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Professor Woland

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Mar 10, 2016
Redmi Note 9 Pro
OK, so I installed it on my device, and I like it, but it has some random glitches in terms of ui.
I have a few questions :

First how to (or should I) install anx camera to get wide-angle and portrait features working and maybe eis, I know it says use MAGISK but I have no idea how to actually install MAGISK I guess I need to patch boot but I don't know from where I should get it, if anyone can provide step by step I would be very grateful.

I tried loads of gcam's when I was on miui and none of them produced good photos all of them made over-saturated photos no matter what settings, so I can only have this anx to try.

Edit : I flashed MAGISK by renaming .apk to. zip and flash from pbr now I have it but I don't pass safety net (obviously), can I remove it later when I get anx to work?

Now about anx, I can open it and take pictures and record videos but when I try to switch to portrait it says "can't connect to camera" and when I try to switch wide-angle it just closes, also when I switch to macro it still uses main sensor, what I did wrong here?

I flashed from MAGISK these files:



Also can I enable fingerprint sensor to unlock device ONLY if I press power button not if I put finger over sensor?
I had an issue where it would unlock in my pocket and it resulted in multiple pocket calls.
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Sep 14, 2021
Hi. I'm new here.
So I had flashed this twice and wiped data and had come from stock rom. Both the times, getting some glitch regarding the notch.
I'm getting a rectangular notch. When I change the options in display cutout, I do not get a proper notch for the device(Excalibur).
Sometimes I get another notch on the left side in addition to the punch hole at centre.
Also, it seems like there is some other weird bug, when I change to some other cutout, it doesn't change to it immediately but only when I go to landscape and come back to portrait mode.

Kindly provide help with this.

Professor Woland

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Mar 10, 2016
Redmi Note 9 Pro
I there any alternative to ANX?
The only reason I can't use the ROM is camera!
I tried loads of cameras from Telegram groups (they are all variants of anx and are fleshed via magisk) and none of them work, some have working only main lense and that's it. I didn't tried GCam variants because even when I tried them on miui photo quality is odd they are sometimes oversaturated or too grainy, all in daylight (only thing that using GCam is worth for is maybe astrophotography but I didn't test it so I don't know if it works).

You can try pixel experience and pixel experience plus they have working and camera out of the box, except macro lense which can't be made to work on anx for whatever reason.
I used it for some time but decided to move back to miui because pe didn't have option to use fingerprint only if I press button (it has feature called "prevent accidental wake-up" where it checks for proximity sensor and that is good for me but it also prevents phone from going to sleep/doze which results in battery drain and when I asked about that nobody replied) I had made one too many pocket calls so this just wasn't for me.

IMO using custom roms is just not woth it because it just introduces inconvenience simply by that that every single rom has bugs/issues and every one will say it does not under bugs in description.
I am waiting for lineage os with official support that will come some time in the feature, if it is to believe Telegram groups (you can already find miatoll device tree on their github page but there is no builds). This is a lesson for me so that I next time choose device more wisely not just based on hardware.
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Professor Woland

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Mar 10, 2016
Redmi Note 9 Pro


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Nov 22, 2017
There are multiple eis options. Just press hand icon 🖐️ in camcorder. I'm not sure it works properly though. Miui camera has better stabilisation.


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Feb 1, 2013
Hello. I have problems with watsapp and telegram. Cant switch between speakers. The button is always on... Also there was a problem with sound: is was very noisy, then i disable all effects in phh setings in misc menu.


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Feb 1, 2013
Let me describe my problems one more time, may be you have a solution.

1. Some time ago i was happy about this firmware from 210305. But then call sound become very weak due to it the source of this sound became from speaker! Not from loudspeaker. It seems because of updates on google phone app. Then i delete all updates of phone app and it seems to be worked. But not for a long time. I should do restarts, reinstalls, reupdates to fix it.
2. Then i observed that i cant to switch between speaker and loudspeaker in telegram and whatsapp. And behavior is very strange: i am starting my call in normal way, then i want to switch to loudspeaker and that works, but inverse operation is not working: i cant to switch to normal speaker.
3. I have reflashed to last android 11 version of this firware. The problems is still there. But added one more which i solved: very hoarse sound at all. When i disabled effects in phh misc settings it became normal.
4. And also i have very nasty problems with light sensor during calls: i press widgets element on touchscreen with my face...

People, please help me, is there any ideas?

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    We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.

    What is this?
    An AOSP based ROM, with gapps included and gesture support (pocket, hand wave, pickup).

    Based on Android 11.0

    1. If you want to root then copy the stock boot from the latest stock rom into internal and use magisk to patch it, then flash the patched boot in bootloader (fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img)
    2. I will try to provide monthly patch updates and fixes as needed, don't ask for ETAs... I usually aim for the 5th of each month or whenever Google releases their patches
    3. If you are coming from a previous version, I highly recommend clean flashing, otherwise you will probably have issues

    You tell me

    You tell me? I worked hard to get everything working, I don't see any other issues, please report real issues, not feature requests from MIUI or other roms.

