[GUIDE] All about unlocking bootloader, TWRP and rooting Redmi Note 8/8T

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Aug 19, 2022
problema resolvido reformatando o cartão SD externo de vfat para ext4.

mas agora o cartão SD não pode ser lido durante a execução da ROM MIUI, apenas durante a recuperação.

Fiz uma cópia do backup no armazenamento interno e é invisível para o TWRP.

isso significa que se eu executasse a descriptografia eu teria resolvido todo esse problema?

Agora meu cartão SD só serve para guardar esse arquivo de backup.

NOVAMENTE, se eu descriptografar o sistema, poderei executar backups e salvar como faria em um telefone Samsung?

Obrigado por sua ajuda e paciência.
Resolveu aqui comigo o backup em TWRP, via OTG, quando iniciei o backup via twrp ele iniciou mas no meio do processo deu um erro (falha) mudei para ext4 e o problema acabou, acontece que FAT32 só transfere até 4gb de arquivos, acima de 4gb só em ext4 ou efat, acabei de ter um problema com meu cartão sd reconheci no celular, mas no twrp as vezes não funciona, as vezes não, eu' já limpei e não deu nada vou comprar outro para testar. Aparentemente você já resolveu, vou deixar o comentário aqui caso alguém precise.

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     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns.
     * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    A guide to unlock bootloader, flash a custom recovery and root your Redmi Note 8/8T device :


    Backup your data first. Unlocking will erase your data.

    - Enable Developer Options in your phone by tapping the "MIUI Version" 7 times in About Phone.
    - Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.
    - Enable OEM Unlocking, USB Debugging and USB Debugging (Security Settings) .
    - Also add account in Mi Unlock Status (Can be found in Developer Options).
    - Install the required ADB and Fastboot drivers in your PC from here.
    - Download Mi Unlock to PC from here, and sign in with your Mi Account.
    - Shut down your phone manually, and hold volume down key and power button to enter Fastboot mode.
    - Connect your phone to PC using USB cable and click "Unlock" in Mi Unlock Tool.
    - You will be given a specific time (168 hours usually).
    - Wait for the given time. Make sure to use your phone and don't log out of your mi account from the phone or reset your device.
    - Once waiting time is over, redo Unlock process.
    - Your phone will be unlocked successfully. :)


    - Install the required ADB and Fastboot drivers in your PC if not already in step 1. from here.
    - Download TWRP from here.
    - Put that TWRP in the ADB and Fastboot installed folder (mostly C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot).
    - Rename that recovery(TWRP file) to "recovery" for convenience (optional).
    - Click on Start Menu, type cmd
    - Right click and select Run as administrator
    - Then type:

    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot

    - Now Connect your phone to PC With USB Debugging on (keep phone on).
    - Type:

    adb devices

    and accept the pop up on phone's screen.
    - Now reboot your phone to Fastboot mode either manually by shutting down phone and then holding volume down key and power button or by:

    adb reboot bootloader

    - Once in Fastboot mode type:

    fastboot devices

    - Your device ID will be visible on Screen.
    - Then type(hit ENTER after each line):

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot boot recovery.img

    - Now your phone will boot into TWRP.
    OPTIONAL STEPS (Not Recommended): Encryption is always recommended for better security. However if you don't want encryption in your device, follow these steps. Again, not recommended.
    - In TWRP go to Wipe and select Format Data(don't go to advanced). Type yes and format data. [This process will format all your data so make sure your data is backed up]
    - Go back to TWRP home and Reboot > Recovery.(Don't reboot system or else you will have to repeat whole process again).
    - Done :)

    3. ROOTING :

    - Download Magisk zip to PC from here.
    - Download Universal DM-Verity and ForceEncrypt disabler from here. (Only required if you followed optional steps.)
    - When in TWRP transfer the file(s) to phone and go to Install.
    - Here select Magisk zip file and swipe to flash.
    - Then select Universal DM-Verity and ForceEncrypt disabler zip and swipe to flash(Make sure to flash this at last or else phone won't boot). (Only required if you followed optional steps.)
    - Reboot system.
    - Done. Debloat. Enjoy :)

