[GSI][12] LineageOS 19.x GSI (A64B/64B)

What's your status on GAPPS and SafetyNet?

  • I use GAPPS and passed SafetyNet with Magisk, etc.

    Votes: 10 20.0%
  • I use GAPPS and can't pass SafetyNet - I probably need a VNDKLite or "secure" build

    Votes: 12 24.0%
  • I use GAPPS as-is and don't care about SafetyNet

    Votes: 7 14.0%
  • I don't use GAPPS at all

    Votes: 21 42.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Jan 30, 2012
Updated all variants with January security patches and in sync with PHH v400.h. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

Merged / hand-picked a load of LOS features - status bar battery customization, wake-on-plug switch, advanced reboot and more. Also added a small overlay for Galaxy Note owners that replaces the ugly default mouse cursor with stock one, enabled by setting "persist.ui.spen.pointer" to "true".
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Nov 30, 2021
my phone isnt supported by twrp or magisk (huawei), can i still use this rom and install xposed modules?

also what is phh superuser?
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Sep 16, 2021
Hi AndyYan,

thanks for the great work, much appreciated. I was wondering if you have in hand the patch to activate dynamics root? I will be happy to have that option. I searched around but couldn't find any. I will be happy if you can assist here ;)


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Jan 30, 2012
I was wondering if you have in hand the patch to activate dynamics root?
Dynamic root had been objected to by other users earlier. If a large number of people are vocal about it, we can open another vote like we did for previous conflicts.
is it safe to flash a magisk patched boot image after setup?
It's not a given and depends on the device, but glad to know yours didn't betray you.


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Oct 26, 2021
Lenovo Phab 2
Samsung Galaxy A30s
Dynamic root had been objected to by other users earlier. If a large number of people are vocal about it, we can open another vote like we did for previous conflicts.

It's not a given and depends on the device, but glad to know yours didn't betray you.
i dirty flashed this over pixel experience and it works! but now gplay services keeps crashing and magisk complains about not having su in the right place
i think im just gonna wipe install it

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    Updated all variants with June security patches and in sync with PHH v414. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

    Since there was no feedback (positive or negative) on last month's SN changes, I left them untouched.
    Hello. Which version has minimal Gapps package and lineage's phone, contacts and messages applications as default? As I understood on Gapps version they're replaced with Google phone, sms and contacts. Or not?
    This uses an "OEM" GAPPS package and hence is "monolithic", i.e. no "variants" like OpenGAPPS.
    works very well on my xiaomi pad 5 but when i try to install the gapps (i dont have the twrp) the google apps doesnt work.... any tips? thanks
    There are GAPPS'd images already...? Go through the readme on SF.
    FYI: due to a certain IRL event, I'm having a hard time with my network, and it took me a while to get things to sync (so as to build); uploading will be even tougher. Expect delayed availability.
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    This is a natural continuation/extension of the LineageOS 18.x GSIs I've been making since 2020.
    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.
    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.
    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS GitHub repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit Gerrit Code Review.

    This is still mostly a LineageOS team / PHH @phhusson effort, credits to them and all associated for making all this possible.
    No flashing instructions will be offered. If you're here in this forum, you should know what you're doing.
    No guarantees that everything would work. This is a GSI, bugs are bound to happen.

    You are STRONGLY ADVISED to try PHH's AOSP of equivalent version FIRST and identify/report issues there, before moving onto other GSIs that are based on his work, including this one.
    If you do find bugs on this GSI and want to report, then you MUST try reproducing on AOSP, and ONLY proceed to report here when it's specific to this GSI. This filters out bugs common to all PHH-based GSIs, which you should let PHH know, not me. I might silently ignore your report if you skip this.

    Compressed as .xz archives - extract first.

    Stuff on GitHub (builders-only):
    Since builders' stuff aren't really interesting to end users, I decided not to separately document the modifications needed in this post; instead just check out these repos, where most things should be self-explanatory. Not the cleanest code, but should help if you need some clues.

    • I now have a rather taxing day job, and can't devote nearly as much time/effort into this as I did as a student.
    • Naturally, LOS19 is pretty early at this point, and many features are absent or don't work. Heck, I hacked in Gallery and LiveDisplay before LOS people even attempted, just because they're important to me.
    • GAPPS builds are offered as-is without guarantees. Read #10 for more.
    • /system is RO on regular builds and RW on VNDKLite builds. VNDKLite builds can be used on most non-VNDKLite devices as well.
    • Signature spoofing (MicroG) is supported, but only for priv-apps. This is a security consideration from PHH.
    • Magisk support should be on par with A11 (thanks @eremitein). The "abnormal state / unsupported SU" warning can be ignored. For devices that still don't play well with Magisk (e.g. kernel restrictions implemented by OEM), use PHH-SU instead. Install the app and you'll get root for apps.
    • I've picked a few commits from ProtonAOSP to fix global theming (thanks @kdrag0n), and also moved a few useful patches out from my personal build to public. I'm willing to deviate a bit from vanilla LOS to bring them to everyone. For even more personalized mods, check out this sample personal build side-by-side with the patches repo.
    • exfat SD cards still don't seem to work. Any help related to this would be appreciated.
    Updated all variants with March security patches and in sync with PHH v410. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

    Lots to say about this build...
    • Backup: We're entering Android 12L / LineageOS 19.1, and you should be alarmed to any major updates like this. Especially if you're a maniac like me who uses this daily, BACKUP EVERYTHING and BRACE FOR WIPE! Out of the 10 devices I flashed 19.x on, 2 of them was unable to update through a dirty flash, prompting me to wipe data. I was lucky that neither were critical, and my daily driver updated smoothly, but don't test your luck.
    • Change of variant names: see 18.1 post.
    • Broken stuff: 12L broke quite a bunch of my changes, as evident by how much I delayed this build to correct them, but even now there might still be ones lingering. Known is statusbar height might be f'd up for devices that have an overlay (Google inverted the definition, I already informed PHH of it), and SearchLauncher on GAPPS variants might be half-working.
    • OTA: This is also the first release to contain PHH's homemade OTA mechanism, implementation info here. Enter the Updater either from PHH Settings, or from Settings - System. However, some known caveats:
      • SourceForge could be stupidly slow when accessed through the Updater
      • No error detection or A/B fallback in case of failure
      • Magisk will NOT work anymore after you take such an OTA
      • Any data wipe will take you back to when you haven't taken any
    ...thus I strongly recommend you stick to the current flow and have a PC by you for updates.​
    Initial builds are based on PHH v400.c and November security patches.
    Sigh, I don't really want to make a thread this early...

    BTW, 32-bit and A-only users, you should really move on.
    Updated all variants with December security patches and in sync with PHH v400.d. [Insert obligatory backup-and-test warning here]

    This can be called the "I take back my words" release:
    - LOS merged r18 much quicker than I expected, invalidating the post above.
    - After too many queries regarding GAPPS through various channels, I've given up resisting and will build some. However, as already stated in #10, these are offered entirely at your request, as-is, without guarantees, and you'll have to help each other out on GAPPS-related/-induced issues.

    One more thing - PHH introduced yet another variant called "secure", which is the same as clicking "Securize" after booting, however it's effective on first boot and therefore avoids certain data breakage. This variant is generated with sas-creator, and as long as you have a Linux PC, it's trivial work (doesn't require building environment), so for the few that might need it, do it yourself.

    OP has been updated with some of the above info as necessary; SF has also been updated with a readme that better explains the naming rules of variants.