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Sep 28, 2021
See her , He has the same problem.
Thanks. I have raised a repair request. Did you get yours fixed btw?


Sep 28, 2021
Thanks. I have raised a repair request. Did you get yours fixed btw?

Still have to wait . Since with me the mainboard must be replaced and this was only ordered My Nord 2 is since 17.09. in the service center.
Did the oneplus people told you that your motherboard needs to be replaced? Also do they cover it in warranty. Actually, I had unlocked the bootloader but then locked it again. But it is not booting after locking and throwing the error. I can access recovery mode but fastboot is not available. Is my motherboard also need to be replaced? Did they give any timeline for repair?

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    Here is the status as of few days ago. So most of Phh-based GSI should have the same status, just pick whichever you want.

    What works:
    - Backlight control works (requires "Force alternative backlight scale" in Treble Settings => Misc)
    - 5G
    - Bluetooth
    - A2DP/Bluetooth media (requires "Force disable A2DP offload" in Treble Settings => Misc)
    - USB-C headset
    - Speaker
    - 90Hz screen (Recommend "Force FPS" to 90Hz in Treble Settings => Misc)
    - BSG GCam
    - SELinux enforcing
    - Encrypted userdata
    - 65W Dash charge

    What doesn't work:
    - Under-display fingerprint
    - Others?

    Fixed in my AOSP GSI v311 (2021-08-07):
    - Access to auxiliary cameras (Expose Aux cameras in Treble Settings => Misc)

    Fixed in future AOSP GSI release:
    - VoLTE (needs to click all 4 options in Treble Settings => IMS Settings)
    - Alert slider

    List to other GSIs -- I recommend to try out LeOS, CAOS, or AndyYan's LineageOS

    Flash procedure:
    - Unlock bootloader
    - Reboot into bootloader
    - Download
    - `fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img`
    - `fastboot reboot fastboot`
    - `fastboot flash system system-roar-arm64-ab-gapps.img`
    - On the phone itself, do a full factory reset

    As a small bonus, I attach the boot.img that I got on my device. It could be useful for people wanting to root with magisk, since currently the stock ROM isn't available. In exchange, I'd really like a dump of system partiton :)
    @onken @maximusxD1998

    install this module in magisk to pass safetynet (magisk hide enabled for sure)
    Cool waiting for a more detailed how to 😅
    Yes best is to wait until we have full stock rom.
    do i have to flash vbmeta as well?
    Hum yeah, it's likely that if you modify boot.img you need to disable boot.img verification through vbmeta
    Booted and using latest android 12