Gsi P - Q - R manual fixes for hi6250 devices (emui8)

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Nov 26, 2012
Hi guys now after some times i try to flash the rom and try getting it working. i succes it wuhu :)

twrp from DarkJoker360 thx allot buddy
try some different ways to get it working but most every time it start booting with the 4 dot animation but after 15 mins it reboot to start again and agin and again :(
try to dirty flash from lineagos 16.0 from Open-Kirin project but run into bootloop :(
then i try to format data after this wipe cache/dalvik/data internal and system
then reboot bootloader
fastboot flash system FluidOS-1.1-Rum-R-Hi6250-emui8.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash ramdisk RAMDISK.img (its the stock boot image) (the image i get from the stock rom that i download from and extract it with the multi tool from the homepage) thx guys
fastboot reboot and bääääähm baby its running
after this i flash gapps for A11 pico test from Darkjoker360 thx allot buddy and A11 fix 2.5 and 2.4 thx allot to buddy hami_do cause of trying to fix the build-number error...without success :(

ok the next steps for me are root acces with magisk (i see that hami_do have a solution with magsik 22.0...thx for that buddy)
here a cup of screenshots from the rom...
How did you get the firmware? I can't find it...

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    How did you get the firmware? I can't find it...
    For Fluid-Rom

    For Stock-Rom

    down under the FAQ is the online Base
    click on show
    enter the model in the blue line and enter

    good luck

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    I want to share some GSIs manual fixes for hi6250 (emui8) devices as many of them they missed huawei patches or ignored them.

    To be honest most credits of the fixes go to our hi6250's active devs Haky , DarkJoker360 , Dil3mm4 & of course Phh.

    The fixes made after many comparisons between stock, DSSIs & different GSIs builds & versions.

    Gsi Installation:
    1 - Wipe system data cache & dalvik
    2 - Flash system_arm64_aonly.img in system image partition , boot up & look for bugs
    3 - Flash the fix

    Fixes could fixe bootloop , sdcards bug ( not detected ) , camera/torch toggle , offline charging , Real battery capacity ( 3000mah ) , GPS and automatic APN detect .

    *More posts will be added as updates if any fix successfully tested
    All in one Q GSI patch for WAS and other hi6250 devices (v206 and earlier builds only) :

    * Fixed :

    - Camera
    - Media ( sound & video )
    - NFC
    - Battery usage
    - Model, build number, phone Info ..
    - Auto brightness
    - Offline charging (requires permissive kernel)

    * Installation :

    1 - Flash gsi , boot up to system
    2 - Reboot to twrp & resize system through twrp's advanced wipe menu
    3 - Flash AIO fix
    4 - Boot to system and check if bugs fixed

    * The fix only for emui 8.
    * Tested on GSIs based on v204.
    * The fix contains WAS's infos , so if you use it for PRA , RNE or other hi6250 you need to open the patch & edit latests lines in system/product/etc/prop/local.prop according to your stock.
    * Resize system before applying the patch ( in most cases )

    # Some screenshots from latest fixed Havoc 3.0 based on v204 .
    Android 10 gsis All in one Fix v1.7 !

    What does this zip contains ?
    [CENTER]* NFC fix
    * Offline charging fix
    * Blur graphic composition fix
    * Gps improvements
    * Stock emui fingerprint gestures
    * Selinux boot fixes on recent gsis
    * Build info fixes
    * Laggy overview fixes
    * BT media play fix


    NOTE: This fix in designed for Emui 8 based devices running phh-treble 10 gsis.

    Thanks to @hamido for the help​
    New AIO fixes A11 v2.5 update

    * Bump to v2.5
    * Fixed ADB
    * Added proper device infos
    * Blur fixes
    * Fixed v2.4 flashing issues
    * Code cleanup
    * Removed OPScreenRec as I merged AOSP screenrecorder fixes into phh-treble gsis

    All in one Android 11 gsi fixed v2.2 for GSIs on Huawei Kirin devices !


    What does it fix?
    * Offline Charging
    * Nfc
    * Mtp
    * Media
    * App crashes
    * Bt media play
    * Gps signal
    * Build info not being read by system

    * Resize system
    * Flash the zip
    * Reboot

    NOTE: This zip is built for Android 11 gsis running on Huawei kirin devices only !

    Credits: Hamido

    Now bugs left on Android 11: Screenrecorder.

    Ussd/Mute in call fix will be shipped soon !
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