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[GSI][10] LineageOS 17.x GSI (all archs)

Should I build *vS variants (with PHH-SU)?

  • Build *vS (SU), replacing *vN (no SU)

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • Build *vS alongside *vN

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • Keep things as is

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 1 5.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Senior Member
I am using a moto z2 play (Albus) I can only boot this After flashing KVT(Q test kernel) before the rom. However, the notification panel is kind of broken cause I get it all Blue, like a glitch and also the playstore sidebar is broken cause I see white and black color flashing up all over it. It looks really broken. Can anyone suggest a fix?
Here are the steps i follow
-Make the wipes
-flash kvt (Q test kernel)
-Flash rom
Can anyone suggest some way that doesn't need KVT to boot? Or just anything that won't get me such glitches post boot

Install kvt_8.1_64-albus-V_2.3-aroma.zip, the latest version with important updates.


Senior Member
Feb 6, 2016
Port Elizabeth
Hi everybody. Over the last 5 years I have made uncountable flashes on my old Galaxy. Now it's time to move to my new Xiaomi MI 9 SE Global Version 64GB.

Are these the correct versions and steps?

Unofficial TWRP 3.3.1-3 [02-08-2019] https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-9-se/development/recovery-unofficial-twrp-3-3-1-0-t3935470
TWRP-3.3.1-15-Mi9SE https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-9-se/development/twrp-3-3-1-3-mi9se-t3949328

treble_arm64_bvN from AndyYan https://sourceforge.net/projects/andyyan-gsi/files/lineage-17.x/

Are these step-by-step instructions for flashing still valid: https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/wiki/Xiaomi-Mi-9-SE
> Unlock bootloader
> Boot in Fastboot mode
> Flash TWRP fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.3.1-2-grus-20190609.img (which of the above TWRP versions should be used?)
> Right after flashing press VOLUME UP + POWER to reboot in recovery
> In TWRP Swipe to allow modifications
> In TWRP reboot to bootloader
> Flash vbmeta to disable verified boot fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
> Reboot to TWRP
> Tap on advanced Wipe menu and wipe cache, dalvik, data and system (and optionally internal storage)
> Reboot to TWRP
> Copy GSI ROM and Gapps to phone
> Tap on Install > Install Image > select image, and flash it to system
> Reboot to TWRP
> Install GAPPS If the installer gives error 70 go to Wipe > Advanced wipe > Select system > Repair > Resize filesystem Then Flash again GAPPS
> Factory reset
> Reboot to System

A big thank you to all the contributors and especially developers in this tread
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Senior Member
Thank you so much! I tried to look for KVT updates but I just cannot find one! I will give this a shot soon and post if I get rid of the glitches. You made my day. However, I wonder if you do have a z2 as well? What rom would you recommend for android Q?
Yes, even kvt is my creation and I am the one who keeps it. I've been using Havoc for some time, but I tested this version of Lineage and I liked it, I just haven't changed it yet because I have "complicated" bank programs.


Senior Member
May 7, 2018
I use the format "yes" option in twrp or, fastboot -w

I always use twrp to format the system, because I don't know how make fastboot do that. You should be able to use the latest version of the disabler.

"fastboot erase system" to wipe /system :) should come up with a msg stating" did you really mean to fastboot format this partition " then should state ok if successful,

Should always use the latest fastboot alsoi use platform tools latest as its fastboot has support for my userdata f2fs partition as using older versions of fastboot didnt have the support so would still wipe but corrupt the fs and cause it bootloop endlessly
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Senior Member
Nov 22, 2016
All my screenshot apps (Screen Master, Stitchcraft) unable to take screenshots, but switch to cast or screen recording, then whole screen unresponsive or turn black.


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Senior Member
Apr 27, 2013
Can confirm that this works on the razer phone 2! :good:

Unfortunately, SMS is broken over LTE on my RP2. You can send, but not receive. Phhusson's fix earlier in his thread enables VoLTE, but I've yet to get SMS to work reliably at all on a 10 GSI.
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Senior Member
Dec 12, 2011
Since this is unrelated to hardware, probably a LineageOS upstream bug, but I can't be sure (EDIT: #1458?). If anyone else here has a device running LOS 17.1 natively (i.e. non-GSI) please help verify.

Don't have a phone with native lineage so I can't verify it this way. Is profiles part of AOSP? If yes I will try this with phh-treble gsi.
The bug you linked looks almost exactly the same, but is for 16.0. I am 99% sure this bug was not present in your LOS 16 gsi!
So if it's LOS upstream bug, it got fixed and was re-introduced in 17.

