GT-I9100 [Development] Resurrection Remix 4.4.2 KitKat v5.1.5 [2014/06/09]

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Jan 22, 2012
Has going this solved the issue? I've been having a lot of competability issues with mine as well.

Well if you are facing a LOT of compatibility issues, you will need another solution.
This solution is for getting that small 0.2% of apps that aren't showing up, like for example Mass effect infiltrator.


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Mar 19, 2012
my phone wont deep sleep. ive used cm9 kernel and siyah 333d. installed BBS just now to see whats up

If you will sleep and will not use the phone turn off wifi, data, auto sync, and running apps that is not needed. The go to settings/apps/running and close apps like Facebook, Ym, and etc., and your phone can sleep deeply now :)

Btw, reset timer from Cpuspy so it will count new and you will see the percentage of deep sleep when u wake up:)


Mar 23, 2012
I might try it again with the new kernel, its been a while since I played with it. The issues for me were when turning the screen on or when starting an app (how fast the CPU jumps to max from deep sleep / how fast it can cycle up through the frequency steps). sometimes (I think) I could even feel it when browsing tabs on the home screen. Try to set a "fancy" transition effect and then scroll some tabs when the CPU is running on a low frequency, you will see that it takes a second or two before it is running at a frequency that can allow for it to be smooth. Also doesn't it limit the max CPU to 1Mhz instead of 1.2?
Now don't get me wrong, I am a Siyah fanboy, I just think that the battery life is pretty good also when running the phone with some better performance settings. As long as I only need to charge my phone once per day, I am happy, and Siyah gives me that pretty much regardless of what I do with the phone, so I am happy.

Whilst using the Cube in and out effect across my draws, using the Apex launcher, i honestly cannot notice a difference in speed compared to before changing the settings! and i totally agree with you there as long as it lasts until the end of the day all is good! but I do love it when i come home after a long day out and using my phone normally, that it's sitting there on 80% odd percent. Feels good! (maybe because im a bit weird aha)


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Mar 19, 2012
guys, does the FAQ solution for the missing date in the notification area work for u? i enabled weather, rebooted, date present now, but after i disabled the weather date aint showing again. same to those of u who had this or is there a permanent fix?
hope im not the 100th asking it :(

Hi mate

It is working for me just leave it enabled:)


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Mar 19, 2012
Thank you: legendzenify, raja and sun90 for helping out.

I have everything back working without any data loss :)

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Hi mate, your the one who almost hard bricked the phone yesterday ?

Well I am happy for you everythings back to normal the good thing is that when you encountered the problem most of the best people in the community are online, and even SilenceofLambs was on the train and was very worried about your problem, as i remember :D.

That really shows how fantastic community support is here in Resurrection Remix thread :victory:

Be careful nextime mate :highfive:
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Jun 6, 2012
Buenos Aires
Google Now voice working

sorry guys, not been able to search much through 2 days worth of pages as just got in from hospital after those 2 days of relative having problems and going to bed now as knackered. (tired)

just wondered if anyone had noticed that it loses the ring and notification sound choices when restarting?

also, yesterday i chose a song which was fine but after that each song was the wrong one. i cleared data from media and storage and the music apps but havent had chance yet to retest.

cheers guys and goodnight

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sorry, also thought, there is 2 different google search widgets but neither seem to be like the new jelly bean one (siri-type). is it possible to get this yet?

I've installed Google Now for ICS in RR, follow this thread:

Voice search working if you install a special app from Play Store ( )

I hope RR 2.6.1 will include all these JB goodies!

I love how ICS is merging into JB, Thanks to the wonderfull devs!!!


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Sep 18, 2011
Patiala, Punjab
Is anyone else facing issues with 3G. I have tried several modems but the keeps on droping.

Any idea how to fox it?

Also, I ran brick bug app.... it says the chip in my phone is *KNOWN* for this..... would it be safe to flash new roms... I read somewhere that it would be safe to flash a GB kernel first on present ROM and then flash a new ROM..... is that correct? ??

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Hi guys I need help.... I just tested 3G speed and it came out to be 0.13Mbps...... is there a problem with this ROM... any idea how to fix this?

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  • Nov 6, 2011
    Guys morning to everyone, i have this problem with YouTube ut tell me unsupported format. Someone know why it happens? Anyway i am searching on internet

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    May 31, 2012
    New Delhi
    I need help, please?

    I just switched to this ROM and i can't switch on the wifi :l I've tried re installing the ROM and continuously trying to switch on the wifi button from all places, but it just says Turning on wifi.... and then goes back to off. Please Help, will really appreciate it!

