[GUIDE][A11][A12][A13] VoLTE and VoWIFI on custom/stock ROMs with any Carrier

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There is no driver problem for now. If you have any problem, then uninstall all drivers and software, and then install it again.

I've tried multiple times, rebooting the system each time. It doesn't help at all, still no drivers.


Nov 27, 2009
Xiaomi 11T
Hi, I am using pixel experience 13 with my Xiaomi 11T (Mediatek Dimensity 1200) I live problem with engineer mode. it is not possible to enter it. I tried codes and also applications from play store but I couldn't be successful. I think it is rom related. Cam you help me?

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    Activate VoLTE & VoWIFI on custom/stock ROMs with any Carrier

    Yes, yes, I know that this is not the first thread with activation VoLTE and VoWIFI. But my thread will be more convenient and easier to understand.

    ATTENTION ! ! ! These methods were only tested with OnePlus 7 Pro. Not 7,8,910 Series.
    ONEPLUS 7 PRO MODEL ! ! ! So please don't PM me if you haven't OnePlus 7 Pro.

    OnePlus devices support all the most modern services that are offered to their subscribers by mobile operators around the world.

    This guide is universal method for VoLTE & VoWiFi activation on both OOS and custom ROMs. Root is needed in some cases.

    Before using this guide, please read
    second post in this article. It is important to understand which firmware is used in your ROM.

    Also you can check Carrier List in
    third post.

    1. Download and install QPST and Qualcomm Drivers from releases page on GitHub
    2. Download and install USB Gadget Tool from https://f-droid.org/ru/packages/net.tjado.usbgadget/
    3. Plug-in your phone into PC, and don't forget to enable MTP and ADB
    4. Open USB Gadget Tool and turn on next modes (if they turned off) :
      ( cser.dun.O , diag.diag, diag.diag.mdm , ffs.adb , gsi.dpl , gsi.rmnet , qdss.qdss , qdss.qdss.mdm )
    5. Further actions depending on what you need: EFS or PDC
    6. IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget to disconnect and reboot your OP7Pro after using any mode (If you want use both EFS and PDC, then use PDC, after that, disconnect and reboot OP7Pro, then repeat all steps from beginning for EFS)

    Excecute " setprop sys.usb.config diag,diag_mdm,qdss,qdss_mdm,serial_cdev,dpl,rmnet,adb " in adb shell with su (root):

    adb shell su setprop sys.usb.config diag,diag_mdm,qdss,qdss_mdm,serial_cdev,dpl,rmnet,adb

    Then check that all COM ports are added in QPST Configuration, one of these ports will be SDM855 - our device

    Open EFS Explorer


    End of guide for EFS Explorer

    Excecute " setprop sys.usb.config diag,serial_cdev,rmnet,adb " in adb shell with su (root):

    adb shell su setprop sys.usb.config diag,serial_cdev,rmnet,adb

    Then after 10 seconds disable in USB Gadget Tool app next modes : "diag.diag and diag.diag.mdm"

    After that open PDC Tool


    End of guide for PDC Tool

    Depending on what you need follow the 7-13 p. from Old Method instructions. This new method was tested on crDroid 8.
    OnePlus devices support all the most modern services that are offered to their subscribers by mobile operators around the world. To enable and configure IMS services requires a minimum of time and effort, it is very rare now, for which many thanks to OnePlus. Also doesn't need root

    On OOS 9.5.9 and higher after entering the code *#800# and *#801# select "EngineerMode"

    1. You need to activate IMS service on your Carrier side. On some carrier IMS is activated by default.
    2. Install Qualcomm QPST Diag port x64 / QPST 2.7.474 software on your computer (links below)
    Important: there should be no other Qualcomm drivers on the computer, disable them, otherwise error messages will appear!
    3. Enter * # 800 # in the stock dialer, and then click oneplus Logkit - next - Function Switch - next - activate VoLTE switch, VoWifi switch and VT switch.
    Then reboot the device and turn on VoLTE and VoWIFI in the settings of your SIM card (“Settings” –– “WiFi and Internet” ––––– “SIM-card and network” “VoLTE and Calls via WI-FI”). If the switches “VoLTE switch”, “VoWifi switch”, “VT switch” are NOT available in your “oneplus Logkit”, install this version
    OEMLogKit.apk or OEMLogKit_1.0-1.apk
    and EngineeringMode.apk
    4. Now you need to connect your mobile phone to the computer via the “USB cable”.
    5. Open the dialer enter this code *#801#.
    6. After entering the code correctly, a new menu appears, turn on there "Full-port switch"
    7. Now you start the program on your PC: “PDC” from the QPST software package and select your smartphone from the list of connected devices.
    8. Right-click on the line “Oversea-Commercial_DS” in the section of the “Deactivate” menu that opens, select “Sub0” and “Sub1”.
    9. Next, in the list of available profiles, select "Profile that will be good for your country and Carrier, check the list below", right-click on it and in the section of the menu that opens, select "SetSelectedConfig", "Sub0" and "Sub1".
    10. Now again click on the profile line “Profile that will be good for your country and Carrier, check the list below” and below in the program window click the “Activate” button.
    11. Now go back to the MENU of item 6 of this menu instruction. Turn off the item "Full-port switch", reboot your smartphone and the VoLTE or VoWiFi logo should be displayed in the status bar.
    12. ViLTE (video over LTE) may or may not work, depending on the services of your mobile Carrier.
    13. If u have an issue with VoLTE (may go in default setting after reboot - DC Commercial), then do next after step 8 : Click on “Oversea-Commercial_DS” again and below click on the “Remove” button.