EDIT: Ok this is not really related but I can't find the answer anywhere. I want to disable adb on boot, and enable secure adb on this rom. I think this should be done by editing default.prop. When I google this everyone is saying this is part of the boot.img, and I will have to extract and repack it. But on my Redmi 8 with this gsi I actually find three different default.prop files! There are: /default.prop /system/default.prop and /vendor/default.prop. And I am pretty sure the setting I am looking for is not in the boot.img, since I use the stock boot image, and adb is surely not always enabled in MIUI. tried adding...
...to vendor default.prop but this seems to be overwritten: adb is still always enabled after reboot. Any idea how to do this?
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    Hello @AndyYan !
    Is there going to be updates for A10 linageos 17 in the future? As my phone is not yet compatible with A11 I m wondering if you keep updating on A10
    I'm already offering "extended support" by building it alongside 18. Quoted from earlier:
    I'll just build on until Android S arrives, by which time I'll have to clean 17.1 off my drive.
    The end is gonna be next month or the one after. Doesn't stop people from spinning their own builds.
  • 5
    Updated all variants with July security patches. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

    See the 18.1 thread for notes on my personal patches.
    Hello @AndyYan !
    Is there going to be updates for A10 linageos 17 in the future? As my phone is not yet compatible with A11 I m wondering if you keep updating on A10
    I'm already offering "extended support" by building it alongside 18. Quoted from earlier:
    I'll just build on until Android S arrives, by which time I'll have to clean 17.1 off my drive.
    The end is gonna be next month or the one after. Doesn't stop people from spinning their own builds.
  • 99

    This is a natural continuation/extension of the LineageOS 16.0 GSIs I've been making since March 2019.
    If you clicked in here, I bet you know what LineageOS is already, but just to fill the blank:
    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.
    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.
    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS GitHub repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit Gerrit Code Review.

    This is still mostly a LineageOS team / PHH @phhusson effort, credits to them and all associated for making all this possible.
    No flashing instructions will be offered. If you're here in this forum, you should know what you're doing.
    No guarantees that everything would work. This is a GSI, bugs are bound to happen.

    Compressed as .xz archives - extract first.
    Vanilla except for these changes:
    • Modifications needed to make it build/boot/feature-complete, see below
    • Revived navbar layout tuning via sysui_nav_bar tunable
    • Disabled "vendor mismatch" warning on boot
    • Signature spoofing support from MicroG (preliminary patch for Android 10)
    • Default stretch-to-fullscreen (force apps to render in 18:9)

    Extra tip:
    If you have a relatively low-end device and experience UI stutters, try this simple build.prop trick (technically a debug property, so use at your own risk). Thanks @SnapTheRipper for bringing it up!

    Stuff on GitHub (builders-only):
    Since builders' stuff aren't really interesting to end users, I decided not to separately document the modifications needed in this post; instead just check out the scripts/patches, where most things should be self-explanatory: treble_build_los, treble_patches (PHH's treble_patches adjusted for LOS). Not the cleanest code, but should help if you need some clues.


    Couple of things to note:
    • Even on a device that runs Pie GSIs nicely, it's still possible to get broken media, camera, RIL or even flat-out no-boot on Android 10 ones. You are strongly advised to try PHH's AOSP first and identify/report issues there, before moving onto other GSIs that are based on his work. Please report bugs here only if it's specific to this GSI.
    • LineageOS 17.x has lost some features in the process of transitioning to Android 10, e.g. Privacy Guard and built-in SU.
    • If using Magisk on an A-only device, a modified Magisk is required.
    • exfat SD cards still don't seem to work. Any help related to this would be appreciated.
    • The feature "Re-enabled lockscreen shortcuts by default" has been dropped - not that it can't be done, but Google again made ugly changes to the lockscreen, and with the shortcuts turned on it looks asymmetric and adds to the ugliness. Lockscreen shortcuts themselves might still come back with a future upstream update, just like how it did in 16.0.
    • In the 16.0 GSIs I've included changes that allow for automatic front camera actions for Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, but these have to be reworked for Android 10, and I'm not interested in doing so (in fact I prefer manual controls). Consider these changes abandoned for now.
    Updated all variants with July security patches and in sync with PHH v221. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

    It's been a quiet month on both AOSP and PHH fronts...
    Updated all variants with February security patches and in sync with PHH v212. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

    All good and healthy here despite the coronavirus situation (naturally, I just stay indoors all day). Thanks for your concerns :)
    Updated all variants in sync with PHH v208. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]
    Skipped r18 (December patch) for aforementioned instability.
    No more updates for the rest of 2019! (lol)

    BTW, here's a tip straight from PHH's TG channel, for those who are having trouble with GAPPS setup wizard:
    In ADB:
    adb shell settings put secure user_setup_complete 1
    adb shell settings put global device_provisioned 1
    This should skip the wizard entirely while also setting the proper flags.