[Guide] Activate Native Video Calling (over LTE), RCS & other features

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Aug 28, 2007
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Any help with this guy's? Hasn't been working for me last couple of updates
Hey, Alliance Shield X is still working, i just tried and i can confirm. After the update everything goes back to off, that what happened to mine after April Security update so i just re-enabled evrything. RCS and Video over LTE.
Let me know what issue you are facing and i can try to help. I am on T-mobile.
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Jan 25, 2021
Also on t-mobile with an unlocked s20 fe 5g. After the latest update, I enabled everything via alliance shield x but it does nothing for rcs. Goggle messages is working, though


May 18, 2015
me toom enqble rcs on samsung messages. but seems that it is still not enabled. all my messages are all converted to mms


Jul 11, 2013
I have an issue with my note 10+ U1 doing this. Im on android 11 and 3.2. Yesterday after the update taking away my hotspot I went into *#272*imei# and changed my sales CSC to XAA to get it back. Now I don't have VOLTE but I have my hotspot back(AT&T). I enabled the volte in the IMS through Alliance shield X like this showed but it still won't give volte any longer and on *#*#4636#*#* shows VOLTE off


Jul 11, 2013
So this worked on my s10+ but trying it on my s20 fe it wont enable my volte even though it shows it as on through IMS


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Dec 23, 2011
I followed the instructions but after applying step 5,6 and restart phone i found it not saved and disabled, is this normal?


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May 21, 2021
So i tried the alliance shield method days ago ( att / S21 ultra unlocked ) was able to set the settings where they stayed. But even with the phone popping up advacned messaging tab and Voip calling etc. The features didnt work. I factory reset and went back to my u1 firmware. But I couldnt get google messages to verify my number . ( i did all the troubleshooting - carrier services, fore stop delete data etc ) but no still wouldnt verify.

I decided to take a look into the alliance shield one more time and found a provisioning tab, See attached pic. After hitting enabled. I force stopped Carrier services, Google messages, samsung messages, deleted all storage data when i went throguh each. And was instatnly able to verify my number. No waiting 7 days or any of that nonsense.

Having att. alliance shield would not let me use video calling nor avdvanced messaging even though it was turned on in options or even running U firmware from att. ( NOTE - I hate ATT ) . But this method will at least let you go back to your U1 and be able to verify chat features in google messages. and not have to wait to verify your number. Hope this helps some people out.

in alliance shield goto the IMS settings like you would to enable RCS. I still left all RCS options on.
than scroll down till you see provisioning like in the screenshot. Hit provision. and than go force stop , clear data etc.

So I was testing around with it. It seems if you have problems or fiddle a bit it will do the same verifying [Not verify] , ( or if it is already set to enabled )

If you go back in and disable provisioning and reenable that , force stop, clear data. it will verify instantly .

It will now send RCS messages VIA google to another google enabled user properly.
It will also work on the beta google messages ( samsung version from apkmirror )


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Feb 5, 2011
Did it get you WiFi calling? I have a 960U currently on a ATT/XAA/TMB trying to decide how I can get WiFi calling and VOLTE. Using RedPocket AT&T
No,wifi calling showed up later with a security update. Also this option ended up not working. It just showed the options for rcs but no read receipts
Jun 19, 2019
Has anyone been able to use this method and keep call/text on other devices with AT&T? I know this is disabled in the carrier U software.

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    Quick Note before you start this - If you are on stable one UI 3.x / Android 11 or greater, see the bottom of the post to see the workaround. Thanks to @knuschit

    Introduction - If you have ever bought a device that comes locked with the carrier you will see there are some carrier baked features missing in unlocked devices. While putting in your sim will change CSC of your device you might still not get all the features. So far i fail to understand why would device makers and Carriers make it so difficult for users. I have scourged through so many forums and found info like these where a t-mobile rep responds saying there is no way those features can be added to non carrier branded device ( Either a blatant lie or the reps are ill informed or both).

    My Device - Unlocked SM-N986U1 with tmobile sim - CSC - TMB/TMB/XAA

    Problem Statement- I want Video calling over LTE and RCS features.

    Solution - Follow the steps carefully and also see the attached screenshots -
    There are other ways of doing this by creating shortcut to ims service settings but i am posting something that most users can easily do.

