GT - P510 - Custom Image?

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Apr 29, 2021
Hello Forum

I get the following Error on a GT-P5210:
Vorgang stopped and can not open Google Play Store any more.
Maybe a Version Problem of Google Services? Whatssapp crahsed before, needed to be recovered.
Maybe i should try a different OS?
Android Version 4.4.2 - Kernel Version 3.4.34-5599218

Which "alternative's" OS are possible to be installed instead of Android Kitkat 4.4.2? (Heard about Lineage OS for example)

Means custom Image the same as have root access afterwards or have i to root it in a second step after custom rom?

Is it correct that i need TWRP on the PC and Odin on the Tablet? What does TWRP? Transfer Files? As i understand its needed to flash or to make a backup?
Odin does flash too?
Where to download the needed Files without getting in malware Trouble, especially ODIN?
Which Custom Rom is the latest... and still mantained, especially to security vulnerability issues?
What means "Stock Recovery".. as i heard some had trouble to that.
Do i have to make a backup of the status to time of the OS, how? (Data is backed up)
What is the difference between TWRP, Philz, CWM, are there other ones?
Do i need a sd card in sd slot of Tablet then?

Thx for Information!