[GUIDE] Complete Step-by-Step Convert T-Mobile to Global (or other) firmware

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Sep 13, 2022
Hi, You are doing well ! Glad here !

Your All Guidness is Good !
But "need Instant bootloader unlock "


Gdrive link need !
{Oneplus 8 T-mobile to Global }


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Aug 27, 2007
Where can i find the unlock.ops to get dual SIM working ? The download link from Part 2 in the OP says, the file doesn't exist in the google drive.


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Jan 1, 2023
Someone share unlock.ops file. The file doesn't exist in the drive. Please re upload it. Thanks


Feb 18, 2019
The "unlock.ops" file in step 2. Download "unlock.ops" and rename it to instantnoodlet_15_O.16_201001.ops is missing. Please share "unlock.ops" file.



Feb 18, 2019


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Dec 1, 2020
What model are you trying to convert from? The unlock.ops method is valid for the T - Mobile and Verizon devices only.


Feb 1, 2010
@Xryphon Is there different Unlock.ops for TMO? As when I add your unlock.ops it shows Verizon in Target. And error specifically says 'Device not match image'.
I have tmobile OP8. and successfully flashed stock firmware specified in Part 1 for this post.

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    Hey there


    Firmware Flasher script to enable dual SIM in our OnePlus 8 TMobile after converted and (other devices)​

    Download file for OnePlus 8 flash via custom recovery

    This is just a flasher script right, I read the source code. It's just like adb side loading the firmware, how exactly will this enable dual sims? Have u gathered some info abt it?
    IDK one guy in nampless Rom (aosp) in telegram group told me
    You can ask him there but i think it's working. I didn't yet trying it because i don't want install custom recovery/Roms

    Okay let me gather info, thank you
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    You are on OnePlus 8 oxygen os 12/13 ? If so
    can do something please
    : Dial *#800# to open Feedback app (if this doesn’t work you will need to use another method)

    2: Select Other -> Other general issues

    3: Press Start, then Continue in the window that pop up (restart is not needed), then Next

    4: Navigate to this folder on your internal storage:


    5: Open "update_engine_log"

    I want this update _ingine log
    If you can ?
    No, unfortunately I have the Verizon variant and can't flash OxygenOS 12 or 13.
    I tried bcdedit.exe disable integrity check, as far as it seems like I think that disables the windows driver Integrity, please correct me if I am wrong
    I had something similar and I came across this thread -

    what worked for me was this post in the above thread -

    Just log
    info about update process
    Here you go. I am on Android Ver 13 , last security update Oct 5.
    Here you go. I am on Android Ver 13 , last security update Oct 5.
    Thank you very much 👍
    Yep I guess you are one of those folks as well who are encountering this issue just like me.

    Can u confirm one thing, are you using USB 3.x port of PC for connecting ur device ?
    No it's usb 2.0
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    *** Use this at your very own risk.
    *** You will lose all data
    *** Backup your working modem and persist, just in case.
    *** USE USB 2.0 Port and Windows Machine


    Part 1: Return to T-Mobile Stock Firmware via MSM TOOL

    Turn on Test Mode, Disable Device Driver Signing via Powershell and set Time Date to 2017, then restart PC
    bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks off
    bcdedit.exe /set testsigning off

    1. Launch MsmDownloadTool V4.0.exe.
    2. On the login prompt select "Other" in the dropdown menu and click on Next.
    3. Click on Target button and select TMO.
    4. Press Start button so that it waits for your device to be connected
    5. Power off your device
    6. Put your phone in EDL mode
    • by completely turning off your device, hold vol up + vol down and plug in the cable
    • via ADB command
    adb reboot edl
    7. Once phone is in EDL Mode, immediately Click ENUM button and then START button

    Wait approximately ~250-300 seconds.
    Device will reboot afterwards.

    Part 2: Unlock Bootloader with no code and apply Dual SIM​

    After reboot, Turn on OEM Unlock in Developer Options before proceeding with the steps

    1. Rename and move “instantnoodlet_15_O.16_201001.ops” from MSM Tool directory to somewhere else (e.g., Documents Folder)
    2. Download "unlock.ops" and rename it to instantnoodlet_15_O.16_201001.ops
    3. Move the "renamed unlock.ops" to MSM Tool directory
    4. Launch MSM Tool and proceed using the steps from Part 1

    MSM Tool will finish flashing in under 15 seconds and the device will reboot with the message,
    "<!> The device is corrupt.."