    Getting fastbootd drivers working on windows:
    1. Download these drivers and unzip
    2. follow the instructions here to install the unsigned drivers
    3. select the windows inf

    Please follow these steps closely!
    For new installs:
    1. Unlock bootloader
    2. Download vbmeta from here and flash it in fastboot like this:
    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta_note9s.img (IF YOU DONT DO THIS STEP, VOLTE AND OK GOOGLE WONT WORK!)
    3. In bootloader enter: 'fastboot reboot fastboot'
    4. After we reboot you will see 'fastbootd', enter 'fastboot flash system system.img' (extract the system.img and put it in the folder you're in
    5. enter 'fastboot reboot recovery'
    6. select format userdata
    7. then select reboot to system

    To upgrade from previous versions:
    1. Reboot to fastbootd (adb reboot fastboot from inside android or fastboot reboot fastboot from bootloader)
    2. After we reboot you will see 'fastbootd', enter 'fastboot flash system system.img' (extract the system.img and put it in the folder you're in
    3. Reboot

    There is now a toggle to add SuperSU on boot in Phh Settings > Misc:
    Just enable it and reboot. (Keep in mind it breaks safteynet, if you need to use a banking app, disable it from settings and reboot)

    Latest ROM

    For those who want stock camera with 48mp support on back and 16 on front
    1. Download ANX camera from here along with the 48mp addon
    2. flash in magisk both modules
    3. Reboot
    4. Give ANX camera all the permissions in app info
    5. First time might crash then re-open
    6. To fix portrait in front camera, download anx camera config from play store and search for portrait, enable all settings except for 'portrait night front'
    7. restart app

    @phhusson for his work on GSI (donate to this man, he works on dozens of devices), he worked closely with me to get everything working!


    I am not going to add any custom features from other roms so please don't comment about that!

    Source: https://github.com/aosp-tissot
    Phh source:Link

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [GSI][ROM][ CURTANA | JOYEUSE | EXCALIBUR][11.0][AOSP+GAPPS][05/11/20], ROM for the Redmi Note 9 Pro

    sooti, phhusson
    Source Code: https://github.com/aosp-tissot

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Treble
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2020-10-17

    Created 2020-09-21
    Last Updated 2020-11-05​
    * August security patch - Please note this will probably be the final release of Android 11 GSI, I will be working on Android 12 GSI once Google releases the sources at the end of this month, begining of next. See you all in Android 12

    * An additional fix to safteynet fix
    * Remove audio boost tweaks due to distortion in A11 vendor

    * Fixed safteynet not passing

    * Rebased my changes on Phh to minimize the mess
    * Set disable audio effects on boot
    * Fix 4K video recording not working by default
    * Enable prop for lowest brightness supported
    * More minor tweaks

    * Fixed broken safteynet
    * Fixed volte
    * Fixed Hotword not working in OK Google (might need to clear app data)
    * July security patch

    * June security patch
    * Fixed all the android 11 vendor issues (tested on curtana but should work on all)
    * Latest phh commits

    * May security patch
    * Latest phh commits

    * April security patch
    * Latest phh commits

    * Fixed aac codec issue that caused video not to play in fb, instagram etc

    *March sec patch
    * Latest phh patches

    * Fixed magisk support, please disable phh-su and restart to remove it if you want to flash magisk afterwords
    * Feb security patch

    * Reverted thes dcardfs fuse change, causes file saving and reading issues (NOTE: Your device will reboot once after first boot, then wont happen again)
    * Google activated a new CTS profile that breaks safteynet, we added a new patch to fix it (update to this version to fix unrooted safteynet breaking, clear google play services data if it doesnt update)

    * Jan security patch
    * New treble settings for style thanks to phh
    * Enabled the sdcardfs override feature, should provide better performance

    * December security patch

    * November security patch

    * Fixed bad padding in notification bar
    * Switched to pixel blue colors
    * Added volte icon in notification when volte is working
    * Fixed bad package name for gcam in aux

    * Fixed camera crashing in 3rd party apps like bigo live

    * Added wellbeing to settings
    * Exclusive Feature: Super SU on demand:
    Simply enable it from Phh-Settings > Misc > Enable SU
    Then reboot. Please not safteynet will fail while its enabled, if you need a banking app, just disable it from settings and reboot

    * Fixed VoLTE

    * Merged the latest Phh fixes (nothing device specific for our device)
    * October security patch
    * Pulled latest phh settings app

    * Initial release: Everything works except voLTE for now, removed some gapps to reduce size and to please some people who complained about bloat
    New Build is up:
    * Jan security patch
    * New treble settings for style thanks to phh
    * Enabled the sdcardfs override feature, should provide better performance

    Note: Your phone will reboot once when it finishes booting, its do to the sdcardfs change, it will boot fine after that
    Small update:
    GSI 12 already boots on Curtana and pretty much everything works including gapps, safteynet might be broken since the old hack hasn't been applied yet but we'll see

    No ETA
    New build is up:
    *March sec patch
    * Latest phh patches