GT2 with GT2 pro firmware

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May 1, 2014
Wiśnicz Mały
Until you have two pins in watch, not four, and you cant use USB connection to PC, and BT is locked to huawei health... Forget about that... Even if somebody will read firmware from watch memory, there will be no app tool ever to upload it into other watch...

May be posibble, but with standard tools, not via forum/internet... And with need to disassemple watch to get access to motherboard.


May 2, 2020
It looks like "the easiest" solution is extracting the firmware from health app and forcing the app to upload modified firmware... I am not definitely able to do that :-(

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    Hi, I just wondering how to flash GT2 PRO firmware to my GT2. Hardware should be the same... Any ideas?
    I also would like the skiing activity
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