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[GSI] [9.0.0] ArrowOS [A/AB]

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2016
On tissot the latest GSI build scrambles Wi-Fi mac address and also on each boot receiving an error message stating that "There is an internal error. Please contact your vendor." with OK button and if I don't touch the OK it restarts automatically. I'll get logs ASAP.....


Senior Member
Feb 10, 2016
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
Hey I was reccommended to trey this rom an it just freezes an comes up with 'device is not authorised you need google play protect' an refuses work?

I am trying to install it on a Mi-Note 2

Any suggestions?

The popups occur relentlessly.

Maybe I should just try another PIe GSI for my cell


Senior Member
Apr 10, 2007
Thanks for ArrowOS GSI.
I use arm64 AB version on my Sharp Aquos S2.

I like that there is an almost complete translation into Russian. The interface is smooth, very fast. After flashing the system image when u I flash opengapps nano in the recovery I get an error about the lack of space. Helps to perform resize systems.
NFC works after fixing.
I can not display the image on a wireless monitor - my smartphone is rebooting.

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    ArrowOS is an AOSP based open source project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat. We added just the right and mostly used stuff that will be actually USEFUL at the end of the day.

    Website: https://arrowos.net
    Telegram: Channel | Group
    Github: https://github.com/ArrowOS
    Code Review: review.arrowos.net
    E-mail: arrowos.contact

    To apply for maintainership Check this out

    Be sure to include a log : check how to

    Clean Flash
    1. Download the appropriate zip of GSI for your device (i.e. A or A/B)
    2. Extract the system.img
    3. Flash any treble enabled ROM.
    4. Wipe: Dalvik and Cache
    5. Flash the GSI (system image) from recovery
    6. Reboot & Enjoy


    ROM: GSI -Downloads

    Source Code
    device tree
    Credits :- phhusson

    Special thanks to
    Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic
    Alex Cruz
    Tibor Kaputa
    And all other Open Source - Developers,Teams and Organisations
    DM if we missed someone - you can always look at GitHub to find more contributors! :highfive:
    [update] GSI-A/AB [09/09/2018]

    ArrowOS - 9.x -GSI update!

    So, these are the main features included in arrow-9.x as of 8th September, have a look:

    • System Accents (Fruity Pebbles)
    • System wide Dark / Light Theme
    • Heads up notifications customisations
    • Navigation Bar / Hardware keys customisations
    • Advanced Power menu customisations
    • New launcher based on QuickStep launcher with row, columns, home screen icon rows, Dark/Light themes etc customisations
    • Lockscreen shortcut customisations
    • Accidental Wake up toggle
    • Turbocharger/Dash charger strings for supported devices
    • QS Panel rows and columns customisations
    • QS panel transparency

    Apart from things tons of optimisations, fixes merged into the AOSP base. ( gerrit )

    For more :
    [update] GSI-A/AB [23/09/2018]

    sorry for the late info, here's the new update with latest fixes and features. Hotspot issue on GSI should be fixed now. Please post your issues along with a log.


    • Accidental wake-up
    • Added perf mode binder interface
    • Added Call Recording support
    • Added App Ops
    • Added theme power menu items
    • Added Pixel animations for smart battery & other parts
    • Fixed settings search bar “white” outline on Black/Dark themes
    • Added heads up tile
    • Added support for multiple displays
    • Added caffeine qs tile Adapt for P
    • Added required to unlock phone for enabling Mobile Data & Wifi
    • Updated AOSP keyboard Package
    • Set brightness slider thumb based on mode
    • Added visualizer feature
    • Keyguard weather view - Fixed initial kick off after boot
    • Various fixes for Lockscreen weather
    • Fixed debug drawing lines for icon containers
    • Hide keyguard weather when pulsing
    • Added Check for wifiservice's existence before its access
    • Added partial/full screenshot QS tile single tap to choose the mode, long press to fire
    • Added Reset battery stats option
    • Added tile for enable/disable HW keys
    • Fixed haptic feedback on navbar when hwkeys is disabled
    • Fixed resetting battery stats after reboot with battery level >= 90
    • Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
    • Fixed pinned stack may be null after animation end
    • Added animations on some preferences
    • Added custom pref for devices with custom doze packages
    • Added lockscreen visualizer toggle
    • Fixed search panel bg color for correct themeing
    • Added support for Bépo keyboard layout
    • Fixed status bar padding for all devices
    • Fingerprint: Added locking to default impl
    • Use common style for recents task menu divider
    • Added Bulgarian, Georgian and Ukrainian wordlists
    • Added support for Australian English
    • Disable sound on keypress on all devices by default
    • Support for incognito mode
    • Enable spellchecker for Additional languages
    • Fixed send button not being centered for non-standard densities
    • Fixed interruption on active gesture input by modifier key presses
    • Various Core Optimizations & Fixes

    Download link in OP :good:
    [update] GSI-A [31/08/2018]


    • lockscreen charging info
    • quick settings sound tile
    • option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
    • lockscreen quick unlock
    • Dismiss keyguard automatically when face is recognized
    • Add toggle for face auto unlock
    • swipe-up gestures
    • Disable/Enable screenshot sound
    • Per app data restriction
    • PowerMenu tweaks
    • Hide powermenu on lockscreen
    • proximity check on waking device
    • SystemUI Tuner
    • Make roaming indicator optional
    • Phh treble settings

    download link in OP :fingers-crossed:
    [update] GSI A/AB [13/09/2018]



    arm64 A & A/B only, No su, No Gapps

    • Your device should be treble supported
    • It should be arm64 device
    • GSI is for devices which we dont specifically support, if you have a specific device build dont opt for GSI.

    features changelog:
    • System themes: Black, Dark
    • OmniJaws : lockscreen, statusbar weather
    • network traffic
    • status bar clock & date customisations
    • double tap to sleep status bar
    • double tap to sleep lockscreen
    • QS quick pull down
    • MicroG / Signature spoofying support added
    • many more optimizations, fixes.
    • Phh device updates

    Download link in OP post