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Mr. Makk

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Oct 17, 2008
Solutions to Bugs, Errors, Querries, etc in Post 2. - IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES OF BUGS JUST POST ON THIS THREAD, WE"LL ANSWER THEM.

NOTE - These are more importantly tutorials for chefs and rom customization while cooking.
NOTE - Some tutorials may seem to be very simple, but some noobs might not know them and am just placing everything in one place for everyone to find it easily.
NOTE - Once am done with my tutorials, i'll search for other relevant and important tutorials and post the link out here.

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>>Do Report in any Link is Broken<<

Why you should Build a Rom and make it Public

28 Tips on How to build a perfect and popular Rom for Windows Mobile Phone Device (non-technical)

What are Stock Roms and Custom Roms

1. 5 ways to Customize Ownership & Rom Version Information

2. Customize Welcome Screen Settings Options

3. Changing Softkey button mappings for Titanium, Manila and Default Home Screen

4. Disabling/Enabling Titanium Plugins and changing their Order

5. How to Delete an existing default registry entry so that on flashing rom, it doesnt exist.

6. Customizing Date Time Format and Regional Settings

7. Customize Phone Call and Bluetooth Settings while cooking your Windows Phone Rom

8. To Set a default TimeZone and cook it into the Rom

9. 3 Ways to Improve the Battery Life - Network, Backlight & General

10. Save 10Mb Ram by Disabling Push Internet (Thanx to some Dev on XDA, but i forgot the name)

11. Customizing SMS and Input Settings for your Windows Phone

12. Default InCall Recorder for all Windows Phone Devices

13. Customizing HTC ActionScreen and How to assign it as Power Button Application

14. Expand MMS Send/Recieve Limit to 3Mb on Windows Phone Device

15. Customizing HTC TaskManager and Hiding TaskManager QuickMenu Icon for Windows Phone Device

16. Fully Customize HTC TouchFlo 3D/Manila Settings and Functions

17. Customizing Default Phone Volume Levels on Windows Phone Device

18. Customizing HTC Camera Settings and Adding more Camera Modes on Windows Phone Device

19. Disable Error Reporting and Customer Feedback PopUp on your Windows Phone Device

20. Customizing System Sounds, Notifications, Ringtones, Alarm, etc. for Windows Phone OS

21. Setting Shortcut Location on Start Menu and adding Custom Icons & Placing Order for Windows Phone OS

22. Creating ROMs in Different Languages / Language Porting for any Windows Phone Device

23. Battery Calibration and Power Cycling: Improve Battery Life of your Electronic Devices

24. Porting new OS Build and Exploring the SYS Folder of your Kitchen and Scanning the Important/Un-Important Packages for Windows Phone OS

25. Porting new ROM Release and Exploring the OEM Main Folders of your Kitchen and Scanning the Important/Un-Important Packages for Windows Phone OS