    5. Unplug phone from PC and Force Shutdown device by simultaneously press and holding Power and Vol buttons till the device reboots
    6. Let go of all buttons once you see device reboot with the logo FASTBOOT MODE, the big START logo will appear afterwards
    7. Open SDK Platform Tools folder and launch Powershell/CMD from there
    8. Copy and paste this command to check if device is recognized in FASTBOOT
    fastboot devices
    9. Once device isrecognized by terminal, copy and paste this other command
    fastboot flashing unlock
    10. A confirm bootloader prompt will appear, use Vol buttons to hover on UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER and to confirm, simply press Power button

    Once confirmed, device will reboot back to T-Mobile Firmware but now with Dual SIM and an unlocked bootloader. To use the MSM Tool again without the "unlock.ops", move the unlock.ops to a different place and put back the original ops.

    Part 3: Converting to other regions (e.g., Global, EU, Indian) and lock Bootloader​

    *** Cannot lock bootloader after flashing Fastboot ROM. Will corrupt device

    *** As of right now, Dual SIM doesn't work on OOS12/13 Indian Firmware

    1. Download this Fastboot ROM
    2. Open Fastboot ROM Folder, click flash-all.bat and type and enter "y" to the terminal
    Do you want to wipe all the data ( Reccomended )[Y/N]?y
    < waiting for any device >

    3. Reboot phone to FASTBOOT MODE and plug the phone back to the PC
    4. Once the process is done, find an OTA ZIP from this thread to update to and download it

    (You can use ota.zips from any region whether it be EU/India/Global, e.g., OxygenOS 11 Global
    Screenshot (10).png

    5. put the OTA ZIP in the phone, update it and reboot


    After rebooting, you can either lock bootloader or stay unlocked to root

    6. To lock bootloader, reboot to FASTBOOT and plug phone in to PC
    7. Open platforms-tool and open a terminal from the folder
    8. Copy, paste and enter this command:
    fastboot flashing lock

    9. Confirm the prompt LOCK THE BOOTLOADER and the phone will perform a factory reset and reboot.

    There you go! What you can do at this point is stay and daily drive OxygenOS 11 or update to OxygenOS 12/13 or even ColorOS. Dual SIM will work on any Firmware Region. The phone's model will also permanently change to IN2015=OnePlus 8 Global Version Model unless you go back and use MSM Tool again with the original ops.
    I tried again, MSM to 10.5.7, unlocked bootloader, rebooted to bootloader, flash-all.bat, and I'm still getting errors on the critical partitions. And I can't figure out how to unlock the critical partitions (probably not allowed in TMo firmware).

    I'm going to MSM to 10.5.22 and see if that makes any difference.

    EDIT: No dice. 10.5.22 made no difference. The issue is the locked critical partitions. If anybody has any solutions please tag me.
    Sorry for spamming the board today, but I think I figured it out.

    Thanks to @thattechguy_69 for all the work here so far. This is just to help anybody who is having issues like I did.

    The "critical partitions" issue appears to be a DRIVERS issue, not a fastboot version issue or anything else with the actual phone or ROM files. I had installed all of the drivers that every guide said to install, but I stumbled upon this post by @FoxyDrew that solved my issue.

    Here's how I finally got into 10.5.12.IN21AA (Global ROM) on my IN2017:

    1. Just to be safe (not sure if it's necessary) boot into TEST MODE on your Windows machine. I did all of this from Test Mode.
    2. Download the files from the zip attached at the bottom of the first post on this thread. Install both files (OnePlus USB Drivers and QDLoader HS-USB Driver).
    3. At some point I THOUGHT I installed the Fastboot drivers, but maybe I messed that part up or maybe it was before I was in Test Mode. Regardless, download the Google fastboot driver zip in this post. Unzip it to your desktop.
    4. Open the extracted folder and then the usb_driver folder inside, then right-click on the android_winusb.inf file and select Install. Confirm the installation.
    5. Plug in your phone.
    6. Open Device Manager. Your phone should show up under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" as "IN2017" when it is in CHARGING ONLY mode, and under Portable Devices when in File Transfer mode or PNP mode. If not, you'll need to fix your USB drivers from step 2 above.
    7. Make sure you can get adb commands to work, then reboot to the bootloader ("adb reboot bootloader" should get you to the FastBoot Mode menu with the big green "START" banner at the top) and make sure fastboot commands also work ("fastboot devices" will show you if your phone is detected properly).
    8. Check Device Manager again while in bootloader mode - your phone should now show up under "Android Phone" as "Android Bootloader Interface." If it shows up as IN2017 with an exclamation mark, you need to fix the issues with the fastboot driver in step 4 above. I actually did this step while at the "waiting for device" message while flashing the Global ROM and it kick-started the installation's second phase.
    9. I also followed some steps from this post by @awsan - I copied the entire platform-tools folder that I downloaded from his post (r31.0.2) into the 10.5.12-GLOBAL folder, replacing all duplicate files. I don't think booting into fastboot like he says to do (language selection splash screen) worked, I had to boot into the bootloader from there to get the flash-all.bat to start.
    10. From here, I think I just double-clicked the flash-all.bat and everything worked properly - with the note that I was stuck at "waiting for device" after the first reboot command in the middle of the installation. The process in step 4 got me through this.
    This fixed my issues with not being able to flash critical partitions (because I suspect they re-lock when fastbootd switches into bootloader if you manually do it). Now it doesn't hang at all. I am going to play around with this to make sure I didn't miss anything and see if it works with other TMo firmware versions and the newer 11.0 Global ROM.

