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Guardian Rom by x942
Thanks to:
  • The Guardian Project
  • Cyanogen Mod
  • Android
  • Open-Pdroid Project
  • Any one else I am missing

What is Guardian Rom?

Guardian ROM is a custom android ROM multiple devices. The ROM is completely Open Source and based off of the CM10.1. While this build is stable because it's based on CM10.1 it is a preview so please expect some bugs, & missing features (i.e updater).

What Features does Guardian Rom have?
  • Kernel is hardened with SecDroid Tweaks.
  • ROM is patched with and includes OpenPdoird for
    permissions management.
  • Guardian Project apps are pre-installed – These include Orbot (Tor), Gibberbot (Secure IM),
    and more.
  • CSSimple and OStel ( are included as replacements to the
    built calling apps. providing encrypted communications.
  • If encryption is enabled and password is entered wrong 10 times the phone wipes user data.
Coming Soon:
  • Including support for Deniable Encryption (similar to Truecrypt hidden volumes).
  • Including GRSecurity for exploit mitigation and more secure phone.
  • Including SQLCipher to ensure all data is encrypted whenever possible
  • Including a customer “app store” for our repos.
  • Different lockscreen pin and Pre-Boot authentication password.
  • Auto-Prompt for encryption setup on first boot.

How to use:

Simply flash the flashable zip through your favorite custom recovery. (TWRP is recommended as it supports encrypted devices). Once flashed you should enable Full Disk Encryption by doing the following (may very depending on device):

Settings --> Security ---> Password [enter a strong 8-16 char password]


Settings --> Security ---> Encryption --> Enable Encryption

Downloads are over here.

Please verify the downloaded file with the attached GPG signature to ensure is is a legit copy.

Google Apps are NOT included and before you flash them you may want to read this article.

Since this is a preview I have not had a chance to remove or modify the CM Updater. Please do NOT use it as you will be flashing a stock CM10.1 build and not Guardian Rom. This will be fixed shortly.​
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thanks for taking the time to build this! how does your ROM compare with SE for Android [ ]? it sounds like similar features. ive been planning on doing an htc one android SE build for a long time now but havent had the time or the skill to do so. anyways, i appreciate you building this.

The build focuses more on the Encryption side and Exploit mitigation (GRSecurity) side of things. SEAndroid is great for containment of malicious payloads AFTER a successful exploit. We want to prevent the exploit to begin with. GRSecurity isn't included yet due to stability issues but it will be eventually. Since we can use SeLinux as the MAC with GRSec. We may do so. Or we may choose to go with RBAC instead. We haven't got that far just yet.

Another note:

Most of the features work well on AOSP but not on CM. It will take more work to either port these enhancements to CM or port stock AOSP to non-nexus devices such as the HTC One.
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