    1. Minimal ADB and Fastboot
    2. MI Unlock Tool
    3. TWRP
    4. Magisk
    5. Universal DM-Verity and ForceEncrypt Disabler (OPTIONAL)

    If this helped you then hit the Thanks Button. Good Luck. :)
    Thanks for guide. Anyway, latest versions of Windows 10 don't have "Open command prompt here" option. Instead, they have PowerShell. I don't know how PowerShell will react with ADB, so, for these Windows 10 is better to:

    1. Click on Start Menu, type cmd
    2. Right click with mouse and choose "Run as administrator"
    3. Type these commands (hit ENTER after each line):
    4. cd\
    5. cd "program files (x86)
    6. cd "minimal adb and fastboot"

    Now the user is on right folder.


    A question: I'm on stock ROM and have a Google Apps account on my phone, and I'm currently using stock Second Space feature to handle it. As encryption is mandatory to use a Google Apps account, I can't use "disable encryption". Or will Second Space be encrypted even if "main account" isn't? There are any problems to use Magisk with encrypted phone?
    Dear OP, thanks again for your very helpful guide! Since meanwhile something changed with magisk installation procedure (as far as I understood no longer recommended or even working by flashing from the recovery) I would be very glad if you could update this section (especially for use of A11 custom ROMs). Thanks in advance if you will find the time for doing so.
    Hi, thanks for the information. I'll look into it and update as needed. :)

    i got these error messages.
    after reboot twrp is still there, it is not replaced by the original recovery
    magisk is installed and root is ok
    factory reset not working (from settings or from twrp)

    miui 12.0.3

    can you help me understand what's wrong?
    Try this once :
    Twrp > mount > unmount(untick) data
    now go to wipe > format data (don't go to advanced) > type yes > reboot

    make sure all your precious data is copied in sd card or pc as this process will format whole internal storage of your device.
    Do it again but this time, after flashing your custom recovery, REBOOT YOUR DEVICE TO RECOVERY FIRST, NOT IN ANDROID!!! Only after this you should reboot normally.
    This is the secret
    Why do you say to back the phone up before starting the Unlock. How is one supposed to accomplish that without TWRP or why even? I guess I will go right into flashing a custom rom (which one would you suggest?) or stock (never!) after it's rooted, so I don't understand what I would be saving?
    I see that your question has been answered very accurately already and I don't think it needs any further explanation..about the backing up data part I meant to backup your internal storage. Since you have to wait for about a week to unlock so few users might start using it as a daily device for that time with all their photos,videos and apps and stuff, so basically just copy all your necessary stuff from internal to PC as unlocking will format your internal storage. About custom rom suggestions I'm myself using EU weekly lol..aosp based roms are starting to gain speed in development but I'm still waiting for a few more stable builds to be released :)

    Managed to work it out:

    1. Install TWRP via fastboot, don't bother with vbmeta.img.

    2. Wipe all except internal storage and then install PE zip.

    3. Format data then reboot to fresh pixel experience install.

    4. Set up and check encryption is enabled then reboot to TWRP.

    5. Install magisk 20.3 zip, check it says encryption and DM Verity is enabled in the log of that install (will be during the flash process)

    6. Boot to pixel experience and open the magisk manager APK, check safety net test and if failed then install safety net v3 patch from repositories and reboot.

    7. Enjoy and job done!

    Hope that can help somebody in future.

    Glad you've figured it out. Format data=decryption. After flashing fastboot rom, boot till android setup and then in twrp wipe all and flash custom rom,magisk,gapps whatever you want and reboot..do not format data in any step. I also updated the post for users who want to stay encrypted. :)

    Is it possible to unlock the bootloader without mi account?
    I mean without letting mi know that u r unlocking "this" specific device...
    nope unfortunately to unlock your device you need to login to your mi account in your phone and then wait for the specified time..But you can lock it any time you want by flashing fastboot rom via mi flash and selecting "clean_all_and_lock" or just use
    fastboot oem lock
    to lock the bootloader of your device :)