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Jun 29, 2019
Hi guys , l'm in a big problem l tried to convert my oneplus 8 t.moblie to global firmware but l was in android 11 before conversion now my device not have recovery or system and not enter edl to flash with msm the device only open in fastboot l tried to enter edl mode by all methods ut it failed as l installed all drivers
Note: l could flaah t.mobile by msm since a week but now after this problem l can't find any way !

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    *** Use this at your very own risk.

    ***Backup your persist.img. There is a guide to fix it if needed.

    *** Backup your working modem. Sometimes it is as simple as restoring it if you lose signal.

    *** When flashing, you must understand the difference between fastboot and fastbootd to avoid flashing errors.

    *** Backup your files in a safe place.

    *** Some users are reporting that the whole thing is not working and going on a blame streak. So if you're not quite ready, please don't attempt this.

    Basic Instructions: "I will test again since some users are losing signal after flashing". There is a debate whether msm and update the tmobile firmware, or flash the global. Again this is a WIP.

    MSM. Here is the thread.
    Unlock bootloader or re-unlock bootloader ... Enable OEM Unlock in developer options. flash token.
    fastboot flash cust-unlock <unlock_token.bin>
    fastboot oem unlock
    and now your bootloader is unlocked.

    Here is the t-mobile article for the 6t. same instructions for the 8 if you're new to this.


    Link to fastboot thread

    Download the global fastboot rom from here.

    Unzip and flash all.

    Link to twrp thread:

    If you want to root.
    Boot into twrp or flash the twrp installer. TWRP 3.3.1-10 Test by mauronofrio and or TWRP 3.3.1-10 Test Installer by mauronofrio "newer ones may work"

    After booting, you can flash magisk with-in twrp and you're rooted.

    I have used oxygen updater to update the firmware while rooted. After the local install, open magisk and flash on the inactive slot.

    If you ever want to revert, use the msm tool. Here is the thread.

    Old information from the old thread is below, if you want to use it only for reference or for backing up the FP persist


    Old Instructions
    Here we go .....
    This is fairly new and hasn't been tested so, proceed with caution. There are more knowledgable people here. This was just tested quick and it worked.

    1-Be on T-mobile firmware and update to the latest version. If you are bootloader unlocked, you mean not be able to take OTA's and you may need to reflash with MSM and update, then unlock the bootloader again. Thread Thanks @Some_Random_Username

    2 - Unlock your bootloader.

    3- --! IMPORTANT: Make a TWRP backup of your MODEM because we'll restore that later, why? because t-mobile sim doesn't work on the Global Modem. You can also back everything up in TWRP just in case.
    If you have OTG, make the backup there so it is safe. You can restore the modem through TWRP with the OTG.

    4-Backup your persist. Otherwise you may lose the fingerprint.
    You'll need root.
    adb shell
    dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/persist of=/sdcard/persist.img
    adb pull sdcard/persist.img
    Then copy it from from Sdcard to a safe place

    *** You may lose signal again if you update the global version. It is a WIP but keep your modem backed up!

    With all the above:
    It is simple. Download the global firmware and flash it through fastboot. Here is the thread
    .. I tested with "10.5.5-GLOBAL-OnePlus8Oxygen_15.O.14" Thanks @mauronofrio

    • Reboot to fastboot
    • Unzip and flash-all
    • It will reboot to the global firmware. "Now you won't get cellphone signal"
    • Skip the setup and reboot to fastboot.
    • reboot to twrp, do not flash it.
      fastboot boot twrp.img
      link to twrp thread. . I used TWRP 3.3.1-2 Test by @mauronofrio
    • plug in the OTG or locate the backup and Restore the Modem" to get signal
    • Reboot and you'll have signal.

    To root. you can flash the patched boot located in the sourceforge folder " Patched-Stock-Boot" on this thread
    fastboot flash boot filename.img
    You can also flash magisk in twrp. I prefer the patched boot.

    Bonus: I am running the Nolimit magisk rom Thanks @xXx

    Thanks @Some_Ghost for testing.
    I don't think that's correct. The OP stated differently about 10 posts ago. MSM, then unlock bootloader, then flash all, then update. Pretty sure the OP is correct
    You are correct msm. Unlock bl. Flash all. Update. But I'm here to tell you guys I took the bootloader lock plunge and came out just fine??? as you can see I'm on T-Mobile with signal and a locked bootloader which you can tell by the L1 widevine cert I have ?
    @joemossjr :p :p :p

    Thats what I'm saying, this is to flash rom, it not necessarily converting the phone to a global phone since it still need Tmobile Modem bin file in order to be function as a phone. If you take the phone outside the U.S it questionable if it works, that is why I say this is only for Dev Rom and in this case stock global rom but it is not a global phone.

    Well check @ecompton59 's response. He was able to get things working.

    The modem does work, just there is an issue with the fastboot flashing the modems. The TWRP restore of the modem is to get cell signal right away.

    Here is what I did:
    • After I did what is in the first post in the thread:
    • I used oxygen updater to download the EU update and flashed it via "Local Upgrade" @Some_Ghost tested that as well.
    • There is signal. I believe that it may have flashed the modem "maybe", unlike fastboot.
    • While I was on the EU version, I downloaded the update for the global, and did a "Local Upgrade" again, and got signal.
    • I did all of this with Magisk being installed and after each "local upgrade, before reboot" I install Magisk on the "inactive slot, ota".

    Technically speaking and don't quote me 100%, the first flash to the global is what gives issues with the sim, but that's the way to get the ability to do "local upgrade" because it is disabled on the t-mobile firmware.

    Theoretically and I haven't tested.
    Unlock bootloader >> Flash global "won't flash everything properly" = no signal
    Global to another global or EU update >> will flash the modem >> signal will work "as it will properly flash everything"
    im putting TMobile modem.img for fastboot the one in op fastboot flash modem _____.img drag file( _____here) heres mega link for modem T-Mobile modem.img
    again, this does not make it a global sim unlock phone, you are flashing a previous Tmobile Modem on top of a Global rom.
    It at least we can run different firmwares on T-Mobile. You could try the global msm on T-Mobile and report back. As being sim unlocked depends on the bands enabled in other countries but should work with any sim.