    Quick Pre-Check - Before starting if you have been using RCS on Google Messages you might want to de-register. Follow the process here: https://messages.google.com/disable-chat.
    You can always activate it in case you want to go back to RCS on google messages.
    This will only work if you are on Android 10, or the Beta version of Android 11. Samsung has blocked this on Stable Android 11.

    1. Download and install Phone app (By google)
    2. Open the phone App that you just downloaded and make it your default Phone app.
    3. Dial *#*#467#*#*
    4. You will see the settings as in my Screenshot 1
    5. Tap on IMS Service Switch (The first Option)
    In case you cant see the screenshot - Just tap on the first option IMS service Switch, Then make sure MMTEL Switch and RCS Switch is toggled on.
    If you see below RCS Switch there is a section titled MMTEL
    Sub-options of MMTEL are
    SMS over IP
    Supplementary Services
    Called Dial Third Party Number

    6. See the Screenshot 2 and move all the switches to ON.
    7. Go back to main page and then go to RCS Configuration settings and make sure they are selected to be always on as in Screenshot 3.
    8. I changed back to default phone app after this.
    9. And done you should have the video calling over LTE to fellow T-Mobile users activated now.

    I have already made a few calls and tested it and can confirm that this works. This might work for Sprint too.

    NOTE THAT - Default video call on contacts is still duo. you have to make a regular voice call to a contact first then you will see the native video call icon.

    These settings wont stick after OS/Firmware update via Odin, OTA or Sideload and steps would need to be repeated.

    Edit Update -You can See all three screenshots together here.

    Let us know how it goes here and if you explored any more settings and i will update this post with due credit.

    The conventional method doesnt work on Android 11 so use the method below:
    1. Install Alliance Shield X >> Create account and Give necessary permissions
    2. Open Alliance Shield X settings and toggle New App Manager Layout On
    3. Look at this post and follow
    4. See the Screenshot 2 and move all the switches to ON.
    5. Go back to main page and then go to RCS Configuration settings and make sure they are selected to be always on as in Screenshot 3.

    I can confirm this works.


    Try the following step in case you had RCS activated on Google Messages and doing the above steps does not get you RCS in the Native SMS App. Thanks @Compusmurf
    Also, might add. IF you were previously using Google messages, then you do this, you probably will have to UNREGISTER from Google Messages for Samsung Messages to pick up RCS.....
    Confirmed to be working for ATT
    I have U1 on ATT prepaid so I don't have advanced messaging features, tried this method and now I do. Thanks
    Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
    It works for other phones too
    I just followed these steps this morning on an unlocked Samsung A51 and it has worked great!
    I only get unable to start activity. Unlocked on T-Mobile. On Sprint I had native RCS.
    Did you toggle the knox switch? Make sure your settling page of Alliance shield app looks like my screen shot and then when you open the IMS settings it will look like my other screen shot.. Then you have to go to activities tab and select the first from the list and pick open and now you will see the IMS settings.. Just toggle the RCs switches like instructed in first post.
    Guys I Figured It Out!

    They didn't remove the ability to access the IMS settings you see in Google Phone, they just changed how to access them. I used an application called Alliance Sheild X. But I'm sure you can use ANY app that can launch app activities.

    I don't feel like writing it all out so i made a quick video:


    After doing this, i have all my RCS abilities back to normal. I'm on a U1 Snapdragon running Stock ONE UI 3
    This is the kind of stuff that makes me regret buying a Samsung.
    Any luck yet with the shield x replacement?
    According to their discord, SAMSUNG issued them a new license, but haven't cleared their old one.
    That being said, all code to disable apps is being removed because THAT is what breaks the knox TOS.
    OK good news is, it (Alliance Shield X) just got updated on my phone and their Knox license is back and I can confirm that I was able to switch the IMS setting to On.
    @hayabusa1300cc it works now. Try.
    I agree. This Knox license requirement came with their android 11 upgrade earlier it wasn't needed. I don't understand why they f*** with customers for no good reason. We can still get these Video over LTE features and all by flashing U rom via Odin but why the hell should we do that when a few tweaks were letting us enjoy our unlocked phones with carrier features (Carrier which Weare using and paying to) why Samsung had to take it away. This carrier control is fuc**Ed up situation in America and this should go away.
    Agreed. There is no reason for a carrier to make decisions on what you can and cannot use I you bought an unlocked phone straight from Samsung. Like how is it fair That Verizon gets to tell me what I can and cannot use on my own phone that I bought straight from Samsung and not them. And screw Samsung for conforming to them.