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      About Resurrection Remix ROM
      Downloads and useful links

      About Resurrection Remix ROM

      Resurrection Remix the ROM creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device

      [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy![/font]

      [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Resurrection Remix[/font]

      [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]supporting many devices[/font]

      Included Main Features


      Active display

      Lockscreen Notifications

      Application side bar


      Notification panel tweaks

      Tiles style

      Music Toggle

      Pitch Black UI Mode

      Camera mods

      ListView Animations

      Custom system animations

      Custom progress bar

      Screen recorder

      Hardware buttons and navbar options

      Status bar traffic monitor

      Battery bar options

      CRT animations

      SB Brightness slider

      Expanded desktop


      Performance controller

      Flip tiles

      Theme chooser

      Keyboard features

      Lockscreen see blur and reduce slider

      Show Wi-Fi name

      Headset action

      Low battery warning

      Lock clock widget

      Privacy guard

      Permission management

      Power sounds

      Share ROM

      Battery mods


      Lockscreen options and targets

      Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock

      AM/PM,date and colors

      New Wallpaper app

      Nova/Stock launcher included

      AND MORE...


      - Make sure you are either on any KitKat ROM (CM11, etc) or on 4.2.2 TW based ROM and NOT on 4.1.2 TW based ROM
      - Download the latest build
      - Download Gapps
      - Take a nandroid backup
      - Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset
      - Flash ROM using latest ClockworkMod recovery
      - Flash Gapps
      - Reboot.
      - Enjoy!​


      - Download the latest build of Resurrection Remix ROM
      - Take a nandroid backup
      - Flash ROM using ClockworkMod recovery
      - Flash Gapps
      - Wipe cache
      - Wipe dalvik cache
      - Reboot
      - Enjoy!​


      - You will get a notification on your phone when a new version of RR ROM is available. You can download the ROM on your phone through the OTA updater.
      - For now, I have made the link to open in a browser as direct links for the ROM zip on file host might not work at times. I might change this to direct downloading of zips in the future.
      - Full ROM will be downloaded, not a delta zip.
      - I haven't tested flashing the ROM using the automated scripts in the OTA updater. Use them at your own risk. I advice you to open recovery manually and flash the ROM manually. If you do decide to test the OTA updater scripts and it works, share with the community.

      IMPORTANT: If you come from another ROM, have some issues or want a really clean installation then follow the 'Extended steps to install the ROM' featured on the General FAQ

      Show your support to Resurrection Remix ROM

      Quick Review by zedomax:

      Installation Guide:

      You are a Noob on XDA-Developers [If you really are one, please see this video ;)]

      Resurrection Remix Team




      Device Maintainers

      Big thanks to:

      XDA developers

      CM team

      Kang (AOKP) team

      Omni team

      Slim rom

      cyberboob [For signatures, images]

      BigDenn [For Bootanimations]


      XDA:DevDB Information
      GT-I9100 [Development] Resurrection Remix 4.4.2 KitKat v5.1.5 [2014/06/09], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II

      ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

      Version Information
      Status: Stable
      Stable Release Date: 2014-06-09

      Created 2013-06-27
      Last Updated 2018-12-02
      General FAQ

      « Resurrection Remix General FAQ

      ⊗ Index ⊗

      - Extended steps to install the ROM

      - Quick steps to install RR if you don't have root

      - I'm have a several battery draining ¿Why?

      - ¿Where are the Call Recording?

      - ¿Where are the Radio FM?

      - ¿Where are the files of my External SD?

      - The lights of capacitive (menu and back) buttons doesn't work properly ¿What can i do?

      - The vibration intensity for pulsations it's to hard ¿How can reduce that?

      - My signal it's not the best so, i wanna change of Modem ¿Where i can find a good one?

      - My status bar clock frezze it ¿What can i do?

      - I have duplicates on the files for my music and images ¿What can i do?

      - ¿How can i change the bootanimation?

      - ¿How can i change the font of the ROM?

      - ¿How can i use the Theme Chooser?

      - Extended explanation of the permissions (to move .apk's manually on /system/app for example)

      - A little help with the cover images of your .mp3

      - I'm using Siyah kernel and i don't want to see the boot splash ¿How can i deactivate it? [Only if you are not dual booting]

      - ¿How can i get a notification count on my dock icons?

      - I wish to install some stock Samsung apps ¿How can i do it?

      - ¿The Phone app don't have a 'Black List' setting?

      - In case that you can't send SMS

      ⊗ General Information ⊗

      « Extended steps to install the ROM

      The steps on the OP are very clear but apparently some users can't get a properly installation so, here are the extended steps for the installation (personally i'm always use this method and never experienced any problem with RR):

      Before of start please remember: If you have / wanna do a Titanium Backup the only safe things to restore when you flash a new version or the ROM are the non-system stuff and the user apps, the non-system stuff are write in Green text, but just restore the data not the app (Examples: SMS - APN - Bookmarks - Alarms). About the user apps, write on White text, you can restore the app+data. Never restore the system stuff, write in Red text, this can cause FC's and other bad behavior.

