----::::::[guide]Aries oc kernel for any aosp rom:::::----


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Oct 31, 2012
Looking for new oc kernel for fixed wifi toggle probleme aries kernel????

Then u r at the right place..... :)

i m giving u a guide with that u can use the aries oc kernel or any other oc kernel that are not launched for that perticular version of aosp rom....

as the aries kernel is now compiled only for the cm 10.1(4.2.2) is u want the NON OC kernel then u can defenatly use the genaric ramdisk changer by @BANNED....

For aries oc kernel to use on any rom u have to modify the kernel ramdisk...


1)Get Android Image Kitchen tool from here

2)Now extract the zip anywhere

3)copy the boot.img from the rom that u want to use on ur phone

4)now drag the boot.img over the unpack.bat file and drop it (it will automatically unpack the boot.img in ramdisk and split_img)

5)cut that both folders and paste in new folder with any name

6)Now do the same for the aries boot.img (unpack)

7)download and install winmerge from here

8)open winmerge and open new files and select both the files to compare (location/kernel/ramdisk) filename to select is init.rc
9)sopy the content as displayed



NOTE:----->This changes has to be made with the the aries kernel to any other kernel's ramdisk

10)Copy the changed ramdisk of any kernel to aries kernel

aries kernel any other kernel

ramdisk <---copy------ ramdisk(modified)
split_img split_img

11)Now select both the folder named ramdisk and split_img of modified aries kernel and drag over the repack.bat and it will repack it.....

12)flash that kernel with the aries kernel's modules(copy modules from the aries kernel too)

ENJOY the new kernel....

This is a guide on how to modify a kernel for new oc without compiling.....

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