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[GSI][UNOFFICIAL][11] Pixel Experience & Pixel Experience Plus

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Oct 16, 2016
Hello. As I previously reported about unavailability of battery usage stats in pixel experience, here I come up with 2 more problems. With the nature of all these 3 problems, I'm thinking that is it something wrong with the Vendor? Even the Vendor partition didn't modified during pixel Experience flashing. Kindly throw some light after reading details below:
1. My phone is showing 3rd sim slot, which is fake (phone has only 2). 3rd one is named as "china unicom" and has no Service/signals available. Upon first startup, the phone's language automatic set to chinese instead of my local due to this fake sim. also, Whenever there's a phone number field in any app, The country always pre-selected as "china" and code is "+86", instead of my active sims/local taratory.
2. Mobile network on GSI is too slow even with LTE 100% signals and videos buffers allot.
Stock: 35-40MBPS, GSI: 2-5MBPS.

Device info:
Manufacturer: Infinix.
Name: Note7.
Model: X690B.
Platform: MTK6768, mediatek G70 chipset.
Stock: Android10.
GSI: android11 (Pixel exp).
Recovery: stock (no modification).
Bootloader: stock (no modification except unlock).
Device Logs: Here


Jan 3, 2019
Pixel Experience Plus 11.0 v310 released!

  • Improve /sbin patch (no need to use flashable zip with Magisk fix)
  • Sync with Phh's AOSP v310
  • Sync with Pixel Experience Plus July sources

Firstly, i want to appreciate your effort and commitment in maintaining this project.
Well, i faced multiple issues as i flashed your latest Pixel Experience Plus 11.0 v310 GSI build. The ROM wasn't overall stable on my phone and almost every basic feature did not function. From mobile data, WIFI, Bluetooth, the fullscreen gestures not letting me swipe from side as 'back function', night light blanking out the screen, to a host of other problems. I really found it frustrating and i don't know if anyone else had experienced something similar.

I disabled dm verity, performed a clean flash of the GSI through fastboot (my bootloader is unlocked of course) with stock boot and recovery images present. Any ideas on what i didn't do right? How better should i have flashed the GSI? Or should i just wait in hope for the next build? (v311 maybe)

Note: I already flashed Andy Yan's unofficial Lineage 18.1 before this and i got virtually everything working except that i could not flash GApps because of a 'not fully working' twrp recovery ( i found it difficult flashing things there without errors alongside MTP and ADB sideload not working).

Device: Tecno Spark 4 Air (KC6)
Chipset: Mediatek Helio A22 (MT6761)

All suggestions would be gladly appreciated, Thanks.


Jan 16, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S4
Xiaomi Redmi 8


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