    If you want to activate VoLTE on stock OOS 11 ROM then you can use this simple guide.

    If you have any Questions or issues related to my guide you can ask me on Telegram (link in my profile). Before asking me on Telegram please follow ALL steps without exception!

    1. Turn On VoLTE sliders using logkit (refer to older tutorials)
    2. Have engineering mode (refer to older tutorials)
    3. Installed Qualcomm modem drivers (from older tutorials)
    4. Extract the EfsTools zip below.
    5. Connect phone to PC, make sure debugging is on
    6. In engineer mode (*#801#), enable Engineer Mode Toggle
    7. Open CMD on your PC as administrator and cd to the folder with the extracted EfsTools files. (just type cd followed by the copy pasted folder path from windows explorer, for example: cd C:\Users\User\Downloads\EfsTools-0.10-modded-1.2-win32 )
    8. Check if your device is connected with
    EfsTools.exe efsInfo
    . There shouldn't be any errors popping up.
    9. Download the appropriate MBN file from the Pixel 4 zip below, depending on what carrier, copy into the folder with the extracted EfsTools files.
    EfsTools.exe writeFile -i mcfg_autoselect_by_uim -o /nv/item_files/mcfg/mcfg_autoselect_by_uim
    EfsTools.exe writeFile -i mcfg_autoselect_by_uim -o /nv/item_files/mcfg/mcfg_autoselect_by_uim -s 1
    EfsTools.exe uploadDirectory -i mcfg_sw.mbn -o / -v
    EfsTools.exe uploadDirectory -i mcfg_sw.mbn -o / -s 1
    14. Restart and you're done!
    Today took the time to update my firmware (in preparation for new crDroid release)
    So by doing the update to OOS 11, ofc I've lost my VoLTE
    Now let me get to share my steps that worked for me (yeah was lazy to follow all those steps from the tutorial)

    Note that this version needs root so if you are unrooted, root your OOS I guess
    1. Download QPST, Tiny ADB & Fastboot (used portable version) and OEMLogKit_1.0-1.apk
    2. Extract the zip and install QPST.2.7.496.1.exe and Qualcomm USB Driver V1.0 (from Driver folder inside archive)
    3. Install OEMLogKit_1.0-1.apk
    4. Open phone app and dial *#800# and navigate to Function Switch and toggle VoLTE switch and VoWiFi switch and reboot
    5. Make yourself a dev (how nice it sounds) by tapping 5 times build number and navigate to System -> Developer options to toggle USB debgging
    6. Extract Tiny ADB & Fastboot v1.1.6 Portable and open "Open CMD" bat file
    7. Now in the cmd window, we make sure adb works by issuing below command in
    adb device
    8. Next step is to enable PDC port connection by issuing below commands one at a time (you'll get magisk grant root propmt on issuing su command, so grant that)
    adb shell
    setprop sys.usb.config diag,serial_cdev,rmnet,adb
    9. Open PDC app installed on step 2
    10. Deactivate set profile by right clicking it and activate the one you feel it works (used VoLTE Vodafone India)
    11. Enter airplane mode on phone and exit then check if VoLTE works

    Have fun!
    Check here, did a video guide in English on the same.

    Can you explain the full method? Because i tired this amd nothing happens and pdc also doesn't detect my phone.

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    Can you explain the full method? Because i tired this amd nothing happens and pdc also doesn't detect my phone.
    just plug your phone to a computer where you open a terminal and type:
    adb devices
    make sure your device is being listed
    adb shell
    grant super user rights for ADB if not already done.
    setprop sys.usb.config diag,serial_cdev,rmnet,adb
    check in device manager whether your phone is listet in com ports as debug device. otherwise use proper drivers

    then you can use PDC