to secure their position there .

    At some point , Qualcomm made the MDM9600 and MDM9615 (the one used in iPhone 5 ) available to phone makers , the first MDM supporting voice functions on top of LTE and HSPA data capabilities .
    This move was not made to support other SoC makers like Samsung or NVidia , even though they will benefit from it ( HTC One X+ for example ) , it was more of a way to provide makers the ability to make Quad-Core krait powered devices that are LTE capable . The only available quad core krait solutions are from the APQ category and lack the radio part (they do provide exceptional performance though....) and since the inclusion of two seperate Radio parts is still not an option , MDM's had to suddenly aquire voice capabilities .

    Samsung had to settle on this logic for the North American market and create the Qualcomm powered Galaxy S3 in order to provide LTE since they had to get it to market before the MDM9600 availability and they created the i-9035 for the rest of the world where Qualcomm is not interested and LTE tranfers are required to be possible at the same time with voice calls since most European and korean networks operate LTE using fallback to UMTS / GSM for voice but require both of them operating at the same time .

    In any case , the added RAM on i-9305 is a welcome option , but certainly not a deal breaker for someone that already owns a i-9300 version .
    1) the gt-i9305 will have the same pentile screen (I don't give a **** if it's pentile, lcd, retina, cathodic tube or whatever if it's working fine and I see the things and icons coloured with a hd plasma's quality.
    2) as the US version, it have around 1.7 gb of RAM, from which 1.4 gb will be busy all the time (as LTE is using a lot and Android is designed to keep 80% of RAM busy with frequently used apps - as the 1gb ram can easily handle over 20 apps opened, 2 gb is stupid enough, useless) so you will not have much more free RAM than us (bahahaha) .
    3) the lte version is Vodafone DE (Germany) exclusive, so if you want to get it you probably need a contract with them or to pay a lot of money to 3rd-party people for something useless with Vodafone boot screen, bloatware and other ****

    Meanwhile, thanks Sammy for my gorgeous Intl. S3 pebble blue with 1 gb ram and quad-core.

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    I wouldn't trade the development section of my international GS3 for another gig of ram and lte. This version might sound nice but it won't have the variety of roms,kernels,themes etc that the non lte version has. I agree that Samsung should have included the 2gb of ram in the first place. :mad:

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    Sorry mate, not using the stock browser (which can't be closed) and never open more than 2-3 tabs. More than that, I completelly close the browser when I finish, so the test is not relevant. Also, who need the Google Maps when browsing the internet. As you see, before opening those multiple tabs in the browser and opening the Google Maps, the 1 gigs S3 was answering as fast as the 2 gigs version and even looked much smoother. After that point, it was with 0.5 second slower. Even if the browser closed completelly because of used ram and it needed to start again, as you have seen, no tabs has been lost. Remember those phones with 256 mb of ram and with the clients happy (and the same 80% of ram occupied ?). Does the phones made problems. Does people complained ? For God sake, it's the same phone, we should fight against Apple and HTC X One, not S3 owners vs S3 owners :laugh: However, we will be conquested with the S4, S5 and so, for a 2 years phone, S3 is good as it is. I don't say that I'm not completely pissed because they released a version with 2 gigs or the Note 2 with 2 gigs, at least if they released them in the same time so the people could choose (I definitively would buy the free gt-i9305 this time), but I know that there is no such a big difference between them. Each one have pro and cons, but it's the same phone, so enjoy it ;)

    Can you please tell me those 40 tasks you will do with your beautiful S3 with 2 gigs ? I want to know, no privacy abuse, just want to know. Please, forward me here, or by PM, a list with 40 apps and task you will use IN THE SAME time on your S3.

    Come on...pleaseee....right now I'm writing from my laptop and I have about 10 things opened (php editor, browser, cmd, utorrent, wordpad, thunderbird, browser....) and the screen is much bigger than the S3 and I can really work on it (not as on S3). I have 6 tabs opened in my browser. And you need to do 40 task in the same time ? Jesus, it's that you ? :p

    P.S Waiting for your list (and please don't act as a child saying that I'm jealous, because if I want, I can easily buy the i9305, but I don't want, I will buy the Galaxy S3.5 or S4 to be better than you, ha ! :cool:)

    P.S 2 Hope you don't take it seriously (apart of that list :D) or feel offended as I have nothing with you and I respect 100% your words, I'm not pissed, I'm not making you stupid or trying to make you feel bad, it's just a discussion and I'm trying to make you understand ;) (I'm one of those trolls who answers in the way I made here - damn, I can't concentrate enough to get the synonym word)

    Cheers guys !

    P.S 3: In games, the 3G is a but faster:
    But, as I said, 0.5 sec it doesn't matter... :p

    Did I say I was going to open 40 tasks pfft but said that phone could if it wanted...get over it... i9305 is better then i9300 stop crying lol

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
    From what i've heard LTE uses quite a lot of ram so that's why it's needed in the I9305 version...

    And battery :p I'll stick with the i9300 ram can be optimised and 4g isn't big yet

    Sent from my omega jellybean powered sgs 3 :)
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