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You say you care about security but you're okay with selinux in permissive mode?
I have just tried this but I'm not convinced this is a secure rom. Theres this chinese app that randomly appeared and dissapeared. It's called com.iflytek.inputmethod and is made by iFlytek, a chinese state owned company which has been sanctioned by the US for spying.
I'm reverting to another GSI without autorotate.
That's an app that resides in the vendor partition, if you are concerned you could disable it with adb

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    Hello everyone!

    I got this device last year and always wanted GSI to run properly in the device. In other guide shows GSI can be properly installed however, it rendered wrong rotation and sound sometimes muffled. I want to get rid ZUI 12/13 because notification problem and suspicious with Chinese rom. With GSI we can have long term device support and security. I am using stock recovery only and stock fastbootd. Root with magisk is sometime hit or miss. I managed to fix with a ported miui vendor img and simple build.prop alteration.

    Working device
    Unlocked bootloader
    Win7/8/10/11 (installed FastBoot driver)
    Make sure to be based on the ZUI_13.0.430 version (link attached)
    Download GSI J716F script.
    Type C dongle to mouse. (needed)

    1) Restore with Qfil to ZUI_13.0.430 (link attached)
    2) Download and extract GSI J716F script.
    3) Reboot your device to fastbootd with adb reboot fastboot.
    4) Run gsi system flasher for j716f only.exe and press 1. On next screen, press any button. Connect your device until it restore.
    5) Do factory reset in recovery mode then reboot.
    6) Once system is rebooted. Connect type C dongle with mouse to the device and finish the setup. Please note that rotation and touch is not in sync.
    7) Install magisk and make sure proper root. Install build.prop editor. (link attached)
    8) Open build.prop and grant superuser access. Add entry ro.surface_flinger.primary_display_orientation at first column and ORIENTATION_270 at second column.
    8. Save dan reboot.
    9. Everything is working now but bare in mind you need to install some magisk module to get proper sound manager, safetynet fix, AOD support and auto brightness fix from Y700.

    What is wroking:
    1. Wifi
    2. Bluetooth
    3. Brightness adjustment (Auto brightness need magisk module)
    4. 60Hz/90Hz refresh rate
    5. Camera, flashlight and face unlock
    6. Working sensors
    7. Screen rotation
    8. Dual speakers
    9. Linear motor

    Bug: d2tw and flip screen

    Please tell me other bugs

    Download :
    Once root and magisk is properly installed. You can install several magisk module to fix, play store verfication, auto brightness, sound manager and APTX (HD) module for bluetooth.

    1) Install each modules.
    2) Reboot.

    Install these 2 apk to get better camera and proper AOD support

    1) Install trebleApp(1).apk
    2) Gcam MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b_snap.apk
    3) You can disable the stock camera app.

    In case you want to try other gsi system instead of CrDroid 8.6 prepped. You can simply replace system.img in gsi j716f\gsi j716f scipt\bin\system\system.img.

    See the difference.
    We cannot enable selinux, however we can disable the notification in security.

    I dont know how to customize the naz bar.

    How is the system? Fully working now? 😁
    the only thing complicated is the setting up part without touch control (my mouse was also detected as a keyboard) and pretty much I had to config without conecting to the internet (couldnt enter my wifi password),
    but after the "build.prop" step, everything else is working fine so far :cool:
    I have been waiting for this, looks like it is mostly working. saw the video too.

    thank you for doing this. I will try this because I hate ZUI
    Thanks for this...
    I hate ZUI, been wanting to try GSI for a while, just didn't want the bugs...
    This looks like it's mostly working now :).