    I have not tried locking the bootloader yet.

    Oh, and 5G and VoLTE both appear to be working.
    I managed to successfully convert my OP8 to the global version this morning.

    Here are a few things I can confirm:

    - 5G and VoLTE are working on my device (Rogers network in Canada)
    - Banking apps work as expected
    - Widevine certification is exactly as it was prior (L1), meaning I can stream in full HD/HDR with Netflix
    - I was able to OTA update to the latest without any issues at all

    My first attempt trying this was a month ago. I was lazy and didn't roll the phone all the way back to Android 10 using the MSM tool. So I tried using "flash-all" with a newer global package and it did not work (crashdump error). Figured it was worth a shot... for whatever reason it just doesn't work. Ended up restoring with the MSM tool.

    This time, I did this:
    1. Reverted back to official T-Mobile Android 10 using the MSM tool
    2. Unlocked my bootloader using the all-in-one tool + my unlock token
    3. Used the all-in-one tool to flash the global fastboot ROM (Android 10) linked in the original post
    4. Manually flashed the EU update from the device (also linked in original post)
    5. Locked the bootloader using the all-in-one tool
    6. Used the Oxygen Updater app to download the latest global full release ( and installed it from my device
    7. Performed an OTA update, bringing me to
    Sorry for the long post. I thought it might help someone else out since I modified a few steps from the original post and found success with this approach.
    Thanks for the guide!! I just submitted my request to T-Mobile to unlock my boot loader so now I play the waiting game... 😴
    In the meantime, can someone please clarify what does converting from IN2017 to International achieve? Ultimately my goal is to flash a custom ROM - not sure if I can do this directly after unlocking my boot loader.
    IN2017 is Tmobile version of the phone and updates are late and you cant sideload an update because it is not available on carrier versions of the phone. Converting it to International version gives access to the latest updates, and some other features that weren't available to Tmobile version. If you do this method, you will lose Safetynet which is the ability to use bank apps and etc. So after converting you have to lock the bootloader if you wish to do anything related to banking.
    I am confused between this guide and the old one " Covert to Global ( WIP ) . Which one is best guide to convert OP8 TMO Android 11 to Global ?
    Should I back up/ change modem with this guide ?
    Is there diff between EU and Global ROM/modem/etc. to use 5G in USA and other oversea countries ?
    I want Always On Display ( AOD ) , which ROM EU or Global will have it ?

    Yeah, it's not entirely clear to me, either.

    This is what you should do:

    (1) Put your phone back on Android 10 TMobile firmware using one of the packages with msmdownloadtool. I used 10.5.7

    (2) Unlock bootloader.

    (2*) Get TWRP boot image. Put phone in fastboot mode, type:

    fastboot boot twrpimage.img

    After TWRP boots, take a backup of your persist and modem partitions (I recommend using dd to do it, here's an example: dd if=/dev/block/boot device/by-name/persist of=/sdcard/persist.img.ext4). You could probably use TWRP to do the backup, but that's on you. Transfer them off of the phone and safeguard them.

    Now reboot from TWRP to fastboot mode. Unlock the bootloader, reboot to fastboot mode, and flash a 10.x euro or global ROM with fastboot. The guide says Euro, but I suspect you could use global, also. The goal is to have it running 10.x firmware (that's not for a carrier variant). After that boots, download the latest global OTA zip onto your internal sdcard. Open the updater in Settings, then select the file. After it updates, reboot to see if everything is OK. If it is, boot to fastboot and relock the bootloader.