      After finish your restore reboot the phone.

      Another recordatory: It's recommended before of flash any ROM, made a backup of your EFS folder, this folder contains information about the IMEI, MAC, and other sensitive stuff of your phone, the suggestion it's use EFSPro or you can use KTool, remember that it's not enough with a copy/paste from the original folder. Information provided by raja.7k and Pigmachine

      Now, the steps:

      NOTE 02/10: If you want a really clean installation, check this tip provided by @THE RED BLUR

      1. Reboot into recovery (Turn off your phone then press and hold the keys: Volume Up + Power + Home)
      2. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
      3. Install the Main ROM file
      4. In AROMA installer select "Custom Installation"
      5. Choose depending of your taste
      6. When AROMA installer finish untick the "Reboot Now" option
      7. When you're back on the recovery go to Advanced
      8. Wipe Dalvik Cache
      9. Fix Permissions
      10. Wipe Cache Partition
      11. Reboot
      12. When you get the step for add your Google Account, if you don't have a WiFi enabled or you can' add it, skip it
      13. When you boot into the system, it's probably that you don't have data enabled (3g, H+) just reboot the phone
      14. When you boot again into the system, the data will be enabled and you can do the configuration of Google Account (if you don't do this step before)
      15. This is the moment for install all the extras like themes, mods, fixes, kernels, etc.
      16. ¡Enjoy!

      « Quick steps to install RR if you don't have root

      Just check this post by alex_sp

      « I'm have a several battery draining ¿Why?

      dave7802 give us a very good explanation in this post

      Of course that it's not everything, the kernel have a lot of "guilty" in this issue, after read the feedback of the users personally i think that the top for better battery is:

      1. CM10 Kernel
      2. DarkKnight Kernel
      3. Dorimanx Kernel
      4. Fluxi Kernel
      5. Siyah Kernel
      There are more kernels of course but, again, this it's my top five based on the feedback. Also, this is very subjective, all depends of the customization that you made over the kernel and the most important, every phone and installations are different so, everyone have different results.

      If you want more information about Governors, Kernels, Voltages, etc. please read this post

      If you want some suggestions of configuration for Siyah Kernel take a look here

      And if you want examples of configurations for various kernels go here

      « ¿Where are the Call Recording?

      Unfortunately Call Recording, until now, can't be ported to AOKP, but are alternatives, you can use the app Personal Call and Voice Recorder

      « ¿Where are the Radio FM?

      Resurrection Remix since the v1.2 it's based on AOKP and the radio can't be included, the most used option it's Spirit FM app, you can buy it on the Play Store or visit the original post of his creator here.

      « ¿Where are the files of my External SD?

      On Jelly Bean the external sd it's on the path /sdcard1, there are your files. You can access to this folder with any file explorer (even the stock one). Just open the file manager, select the "mnt" option on the top, the one between the Home icon and SD icon, inside you can find the /sdcard1 folder.

      « The lights of capacitive buttons (Menu and Back) doesn't work properly ¿What can i do?

      You can adjust the behavior if you are using any kernel compatible with the "BLN" function and the correspondant tweaker like: Siyah, Dorimanx or Dream-IRC Kernels + ExTweaks app or Fluxxi Kernel + xxTweaker.

      « The vibration intensity for pulsations it's too high ¿How can reduce that?

      By default it's not possible but, if you are user of Siyah, Dorimanx or Dream-IRC Kernels then you could reduce that via ExTweaks and, if you are using Fluxxi Kernel you can tweak this via xxTweaker app.

      Please remember, ExTweaks only works with Siyah, Dorimanx and Dream-IRC Kernels

      « My signal it's not the best / not work at all ¿What can i do?

      Change your modem, you have several options here, here or here.

      Just remember give it at least 2 days to settle down, then you can judge his performance.

      « My status bar clock frezze it ¿What can i do?

      Check this post, this is a very weird issue and that it's the most used solution.

      « I have duplicates on the files for my music and images ¿What can i do?

      Follow this or this posts.

      « ¿How can i change the bootanimation?

      First of all, i know that are many apps on Play Store that let us make this change but, in the same way that with DPI i prefer make the changes manually always that it's possible so, here are the steps:

      1. Make a backup of the original Bootanimation located on the path /system/media the file it's called
      2. Download the animation that you want, on the Mirrors Index we can have some animations made by the users of RR.
      3. Rename the file that you download to (in case that the name be different)
      4. Copy the to your SD card
      5. Copy the file to the path /system/media, this process need to be made with some file explorer that let you change the permissions from 'Read Only' to 'Read and Write', personally i'm always working with Root Explorer (paid) but if you want, you can use ES File Explorer (free)
      6. Replace the original with the one that you download
      7. Reboot and enjoy

      Also, in some of the bootanimations featured on the Mirrors Index i make flashable files through recovery so, this is another option to avoid the manual steps.

