[GUIDE][apk-multi-tools] Make a custom rom [Disxda][Easy][UPDATE-13 JAN 2013]


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Jul 29, 2012
{Tutorial} noob/newbie friendly --->tutorial to ---> make custom roms

"" how to make custom rom easily ""​

hello guys,

I ve seen that many newbies r comming & making roms & then discontinued it due to lack of information about making a rom. so i decided to make a thread with all possible ways to teach these newbies about making a custom rom using ur stock rom......

Today i m presenting a tutorial on how to make a rom...........
The easiest way u will ever have seen.......

in this tutorial we will be using Cygwin as shell, with Dsixda's Android Kitchen to make a custom rom.............

- Cygwin with Packages and Dsixda's Android Kitchen
- JRE or JDK
- Winrar
- A stock rom.zip [odexed/deodexed]
-Windows OS [xp,7]
- A sharp mind........

## lets start with our tutorial................

1. download cygwin & jdk/jre from above links..........

how to install java--------
Go to the--- http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp
click on red-colored banner, [free java download]
Click the "Agree and Start Free Download" button.
Save the file to your desktop.
On your desktop, double-click the installer that you downloaded.
If an authorization window appears:
In Windows XP, click the Run button.
In Windows Vista, click the Continue button.
In Windows 7, click the Yes button.
Click the Install button.
If you are prompted by an advertising offer, decline the offer:
Click Next.
After the installation finishes, click the Close button.
how to install cygwin--------
download the cygwin packages.rar from above
extract it to c:\cygwin folder
now navigate to C:\cygwin\home\
here create a folder of ur windows username like this
now extract kitchen.rar [present in C:\cygwin\home\ ] contents in "C:\cygwin\home\username\kitchen\"
take a look at address bar of this example --- here
how to setup kitchen --------
Go to the original_update folder (located in: C:\cygwin\home\username\kitchen) like this
add ur stock rom.zip here which u want to modify........
or there is an dummyrom.zip which u can use as a base zip.......
Starting the Kitchen: --------
1. Open Cygwin (X:\Cygwin\Cygwin.bat) [located in cygwin folder]
2. Once loaded, enter: "cd kitchen" > Enter
3. now type "sh menu" The kitchen menu will now start........ for refrence click here
now the following window will be appear...........

if u will be able to see the above picture then congratulations..........:good::good:
u have setup cygwin with disxda packages correctly......

Setting up a working folder: --------
1. Press 1 > Enter
2. Press Enter and wait...
3. Choose (1) dummyrom.zip OR (2) Ur stock rom.zip
4. Choose "y" > Enter > Enter a new name (I chose WORKING_abhi922) > Enter
(now wait until the zip is extracted)

5.now it will ask u to convert "updater script" to "update script"........
6.press 2 & enter

7. now u have setup working folder correctly..... press enter......
8. now again main screen will be appear with alot of options.............

here u ve a working folder & options in front of u ...........
u have to press button for respective functions like
1. u can press 2 to add root to ur rom..........
2. u can press 3 to add busybox support to ur rom
3. similarly press different numbers for different option.........

now if u want to deodex ur rom---------
press 0 for advance options
following image willl appear----

press 11 to deodex ur rom..............
it is very easy to use this kitchen...............
u just need to read proper instruction written before options -that's all........

now u need to zipalign all apks after all modifications

zipalign apps in ROM-----------
choose option 6
then click enter & follow on screen instructions......
now the time is to build ur rom after all ur modifications.............

BUILD UR ROM-----------
1. Press 99 > Enter
2. Press 1 > Enter
3. Press "n" > Enter
4. Press "y" > Enter
5. Press "y" > Enter > "EnterANewZipName" > Enter
6. Now your cwm zip will be located at: C:\cygwin\home\username\kitchen\OUTPUT_ZIP​

The zip that can be found in the directory above can be flashable in CWM. Ejoy your own custom rom

special thanks to -------
disxda kitchen developers
cygwin windows developer
sorry if i forget ur name
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Jul 29, 2012
decompiling/compiling using apk multitools.......