26. MortScript Tutorial – Step by Step (For PPC User) - By:BOGY16

27. Different 1st and 2nd Boot CHEF/USER Customizations - RUNCC/AUTORUN/XDAUC/EXTENDIR/SASHIMI

28. Mini Tutorial on Re-Arranging Manila Home Screen - By:Kamill

29. Attain Maximum Touch Sensitivity for your Device

30. Use Voice Command on Long Pressing Bluetooth Headset

31. Scrollbar Height and Width Customization

32. Adding Registry Tweak using .reg/.rgu/.provxml/.xml/.cab files to Windows Phone OS

33. How to Create .Cab Installation files for Windows Mobile Phone Devices

34. How to Modify/Customize the Default Dialer(tapres.dll.0xxx.mui) of Windows Mobile Phone OS By:Rickou26

35. Understanding Virtual Memory and Native Kernels and Recmodding

36. Customizing System, PopUp Menu & SoftKey Bar Font of your Windows Mobile Phone Device By:Kane159, Updated: 15-11-09

37. Building Rom with Ervius Visual Kitchen By:+QuePPC

38. Font Smoothening – Enable GDI Effect or ClearType on Windows Mobile Phone OS By:Kane159

39. MTTY: Heaven for Flash Junkies on Windows Mobile Phone Devices By:MysticGenius

40. Virtual Memory Map and Calculating Free Memory

41. Convert CAB to OEM to EXT and vice versa

42. 6 Tips on How to Save Ram

43. Map any Application to Power Button

44. Change SMS Inbox/Compose/Chat Background By: Kane159

45. Clean MsXipKernel and Speed Up your Windows Mobile Phone Device

46. How to Create or Edit a Theme(.tsk) for Windows Mobile Phone OS

47. How to create Custom Taskbar Icons

48. How to create Shortcuts using Initflashfiles.dat or App.dat By: Cracing

49. Remove Beta Message and Date from Today Screen in latest Windows Mobile Phone OS Builds

50. Increase Security Policy in Windows Mobile Phone Device

51. Post a Custom Image in About Dialog/Window By: Cracing

52. How to Extract CAB Files from PC Installation EXE Files

53. Flashing ROMS from SD card/Internal Storage on Windows Mobile Phone Device

54. Remove Start and Close Softkeys in Windows Phone OS 6.5.x

55. Change Operator Name on all Windows Phones

56. What Modules to Recmod and safely free Slot 0

57. How to remove unwanted SIPs (Input Methods/Virtual Keyboards)

58. Different ways to monitor your Mobile Data usage

59. Manual Full XIP Porting for Windows Mobile Phone OS

60. How to remove Unnecessary Modules from XIP folder

61. Increasing Free Ram by editing XIP

62. Explaining the working of XIP Process

63. Connect ActiveSync through Bluetooth on Windows Mobile Phone Device

64. How to Port a ROM of Same Resolution on Windows Phone OS

65. Make the Graphical User Interface of WM 6.5 similar to WM 6.5.x

66. Persistant Battery or Clock Icon on Taskbar for Windows Mobile Phone Devices

67. Customizing Windows Media Player Settings in Windows Mobile Phone OS

68. How to create .provxml/.xml files while cooking in Windows Phone OS

69. How to create .rgu/.reg files while cooking in Windows Phone OS

70. RecMod and Reverse-Recmod Modules and Files in Windows Phone OS

71. Get an Animated or Static Battery Charging Icon for your Windows Mobile Phone OS

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Mr. Makk

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Oct 17, 2008
Solution to Bugs, Errors, Querries, Etc.

This Post covers all the Solutions to the Bugs, Errors, Querries, Etc. that we come across.
Its a Humble request to all the Members out here to add in their experiences, the bugs that they solved by their experiences. Jus post them to this thread an i'll add them here.

1. Solving YouTube “Cannot Play this Video” Error - CRACKING

2. Retain the Smooth Scrolling in newer Windows Mobile Phone OS builds with Restricted Scrolling

3. Make Hardware and Software Talk Button work on with Tachi Phone Canvas - CRACKING

4. Fixed Add Member Button not working while creating Messaging Group on Contacts - CRACKING

5. Device not waking up from Sleep on Windows Mobile Phone Device

6. Fixing Distorted Start Menu Icons List on Windows Mobile Device

7. Bluetooth File Transfer fix in Resco File Explorer

8. Not able to send an SMS in Windows Mobile Phone Device

9. HTC Album shows double images and videos
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Nov 11, 2008
Hi, i´m a noob chef :D

Really usefull info for me. Thank you for this. I have some issues to translate a WWE kitchen (Ervius) to Swedish. Are you gonna do a guide for this as well? Would be really nice if you did. I managed to sort all things out except the files in Barbas_kitchen\OEM\BlackStone\041D as i ported them from a wm 6.1 HD ROM. A guide for this would really help me out, and i´m sure it would help moore of us unexperienced cooks..

EDIT: Admin should sticky it when its more complete :)
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Sep 8, 2006
There are a few items in that list I've been wondering for a while now. Would be glad to finally get the solution. I think a page like this would really benefit the new cooks and eager chefs


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Sep 28, 2008
I do not cook roms, but if I would, I'd find this thread very useful, I guess :) Good work, would be nice to have this as sticky!

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