      « ¿How can i change the font of the ROM?

      There no are a default setting to make this change, but you can do it with the combo of ROM Toolbox and Font Installer

      If that apps don't work for you, then try the following steps (Steps only for ICS versions):

      1) If you like either of system fonts from Windows (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts) so just drag the selected font to the specific folder, e.g. desktop.
      2) Download your favorite fonts from the website(
      2-1) just copy the two types of font (especially font in bold is a must (e.g. Verdana.ttf and Verdana-Bold.ttf) to the device with path system/fonts using root explorer.
      2-2) Change Mount R/W as Mount R/O (as you know).
      2-3) Backup the Roboto-Regular.ttf and Roboto-Bold.ttf (because I believe default font in AOKP is Roboto which is a custom font in ICS version) to other folders, then go back to system/fonts to delete it directly.
      2-4) Long click on the selected fonts (verdana.ttf) that you copy from, rename it as Roboto-Regular.ttf and set its permissions as 3R1W.
      2-5) Then, just reboot the phone.

      « ¿How can i use the Theme Chooser?

      Just go to this thread, there you can find the links to some themes that exists for this feature, all with his own instructions, follow it.

      « Extended explanation of the apps permissions

      Take a look here and here.

      « A little help with the covers of your .mp3

      Go here

      « I'm using Siyah / Dream-IRC kernel and i don't want to see the boot splash ¿How can i deactivate it? (Only if you are not dual booting)

      Just create a file named .nobootlogo in the 'root' of your SD Card with some file explorer like 'ES file explorer' or 'Root Explorer' Thanks to Pigmachine for the tip.

      « ¿How can i get a notification count on my dock icons?

      AOKP don't support this kind of notifications, but you have some alternatives:

      1.- If you are using Go Launcher you can install their app Go Launcher EX Notification

      2.- I know that it's not the same but you can activate the notification count on the status bar from Settings - R-ROM Control - Statusbar - General - Show Notification Count

      Thanks to KeithOYS for the tips.

      « ¿The Phone app don't have a 'Black List' setting?

      Well, in the usual way no, but take a look here for solve it.

      « In case that you can't send SMS

      Take a look on this post for solve it.
      Mirrors Index / Version FAQ

      « FAQ for v3.1.3

      ⊗ Index ⊗

      - How can i change the DPI? [Manual way]

      - I change the DPI and i have issues with the Play Store, what can i do?

      - How can i take a screenshot?

      - Where I can find the CM kernels to flash?

      - A temporary fix to the USB tether...

      ⊗ Version Issues ⊗

      « How can i change the DPI?

      Check here.

      « I change the DPI and i have issues with the Play Store (Incompatible or some apps didn't appear) ¿What can i do?

      Flash the MultiDPI Play Store by @MyLifeRocks10, you can find it here.

      « How can i take a screenshot?

      Just press (and maintain at least 2 or 3 seconds) the buttons Volume Down + Power

      « Where I can find the CM kernels to flash?

      Only for v3.1.3 and above Go to this post to find the most recent one.

      Here another option by Sun90

      « « A temporary fix to the USB tether...

      Take a look on this post by DeltaSync

      « Mirrors for 3.1.3

      ⊗ Installation Files ⊗

      ⊗ Main ROM + Keyboard and WiFi Tethering Fix 3.1.3 ⊗

      MD5 Sum: 9d17e9d9e78fd49893176bfe714da7c1

      « Dev-Host by GaboWinter

      « Google Drive by GaboWinter

      ⊗ Keyboard and WiFi Tethering Fix 3.1.3 ⊗

      MD5 Sum: ac9abf0a2b2f9a42db9a4704515ca521

      « Dev-Host by GaboWinter

      « Google Drive by GaboWinter

      « FAQ for v2.7 [Stable Release / Ice Cream Sandwich Edition]

      ⊗ Index ⊗

      - ¿Is this version the final release of RR?

      - ¿Where i can find the Pitchblack and Default themes without reflash the ROM?

      - ¿Where i can find the last CM9 kernel without reflash the ROM?

      ⊗ Version Issues ⊗

      « ¿Is this version the final release of RR?

      Under ICS yes, the only builds updated will be the Jelly Bean based.

      « ¿Where i can find the Pitchblack and Default themes without reflash the ROM?

      Take a look in this post

      « ¿Where i can find the last CM9 kernel without reflash the ROM?

      Check here

      « Mirrors for v2.7

      ⊗ Installation Files ⊗

      ⊗ Main ROM ⊗

      MD5 Sum: 30c50cb632bcd2e5f2d0d1cda79dccc0

      « Google Drive by avinashadvani by GaboWinter