GT-I9003 restart

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Mar 23, 2012
Pasig City
i recommend u flash xkpe/kpq then.latest firmware then flash bam kernel v15 i had this problem before now it fix by flashing old firmware to latest.

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Mar 2, 2011
Xiaomi Poco F1
I am facing same restart problem as others

I flashed xxpe than ddlf2 but it was stuck at Samsung logo
After that i flash pdc universal root at its start normal
Now whenever phone restart mobile data lost.
My phone on root now
Anybody have idea?

I tried jelly bam custom ROM after that this problem Aries.

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Dec 29, 2012
i have also same problem

i have also same problem
--Movi_check start..!!
Movinand open fail
Movinand Checksum Confirmation Fail
1fs pass open fail

--movi_checking undone!...

update medis, please wait
E: Can't mount /dev/block/mmcb1k0p1
(No such file or directory)
E: copy_dbdata_meadia:Can't mount SDCARD:

your storage not prepared yet , please use UI menu for format and reboot actions.
copy default media content failed.

i am using firmware ddlf2
same problem

and also i was fallow "XXKPE and XXKPQ"
after also same problem.

finally i am installing ddkf1
also same problem

still my phone not booting.

my phone model is GT-I9003
product code:I9003MKDINU
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    Hey guys, i had exactly the same problems on my phone... only my phone reboots when i leave the phone in idle for 2 weeks before completely bootlooping on the bootlogo. at first i thought it was just a software problem and i could fix it by reflashing to stock. it took one more week before doing so since i didnt have a new laptop then. but when i got my laptop, i immediately flashed to stock but the rebooting still exists. i want to tell you guys, if it still reboots even if you flash to stock, IT IS NO LONGER A SOFTWARE/FIRMWARE PROBLEM! it is a hardware defect between the motherboard and the internal sd (usb storage). if you have this problem, bring it immediately to a service center for a motherboard fix/change. the cause of the problem is by putting the phone on your jeans/shorts' pocket (specially if its slim fit/ or tight) the phone bends and then it'll break the motherboard... also an unusual cause of the promblem is that when you have an external sd exceeding 8gigabytes. yes i too am suprised. i found this out when the technician asked me how much gig my ext. sd has. they say that it is adviseable and reccomended to have a 4gig ext. sd or lower. anything else higher could damage the phone.

    my thread of the same problem on the link below:

    ---------- Post added at 04:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:37 AM ----------

    Addition: having random reboots and then loosing your data when you get back might be tha annoying Pseudo factory reset. only it is randomized along with the reboots... you could search about pseudo resets in case you can fins solution in other phones that has the same problems as we do on ours.
    what firmware version on are you right now?
    i mean, DXKB or XXKP or something ?
    the problem is the ext4, when you flash stock room do not have ext support, simply flash vurrutv8 over xxkpq and problem gone

    or re format it with pit to rfs, easy!

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    read this carefully and follow every step written on it for XXKPQ

    you have to download 2 firmwares XXKPE and XXKPQ
    read and then follow that guide carefully
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