GT-I9003 Battery Life

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Dec 3, 2011
San Fernando
seems fake to me.....

I think this is fake .. are you sure this is a SL phone ? :rolleyes:
It looks like it was taken from a Samsung Galaxy Y ..

LOL.. i do not own a galaxy y. if i owned one, it wouldn't last a day or two..or, you could see me posting in the galaxy y forums :rolleyes: ok, on cm9/miui my max is 4 days. on stock, that would be 8-9 days with minmimal-normal usage.. charging the phone would take 4-5 hours. That's because I use a 3200mAh Mugen battery (it comes with a back cover).. :D Sadly, I just sold my phone 2 days ago..:(

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    For me this seems to be a fake. Without looking streched this screenshot has a resolution of 240x320, doubled this makes 480x640. But our screen has a resolution of 480x800. Do you understand my doubts? The aspect ratio is wrong...

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    Yeah, me too! XXKPH 2.3.4! :(

    Well if you are on data and streaming videos from YouTube in HQ, it will consume A LOT of battery.:p


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    I had this glitch wer even after charging my battery stats didnt change.. Only if u charged to ful, it changed.. Al i did wz this.. Didnt reboot my fone, didnt charge upto 100%.. Stopped chargin at 88% or so.. So essentialy my battery lyf at one point read like 16 days+.. I wantd to create a thread on april 1 on d developer forum for a battery enhancing script.. ( april 1 = practical joke.. Noobs wil go crazy )
    Unfortunately, reverted bak to froyo 2 days before.. And this is xda not fb.. :p

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