Apk Multitools --
APK Multi-Tool is a simple tool designed for the Android Developers as well as for the beginners who are just eager to know
what an APK file contains. An APK is nothing but a ZIP file consisting of all the files required to run the app. It contains
the XML files which developers use to design the user interface, Java classes to add functionality in the apps and so on. It
also contains the visual graphics which you see as a background of the app on your android.
-apk multi-tools
- JRE or JDK
- Winrar
- deodexed framework-res.apk , twframework-res.apk & systemui.apk....
-Windows OS [xp,7]
- A sharp mind........

how to setup apk multi-tools--------
. first u will need java so goto first post & follow instructions to install java..........
. if u ve already installed java then no need to install again

1. download multi-tools from above link

2. then open the zip using winrar and extract folder [multitools 1.0.10] to desktop like following pic

3. goto the extracted multitools folder on desktop like following pic

4. then open setup.bat , it will look like following pic

5. press 3 then press enter , it will perform its task like following pic

6. now extract framework-res.apk,twframework-res.apk & systemui.apk from any deodexed rom to "other" sub-folder of
multitools folder...like following pic

7. now again open setup.bat then choose option 2 then press enter && it will look like following pic

8. now in this list 1st install framework choosing option 1 then it will install framework then it automatically closes the
window........ u have to perform this 3 times for different apks...... refer above pic......

9. now u have successfully completed setup process......
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Jul 29, 2012
how to use apk multi tools.................

now i asummed that u ve successfully completed setup process && now the time is to learn how to use apk multitools.............
in this tutorial ,
i will explain how to decompile & recompile ur apks...................

apks r of two types ------
1. system apk file [ never signed again ]
2. regular apk file [ can be sign again ]
open multi-tools folder....
there u will find various folders......
1.place-apk-here-for-modding ---- [ place here ur apk which u want to modify ] [ also u will find signed/zipped apk here after recompiling]
2.project folder ---- [ u will find ur extracted or decompiled apk files ]
3. script.bat [ main bat file which u will use to operate differnet options over ur apk ]

to use multi-tools for decompiling framework-res.apk......

1. place ur "framework-res.apk" to "place-apk-here-for-modding"

2. then open script.bat

3. press option 9 to decompile ur apk

4. after this , do not close the script.bat screen [ just minimise it ]

5. then goto project folder & there u will find decompiled apk folder

6. do ur modifications according to ur need

7. then again maximise script.bat screen

8. press 11 & then press enter .........

9. u will see a note & then press "y"

10. then refer the following pic.........

11. click enter & after all this close ur screen

12. goto "place-apk-here-for-modding" and u will find "system_framework-res.apk".........

13. it is ur modiifed/modded apk just copy it to ur sd-card & rename it to "framework-res.apk" & move to system

ur modded apk file size always decreases than the unmodded..........
its normal not to worry..............
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Jul 29, 2012
ANOTHER METHOD VERY EASY ------- hopw to make custom rom easily......... NEWBIE FRIENDLY.....

things u will need for making a rom------
1. notepad++
2. winrar
3. rooted android phone
4. stock rom
5. root explorer
6. Brian & patience

let's start --------

## how to make my first odexed rom.........

1. flash ur stock rom via odin
2. root ur phone --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1552792
3. now install root explorer..
4. goto system folder using root explorer..
5. then copy all folders like app,bin,xbin,lib,media,etc. to any folder in sd-card...
6. now download sample rom.zip from here & extract it to a folder on desktop of pc...
7. now time to copy-paste all folders { like app,bin,xbin,lib,media,etc.} from sd-card to the system folder of sample zip
9. now zip this rom using winrar.......
10. copy this zip to sdcard & flash it using cwm [not 3e recovery]

this is ur first attempt to make rom so flash it & check everything is working fine or not....

##The above rom was odexed & now the time is for deodexed stock rom.....

so to deodex a rom just go through this tutorial...........

Required Downloads -

xUltimate - http://www.2shared.com/file/am_bqx1Z/xUltimate-v233.html

Tutorial --------

1. Connect your phone to computer.(Make sure you have select USB debugging in Settings>Applications>Development)
2. Extract xUltimate v2.3.3.zip and Launch Main.exe
3. If everything goes well xUltimate should recognize the phone and make a connection.You now should see a list of options.
4. Select option (1) pull /system/app. Wait until it complete.
5. Select option (2)pull /system/framework. Wait until it complete.
6. Then select option (3) Deodex /system/app. Wait until it complete.
7. [If encounter any error. Find out which .odex file is it. Then remove .odex file from folder origi_app in xUltimate folder]
8. Then select option (4)Deodex /system/framework. Wait until it complete.
9. Now Exit from xUltimate.
10. Put the phone in USB mass storage.
11. Go to xUltimate folder & find “done_frame”, and “done_app”,folders and these contain deodexed apps/jar files

now you have deodexed rom.

now stay with me....
if u have deodexed ur apps....
now the time is to make flashable deodexed rom......

