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[GSI][ANDROID 12 STABLE] Android 12 and any GSI larger than 2.6GB

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Nov 23, 2012
can someone post the bugs they found and the battery life pls thanks.
Also thanks to devs for making android 12 dream come true without switching. I had hopes that it will come def.
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    If you need help, feel free to post logs here. For more discussions about Android 12/GSIs join the telegram group!!

    *REQUIRED FOR GSI* Follow the guide I made here to increase your system partition.
    Download Android 12 Stable (Pixel 4a) GSI here: Direct link.
    You don't need Gapps, they are preloaded.

    Make sure to use Android 11 as base before flashing the GSI.

    After that, you can install any GSI/flash any size Gapps without issue.

    1. Reboot into fastboot mode.
    2. Wipe your data partition: fastboot format:ext4 userdata
    3. Clean cache and factory reset: fastboot -w
    4. flash the GSI: fastboot flash system_a path/to/system.img
    5. flash the GSI in other slot: fastboot flash system_b path/to/system.img
    6. Test boot.
    If it doesn't boot, download vbmeta for your device and flash in fastboot mode.
    1. fastboot flash vbmeta --disable-verity --disable-verification vbmeta.img
    2. fastboot -w
    • No sound in call.
    Some fixes:
    • Install GMS with adb install -r -d path/to/gms.apk to login to Google (not necessary anymore)
    • After flashing system image, don't reboot into system, immediately boot into TWRP and flash this file! This is necessary to disable encryption, so TWRP can boot successfully.


    As you guys may know, protonAOSP dropped support for Taimen/Walleye.

    Fret not. protonAOSP 12 is coming. Here it is running nicely on my pixel 2XL. Currently still in beta (calls are working though, so it's pretty much ready).

    Taimen is not dead

    EDIT: Build is up
    Update! With GMS, overlay, and fingerprint sensor fixes. We are getting closer!

    And the users that had unbootable slot error, it should be fixed too if you flash vbmeta. Make sure to follow the fixes section too.

    EDIT: RIL is fine, SMS is fine, we can even accept and take calls. But there's no sound! Any devs can chime in and help?
    Thank you for taking the time to help and wrap my head around the subject , much appreciated!

    Is this the same way a custom recovery increases the system partition?
    There are no custom recoveries that can do that.

    However. I'm working on a tool that will automate that process. There's a closed beta in the telegram channel and it will see a beta release on xda soon.
    Hey @Dollscythe ,

    Any update/comment on Pixel Experience Alpha Builds?

    I understand that these are "Alpha" builds, however, if you've tried it... please share a comment
    Those builds have pretty much everything working. Make sure to get the latest one.

    i'm also building protonAOSP 12. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/android-12-rom-09-nov-2021-protonaosp-12-0-0.4358955/