[GUIDE][Beginner]Automate Theater Mode on your watch when you arrive at some place

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Sep 17, 2014
  • Tasker app on smartphone
  • Theater Time app installed (download app here: Play Store)
  • Root on Android Wear (see here: Root Gide)


  1. Check that Theater Time works by using the button in the app to turn on/off
  2. Open Tasker and create a new profile for a location you want, or WiFi name (such as your workplace or school)
  3. In Action, create a new one and select Plugin, Theater Time and check the checkbox
  4. Go back to tasker and create a new profile which starts when you either leave the area/disconnect WiFi/time
  5. As an Action, go to Plugins > Theater Time and leave the box unchecked
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!

Explained with images:

Imgur link

I personally have it set up so that when I am connected to my school's WiFi network AND its between 8AM to 16PM it triggers the Theater Time, and when I am not connected to WiFi school network AND its later than 16PM turns theater time off.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, it helps me save battery life on the watch
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