1. goto to previously made odexed rom folder [ur 1st odexed rom]
2. goto system/app folder in this & delete all apks+.odex files..
3. goto system/framework folder in this & delete all apks+jar+.odex files..
4. just copy deodexed apps from "done_app" to app folder ...
5. similarly copy deodexed framework apps/jar file from "done_frame" to framework folder..
6. now again zip this using winrar..
7. now flash it via cwm & check everything is working or not.....

now u have a working custom deodexed rom made by u...........

if u like my tut then try to hit thanks button for me............
& rate the thread 5 stars & click on newsworhty thread.........
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Jul 29, 2012
## how to change bootanimation in ur rom [ very useful ]

1. download this bin.zip -- http://www.mediafire.com/?23iic1686hl6c64
2. extract its files to bin folder of ur deodexed rom..
3. overwrite if prompted..
4. now add any "bootanimation.zip" to media folder of ur deodexed rom...
5. now zip this rom using winrar & flash it via cwm & check if the bootanimation is changed or not...

## how to add apps,ringtones,alarm tones,etc to ur rom....

1. copy any apk to system/app folder to make it a system app.....
2. copy any .ogg file in system/media/audio/ringtone folder to add ringtones ...
3. similarly add .ogg files in system/media/audio/alarm folder to add alarm tone....

##how to theme ur rom .......

easiest way is to use uto kitchen to theme ur rom....

1. goto this website -- http://uot.dakra.lt/kitchen/
2. upload ur framework-res.apk & twframework-res.apk & systemui.apk
3. then use options to theme ur rom.....

## how to add lidroid 15 toggles & 6 lockscreens to ur rom........

1. goto this thread--- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1924046
2. download patch according to ur baseband...
3. then extract files to appropriate folders of ur rom
[ like copy systemui.apk to app folder ,lidroid-res.apk & android.policy.jar to framework folder ]
4. overwrite if prompted
5. then agian zip rom & flash it via cwm....
6. check everything is working or not.....

## how to make ur roms fast by removing bloatwares.....

1. goto system/app folder.
2. delete the apps which r not essentials
3. for refrence go this thread ---- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1897286
4. now zip again & check if it is booting & working properly...

now i think ur rom is ok for u........ & u can give it a name like simplicity or mindcr

## how to modify ur rom build version [ shown in settings/about ]

1. open build.prop in system using notepad...
2. now modify the following line----

ro.build.display.id= gingerbread [ ur rom name here like aurora,etc.. ]
ro.build.version.release= 2.3.6 [ change to anything like 4.1 ]

## how to set default ringtones for ur roms........

1. open build.prop using notepad
2. now modify the following lines----

ro.config.notification_sound=11_Pixiedust.ogg [ its for notification sound ]
ro.config.alarm_alert=Good_Morning.ogg [ its for default alarm tone ]
ro.config.ringtone=Pegasus.ogg [ its for default ringtone ]
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Jul 29, 2012
## knowing about some general things ---

>>>> where to add kernel in ur rom ---- outside the system folder [where u will find some files like bmlunlock,installbusybox ,flash_image,etc....

kernel = boot.img

>>>>> goto -- META-INF/com/google/android/

and u will find a file named as "updater-script"
this is the main script for flashing rom....
our cwm approaches this file & perform tasks as directed in it.....
1. open it with notepad/notepad++...
2. now nothing is understandable by u.....
3. but remember one thing -- ui_print("");
this statement is used to print text on cwm log screen
[ like ui_print("simplicity rom"); ]
4. u can change it to ur rom name & even u can add some more statements like this to ur script to print something.....

>>>>> goto -- system/etc/

and u will see many folder & files......
1. init.d folder -- conatin all the scripts that will run during startup...
init.d folder may be not there but u can create to add scripts....
[for using these scripts, u need to add custom kernel instead of stock one]
2. host file -- it can allow or block ads on ur device [its same as windows host file]

>>>>> what is ---

T9DB folder --- conatin files for ur stock keyboard....

