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GT540 Kernel 2.6.29 v0.3 by Quarx

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Jan 5, 2011
A pub somewhere
Thanks, I have to try it. I can't see a cifs.ko module in the 0.2 update.zip so maybe it was built in. Maybe CifsManager looks for the module only???


Did a bit of searching and found the error I was getting is due to the launcher, silly me, should have searched more. :eek:
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    OLD ONE:

    New features:
    - CPU clock 600Mz is fixed what means no problems with low productivity since now.
    - Улучшена стабильность разгона. - don't understand ;p
    - Available frequencies: 729, 748, 768, 806, 825, 864, 880, 892, 900.

    Users with kernel 0.2.2, don't have to put Update.zip.
    PS. it won't work on 2.2, will be ported soon.

    1st: flash with boot.img in fastboot mode
    2nd: apply update.zip via recovery
    3th: download SetCPU from Market

    OC 864MHz - is max for gt540:

    Source: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=193463&st=2080#entry5923306
    I'm re-uoload kernel for 2.2 (1.2)
    Fix Ondemand.
    Update first post.
    Hey, can anyone help me here, what does this mean:
    1st: flash with boot.img in fastboot mode
    2nd: apply update.zip via recovery
    how do I go about doing the above?

    In order to do this you must have fastboot and the clockwork mod installed on your phone.

    You will also need to have the fastboot.exe command in the path on your computer - or in the same directory as you have the boot.img file.

    The first step is to copy the file update.zip into the root directory of your SD card. Do not put it in sub-directory as recovery need to find it.

    Once you have done that switch off your phone and boot it into fastboot mode (press the power and camera buttons together AND KEEP THEM PRESSED until the LG logo disappears and you have a blank screen.

    Then connect the phone to the computer via usb and open up a command prompt. Change directory to the one where you have the boot.img file. For me, for example, I have mine in a directory android22 on the desktop. Therefore I type cd \desktop\android22

    Once in that directory type directly at the command prompt:

    fastboot flash boot boot.img

    All being well that will update the boot file on the phone. Now disconnect the phone and remove the battery and replace the battery.

    Now restart the phone in pressing power and home KEEPING THEM PRESSED AGAIN until you enter the recovery menu. Use the down volume button to move to the item you want (install update.zip) and select it. Apparently some people select with the call button. For some reason mine selects with the camera button. One of the 2 should work for you.

    Once the update is confirmed choose the first item from the menu to reboot your device. All being well you now have the latest version of the Kernel installed.
    man thnx again zdunex25
    will try asap!!
    Kernel 0.3.1 for 2.1.
    Fix 3D acceleration.
    Added 744mhz

    Kenrel 1.2 (new) For 2.2.1
    Fix Ondemand.
    Fix 3D acceleration.
    Added 744mhz