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May 4, 2010
Not all apps can be disabled. Some have only the option of update and not disable. I personally use system app remover and I don't get force closes

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Can disable all apps with Disable Application and as I said, with System app remover, I'm getting lots of fc's. We have the same device, but with different symptoms, obviously. :D


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Mar 14, 2015
Xiaomi Mi 11


Battery life is comparable to custom rom or even a bit better..

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Nov 27, 2013
Where I can get the ZPA1 modem? And how do i install it correctly? In another 6.0.1 thread which is closed allready, there is a flashable stock recovery. They said that it is for a better use of battery. Can anyone confirm this?
The link to the thread that i mean is following: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/general/recovery-twrp-t3295170
Okay link to the thread is down. When the stock recovery causes better battery life than it would be great if someone could give me a link to it ^^.
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Jan 12, 2010
Attached is a TWRP that works for me on 6.0.

Also, SuperSU v2.66 BETA was just released. It (finally) includes the deep sleep fix. I had originally hoped that was a 5.1 fluke, but as it's still not fixed in this 6.0 beta, the ZIP installs a fix itself (in systemless mode only). Additionally, some more policies for Samsung 6.0 were patched that are likely to fix some issues with some root apps and commands. If you are rooted, I advise updating to 2.66 on the MM beta. Note that to get these benefits you need to flash the ZIP - updating through APK is not sufficient.

Last but not least, the deepsleep issue and its solution have been known for a while. Every few posts that mention it, the credit for the fix changes. HomerSp found the cause and the 000000deepsleep script is originally mine. If you need to credit someone, HomerSp is the guy, not any of the wild array of names I've seen coming by.

I'm able to boot into recovery but when I tried to flash xposed I got message about wrong SDK (23 but 22 required). What's wrong? Thanks

jack allen

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Dec 21, 2013
Folks, could you use bigger screenshot? 2560x1440 is too small... ;)

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Use this recovery, it works well also with new bootloader: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64613464&postcount=312

how i cant get it to work it jus wont go past the recovery is no se android enforcing screen iv tried new n old bootloader could u poss help me plz as i gota keep using my laptop to go into recovery to flash stuff lol can u im on 6.0.1

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Ok root works, but now I've a TWRP recovery. Have I to flash a stock recovery for error in deep spleep?

no the new 2.66 supersu has the fix in it


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May 4, 2010
Does anybody knows where I can get the G920FXXU3ZPA1 Modem? It would be great if anybody has a link to a flashable Odin .tar file.

If you're looking for a modem, you can find it in any of posted 6.0.1 roms, in bin format. Extract it from rom and then compress modem file in tar format with 7-zip or some other file archiver app. You can find similar app for archiving in tar format here too.

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