CSCFiles.txt, CSCVersion.txt, SW_Configuration.xml, csc folder contain ur csc version,etc...
so u can delete them too [ no harm to ur rom ]

## removing ads from free apps in ur rom-----

1. the easiest way is just install adsaway.apk from market to ur phone then run it....
2. allow superuser request
3. then remove ads using some options given thier...
4. after removing apps restart ur device.....
5. open root explorer..
6. goto system/etc folder
7. copy hosts file from it to ur sdcard
8. now connect ur device to pc
9. move this file to ur rom zip at same place [system/etc]
10.overwrite if prompted
11. now flash ur rom using cwm & open any free app which have ads
12. if no ads come then ur rom is ads-free.....
13. enjoy

## Adding different mods & tweaks to ur rom........

1. goto the following threads && integrate them in ur rom....
2. most of them r flashable so better way is to flash them via cwm over ur rom....
3. then copy system folder from ur phone && replace them with the system folder in ur rom.zip...

follow these threads ----------

1. GEEKY ENGINE - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1952708
2. ANDERLINE ENGINE - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1579710
3. SUPERCHARGE SCRIPT - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991276
4. LOOPY SMOOTHNESS - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1205744
5. Supremacy Trilogy - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1928200
6. Netforks Tweaks -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1961353
7. build.prop tweaks -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1697040
8. cronmod scripts dataext --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1955422
9. (MOD)Beats Audio --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1525226
10. SlaidyBoost-V2.3 ---- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1585774
11. ThunderBolt! v2.9.0 ----- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1556013
12. Velocity Tweaks ------ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1814227
13. Collection of em all. ------- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1227269
14. Smurfed Out V 6.6 -------- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1517724
15. gps.conf files for all countries ------ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1233359

## adding kernel to ur rom ---------

$$$$$ CUSTOM KERNEL $$$$$

most important thing for rom developer is that a custom kernel which support features...

rom functionality depends on kernel i.e boot.img & modules files present in system/lib/modules folder.....

whenever u add any custom kernel to ur rom then remember to downlaod & add modules from his thread to system/lib/modules folder......

this is the problem with most of the roms present here thats why some roms have problems like headphone not working........
gps not working.........
camera settings r small.....

so try to remember this to add modules to ur rom along with kernel..........

u can add kernels from the following links----

Rafeal's latest kernel ----- http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1818830
Hells Fusion latest kernel ----- http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2022147
other kernel on general section --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2026654

$$$$$ Stock Kernel $$$$$

LINK [STOCK KERNEL] ----- http://www.mediafire.com/?8amfqkqq28v1h9f
stock kernel modules ---- http://www.mediafire.com/?7tckgiclaq80aoc

if u face any problem then dont pm me.......

but u can post ur problem here........... so that if any other person have same problem then we can help him also..

i think this is the easiest tutorial ever u ve seen on xda...​

hit thanx button if u like my work..........
& rate thread 5 stars & click on newsworthy thread.......
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May 16, 2010
Good Work abhi :) i hope the many noobs and newbies finally can stop spamming my or other members PM and of course general section . . . Many of this noobs and newbies are very lazy guys and can't search or read threads on xda or google -_-" . . .


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Aug 7, 2012
for all the newbies.............

if u follow this tutorial & make a rom for ur self..............

please never post a thread of ur rom until it has some cool features like in ace-cream,simplicity,mindcr,razodroid,etc............
You have snatched my words

I feel all sections filled up by ROMs without any need of them

I myself made 3 ROMs

But never uploaded them as they were nothing compared to the ROMs available

And also due to 16 kb/s connection


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Jul 29, 2012
Good Work abhi :) i hope the many noobs and newbies finally can stop spamming my or other members PM and of course general section . . . Many of this noobs and newbies are very lazy guys and can't search or read threads on xda or google -_-" . . .
man u r right.........

thats why i post this tut wth all possible ways to teach them............
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May 31, 2012
Very nice guide, hope in the future will complete with more "how to edit" framework, scripts and stuff :good:

this thread should be sticky :highfive:


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Jul 29, 2012
Very nice guide. It is what I'm looking for...
It will help me so much.

Thanks, thanks...:D
Very nice guide, hope in the future will complete with more "how to edit" framework, scripts and stuff :good:

this thread should be sticky :highfive:
This is a very useful stuff.

Thanks for the tutorial.

Sent from my GT-S5830i using xda app-developers app
thanxx......& will update it with some more things,tuts.............
so keep tuned....


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Sep 10, 2012
Gotham City
So, before going to make a custom ROM, you should first odexed then deodexed the ROM before making a custom one? Sorry.. Can't barely understand the tutorial.. But thanks for it..